Your Covid story

People on this side of things don’t like to complain, myself excepted. Stoicism is preferred.

That’s fine in general but it has the side effect that we know little of others’ situations.

From off-hand comments here and there, I’ve discovered people who have lost their jobs, gone bankrupt, were unable to enter professions due to suspended bar exams etc., were forced to move house, lost friends, fell out with family, were separated from partners and children, and so on.

These weren’t whingers. The truth slipped out once and they didn’t mention it again.

I’ve also heard people note positive outcomes – fresh opportunities, personal growth and things like that.

This post is given over to your stories about how Covid went for you. Not a whine or a brag. A chance to share so we know what happened.

By ‘Covid’ I mean everything – the virus itself, closed hospitals, lockdowns, travel restrictions, mask and vaccine mandates, and anything else related.

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