I hate dating

Now that I’ve escaped the jungle, I am very gently easing out of my monk-like lifestyle and am fraternizing with the fairer sex once again.

To the one reader who knows which part of that sentence is a lie, yup, fair enough.

Anyway, it is not going well.  It never goes well.  Dating is awful and I think I know why. