The last game

A funny thing happened when I was twelve. I forgot about it for many, many years but recent events suddenly brought it back to me.

I used to play Australian Rules Football for my primary school. Nothing serious, just skills training and some friendly Saturday matches against neighbouring schools.

I was not good at footy. I was scrawny, clumsy and a bit of a sook. I often got hurt. I sometimes kicked the ball in the wrong direction.

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Same energy

Warning: pointless anecdote ahead.

Sheila Estefan had no middle name, which was fair enough because ‘Sheila’ and ‘Estefan’ were enough.

She was my crush when I was 13 years old.

Sheila had come from Chile as a young child. She had beautiful, dark hair, olive skin, long eyelashes. A ready smile and well-maintained teeth. Fit and sporty. Smart. Polite. Beloved by teachers. Participated in every club and school production. A goody-two-shoes.

Other girls’ mums called her, ‘Little Miss Prim and Proper’.

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Play stupid games

Warning: this is one of those anecdote posts that doesn’t go anywhere like Mr Grimes or Elderly man behind the bonnet in a turning lane.

After graduating high school, I went on a beach camping trip with a few schoolmates.

These were not close friends, just some guys I knew. This was not a boys’ trip, it was their annual holiday with their families and this time they invited me along.

Bevan was most famous for once breaking both his arms in a motocross crash and missing three months of school. Bevan was quite ugly. He’d had a girlfriend a couple of years ago but something in their acrimonious breakup led him to being banished from the cool kids. Think she was a bit nuts. He warned me off rushing to get a girlfriend as it could cause a lot of strife..

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Elderly Man Behind the Bonnet in a Turning Lane

This is another of those stories which goes nowhere. You might prefer to avoid it if you are currently sober or intelligent.

I’m a nice bloke. I used to be even nicer. Once back then I was driving along a main road and there was a car broken down in a turning lane on the centre island. There was an old fella standing outside the vehicle looking rather lost. I pulled up behind him and lent him my Read More

Mr Grimes

This is a pointless anecdote.  Don’t read it.  Instead, work with a single-minded focus toward furthering your goals.  You should check out Mike Cernovich’s page if you’d like to read something useful – apparently it’s really good.

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