When the Narrative goes off-script

Warning: disgusting content

The Australian media has taken a break from Covid hysteria to whip up a new wave of hysteria about men behaving badly in federal parliament. There was an accusation of rape committed inside the parliament one drunken night, with a police complaint being made two years after the alleged act. Then a senior politician was accused by a dead, bipolar ex-girlfriend of raping her decades ago. Yes, dead. She wrote something about these ‘recovered memories’ before she died.

So far, so Narrative-friendly. Men are bad! Believe all women!

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The Circular Lockdown

Scene from Brazil

I don’t think lockdowns work. Others think they do.

How do we prove it one way or the other?

Here is our tedious argument:

Lockdowner: Lockdowns work. Look at a successful example like Melbourne. Then look at how bad Sweden was compared to other Scandinavian countries.

Dissident: But what about all the places that had lockdowns together with bad outcomes, like the UK? And what about places that didn’t have strict lockdowns and still did okay, like South Korea?

Lockdowner: South Korea got lucky by closing its borders early. Countries like the UK didn’t lock down hard enough or long enough.

Dissident: But some countries locked down harder and longer than Melbourne, i.e. Peru, but it didn’t seem to work at all.

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How about that! Those who survived the Plague

On 25th February, 2020, I wrote an article listing the many US and world leaders over the age of 70, pointing out that there was a very high chance not all of them would survive that year (with or without the coof) and that this unsurprising outcome would likely give rise to baseless conspiracy allegations.

Here’s the list with their ages at that time:

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The case for lockdowns, face masks, Biden’s integrity and the veracity of the US election


I’m not going to make the case for any of these things.

Rather, this is a reminder that Team Blue’s primary means of advocating these views are (a) to insist that we believe the science and listen to experts, and (b) to censor any alternative views as ‘disinformation’.

That’s not a very strong case. It largely comes down to an Argument from Authority where some expert bodies are known to be compromised and others have dissenting views.

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The Lame Reset

Klaus Schwab. Note the clearly evil hands. Source: politico.com

Oh, noes!

There’s an evil German engineer trying to take over the world through a nefarious scheme called The Great Reset. It’s probably full-on Soviet Marxism in Woke clothing. As for Klaus Schwab himself, I can’t tell whether he’s a demon in human form or just a lizard person. Maybe something halfway between.

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Black Pigeon has a video explaining how demoralization is the first of four steps in subverting and taking over a nation. We’re now up to about Step 3.

Demoralization involves undermining a nation’s confidence and faith in its own moral fibre. Among the Woke, this has been achieved totally: they fervently believe everything about the West has always been broken and are prepared to use violence to upend it all and set it right.

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Do you even Tank Man?

Apparently the tanks were leaving the city in this photo – no one’s sure of Tank Man’s intentions.

At the conclusion of my Adventures in Communism series, I boldly said:

. . . I’ll tell you this: if any communist dictator tries to take over Australia and turn it into Eritrea, I will shoot him dead or die in the attempt.

Life comes at you fast.

This unprecedented totalitarianism is wildly popular in Australia. Indeed, surveys show the terrified population want tougher restrictions, not lighter ones.

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In which I anger everybody

In Australia we tend to ape everything our Americans cousins do, good and bad. If they try zero-tolerance policing, so do we. If they bomb Syria, so do we. If they stick a spoon up their arse, so do we.

In the 1990s there was some antipodean muttering about our primitive electoral system. Voters mark paper ballots with pencils and these are counted by hand, the results telephoned into headquarters for the official tally. If it’s close, we might not get the result until very late at night or even the next day.

‘Why don’t we copy the Americans?’ asked the monkeys. ‘They have machines that can tally the vote instantly.’

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9 Election questions


First, here are some points that are not in question:

– Yes of course there was cheating. I’m trying to get at whether there was more than usual, i.e. enough to flip a race that was not already razor-tight.

– Yes, there are many dodgy things about the process itself including the movement of ballots, lack of scrutineers etc. I considered writing a post about how this could be improved but realized it was far, far too late. 2000 was the year to fix it.

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Is the lockdown worm turning, or is it becoming permanent?


There have been several recent events which indicate that reason may be soon take the upper hand regarding mitigation measures against Covid-19.

