Word from the Dark Side – mourning Her Maj, commie vag, beating The Badge and chained students cadge

The Tinkerman’s Daughter by Cilla Fisher, 1997. Tinkers are like an Irish version of Gypsies but totally unrelated. This compilation came out when ‘world music’ had its moment in the 90s, has the best version I could find.

AFL [Australian Football League] scraps minute’s silence for AFLW Indigenous round as leaders honour Queen in Canberra:

The AFL has withdrawn a decision to hold a minute’s silence to mark the death of Queen Elizabeth II before AFLW matches this weekend over concerns about the sensitivity of such a move during the Indigenous round.

A lot of actual Aborigines were fond of the Queen but never mind them, this is about inner-city GoodWhite sensibilities.

What does the Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens have to say?

This one still has her US college position:

Classic royal snark:

Black and red broadbill. Zoom in on those eyes. Source

Why won’t trade unions stand up for free speech?

The truth is that, as the years have passed, the trade-union movement has become less a voice of ordinary workers and more a mouthpiece for the metropolitan liberal class. It hasn’t exactly abandoned the bread-and-butter struggles affecting its members in the workplace. In fact, to this day, thousands of union reps up and down the country dedicate their lives to fighting for better pay and conditions for those they represent. But there can be no doubt that, having embraced the kind of hyper-progressive and woke agenda that is reviled by large swathes of working-class Britain, those leading the movement have alienated many of its existing and would-be foot soldiers.

The trade-union movement has been effectively complicit in the normalisation of the censorship, thought-control and cancel culture that have taken hold across so many of our workplaces and public life in general. There was a time when unions were proud to support the cause of free expression. Standing up, speaking out and challenging conventional wisdom were the pillars on which the movement was built – and which persuaded many among the establishment to look upon trade unions as dangerous and seditious. In the past, the most radical political ideas often had their genesis in the trade unions . . .

. . . activists in the University and College Union (UCU) – the organisation that threw feminist academic Kathleen Stock under the bus – had compiled a hit list of university staff who happened to hold so-called gender-critical views (ie, the belief that biological sex is real). Or take the case of Maureen Martin from south London, who was sacked in July by her housing-association employer because she had – while standing as a candidate in a local election, no less – expressed a view in support of traditional marriage. I have not seen a single statement from a senior trade-union figure condemning the employer. Then, there was the Batley Grammar School teacher who was forced into hiding last year after showing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a religious-studies class. He remains in hiding to this day, but he has received only the most tepid support from his union. There are plenty more examples to be found.

Remember that pregnant woman from Ballarat who was arrested for encouraging protests against lockdowns?

Police have dropped the charge against her:

In a statement, Victoria Police said they withdrew the single charge following an assessment of the case, determining it was “not in the public interest to continue with the prosecution”.

Local official arrested in slaying of Las Vegas investigative reporter Jeff German

Clark County Public Administrator Robert “Rob” Telles, a Democrat, was taken into custody at his home by police SWAT officers hours after investigators served a search warrant and confiscated vehicles in the criminal probe of the killing of Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jeff German, Sheriff Joe Lombardo told the newspaper . . .

Telles had been a focus of German’s reporting about turmoil including complaints of administrative bullying, favoritism and Telles’ relationship with a subordinate staffer in the county office that handles the property of people who die without a will or family contacts.

Left: Telles. Right: German. Source: Clark County/Getty

[German] was known for stories about government malfeasance and political scandals and coverage of the 2017 mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival that killed 60 people and wounded more than 400 others.

There hasn’t been much about it on the news.

‘Ghost’ human ancestor discovered in West Africa (story from 2020):

A mysterious “ghost population” of now-extinct ancient human-like creatures may have interbred with early humans living in West Africa, scientists say.

Researchers suggest DNA from this group makes up between 2% and 19% of modern West Africans’ genetic ancestry.

They believe the interbreeding occurred about 43,000 years ago.

The Megalomania of Charles Dickens (not that one).

Zambian Pastor Dies After Asking To Be Buried Alive For 3 Days To Emulate Jesus’ Resurrection:

RARE BIRTH: Woman, 19, gives birth to twins by TWO fathers after having sex with both of them on same day

Thread about Goya that you may find interesting. You’ll need to click on it because it is a series of many connected tweets:

Japanese language school decertified over abuse of Vietnamese student:

The staff member at the Nishinihon International Education Institute in the southwestern city of Fukuoka was found to have restrained the student for several hours using a chain and padlock wrapped around his belt, according to the Immigration Services Agency of Japan.

The incident occurred following a disagreement between the school and the man in his 20s over his wish to change schools . . .

Even after returning to his dormitory, the Vietnamese man was barred from leaving his room.

The school employee who restrained the man stood guard outside his room until the next morning to prevent his escape.

The school has admitted to restraining the student but described the behavior by its staff member as “a prank without bad intentions.” The staff member in question has already resigned.

Injured motorcyclist returned to accident scene after hospital refuses to take him due to positive COVID test

‘Passengers who don’t want to be groped, please use the rear train cars’ announcement angers many

That particular train line is notorious for ‘chikan,’ as it is called.

Man arrested for setting fire to bar after being told other customers don’t like talking to him

Tokyo gang breaks no-weapons rule; shows up for fight with rivals carrying spiked bat:

The two gangs had decided on an even match without weapons at a certain time and place but one side broke the agreement.

Sparrow. Source

That’s it from me. There are more links at Niccolo’s weekly roundup.


  1. Himself · September 11

    Clearly the woman bagging on Blade Runner must have made a trip to the wine box as the movie opened and they explained the setup.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Kentucky Gent · September 11

    “I cannot mourn the leader of a racist empire built on stolen lives, land and wealth of colonised peoples.”

    Dear Leaders (of white people):

    Please learn this: Even going so fas as surrendering your country to your colonial subjects will not assauge your supposed guilt in their eyes!

    Consider the queen’s legacy:



    “This quote from Gab effectively summarized my opinion on the second Elizabethan era:

    “The worst Queen of England in history. The day she took the throne England was 99.7% White English. She leaves this world with White English a minority of the population in London.”

    Queen Elizabeth II cannot be blamed for the winding-up of the British Empire… But she can, and she should, be held responsible for her embrace of the Commonwealth, which proved to be the locus of the invasion of Great Britain by its former subjects.

    In addition to her failure to protect her nation from invasion and loss of sovereignty, she also presided over the feminization and homosexualization of the Anglican Church, of which she was the head.”

    Now contrast her legacy with the vibrant response to her passing. Did they thank her for their first-world infrastructure? No. Hospitals? No. Universities? No. Increase in life expectancy? No. Reduction in infant mortality? No. The Gospel? No. Disease reduction? No.

    It is well past the time for us to learn this well: The anger of conquered peoples is inplacable.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. ray · September 11

    Old Francisco G’s late paintings were realism or, if you wish, spiritual naturalism. He’s not rebelling against The Inquisition or anything else. Just painting what was in front of him.

    Bit like the modern-naturalism of Ralph Steadman. Goya had excellent command and vision of things that were and are quite real. Not his fault folks can’t handle the truth.

    He has the spirit of Saturn and Saturnalia down cold. My favorite is ‘All Will Fall’, relevant to the ancient world and the present. With a big shout out to Bitchdom! :O)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Frank K · September 11

    If well shaped female posteriors can’t sell Communism, nothing will!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Kentucky Gent · September 12

    “Man arrested for setting fire to bar after being told other customers don’t like talking to him”

    The comment section was particularly interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

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