There are other signs that totalitarian controls are here for good.

Before we look at these, I suggest reading this article about why the Hong Kong Flu was dealt with very differently despite having a similar fatality and infection rate to Covid:

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The eight permanent policies

I decided against writing anything about the debate because Jewamongyou already stated exactly what I was thinking: we are at Idiocracy.

We (the West) no longer enjoy a WEIRD society where abstract principles are placed ahead of personal outcomes, nor is there any pressure on our elites to feign such values.

Today we see their unvarnished id: the Democrat’s power-madness, Conservative Inc’s grasping, Trump’s endless blather.

Biden is no longer a player.

It is strange that leading up to this most controversial election since Lincoln’s, it has never been so clear that the outcome makes little difference.

Sure, there will be chaos after a close election, but under Trump or Harris we know what the policies will be:

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Yes, you all saw the story.  The UK’s Mr Lockdown, Neil Ferguson, resigned from his role as health tyrant after being caught breaking his own rules – by banging a married woman on the sly.


Ho hum, you thought.  Just another one of our hypocritical overlords making a fool of himself.  But digging deeper, we can learn a lot from this case.

Charles Murray was wrong.  Our overlords are not a cognitive elite.  They are a Twitocracy – ‘rule by twits’, and they are appointed by strange means we shall investigate.

For a while, higher education and the professions really did reflect IQ, and selective breeding among the elite genetically reinforced it.  However, universities now select for Read More

Trust WHO?


This is a long post, part 1 of 4 in a series, because I wanted to be thorough.  Big claims need big evidence.  You might want to pack your lunch.

“Stopping the spread of this virus both in China and globally is WHO’s highest priority,” said Dr Tedros. “We appreciate the seriousness with which China is taking this outbreak, especially the commitment from top leadership, and the transparency they have demonstrated, including sharing data and genetic sequence of the virus. WHO is working closely with the government on measures to understand the virus and limit transmission. WHO will keep working side-by-side with China and all other countries to protect health and keep people safe.”

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.  Source

When the WHO first made this announcement, with its bold and slightly baffling praise for China’s, erm, transparency, I was willing to give it a pass.

China had finally owned up to the crisis (once they couldn’t hide it any more), had notified the WHO, had released the DNA sequence of the virus, and was sharing infection data.  Sort of.  The WHO could be excused for worrying that China might clam up again, as it had done during the SARS crisis, so it was probably trying to offer some positive reinforcement for China’s baby steps towards being a responsible global citizen.  And anyway, as a UN agency, they have to be diplomatic.

But then things got weird.  Two days later, the same Director-General was saying this: Read More

Corona could wipe out several US election contenders


Now that Corona is turning into a pandemic, it is important to nip some conspiracy theories in the bud.  Soon, ‘Trump didn’t die of corona’ or ‘Bernie didn’t die of corona’ are likely to become memes.  Get used to the idea now: one or more big names in the US gerontocracy will probably not make it to November 2020, either due to the virus or other age-related causes.

The fatality rate of the disease is yet unknown, because (a) the death rate in China is increased by an overwhelmed health system, and (b) because we cannot trust any figures coming out of there anyway.  However, it is clear that those over seventy years old are more at risk than younger people.

Here is a list of people.  If one of them dies in the next few months everyone will be exclaiming, ‘CIA!  Deep State!  Reptiles!’, but in fact, the chances of one falling from natural causes is high.

Election contenders, declared and undeclared:

Donald Trump – 73

Bernie Sanders – 78

Joe Biden – Read More

Trump’s love-in with the Deep State


Recently there seems to be a new acceptance of Trump among the Deep State.  This could be related to Bernie Sanders’ surge, who would be even more disruptive.  Or it could be because Trump needs to sure up support from rattish Republican senators in order to survive impeachment.  In any case, it seems Trump has been brought to heel.

Aside from being mostly quiet about the outrageous Epstein case and even hiring his lawyers, Trump has approved Read More

Does it even matter who is president?


Lesbian filmmaker Mike Moore once famously said that rust belt whites were going to vote for Trump not because they thought he was any good, but because he would be a ‘hand grenade’ that they would toss into an uncaring Washington establishment, and the intention was to blow it all up.

Well they threw him in but he turned out to be Read More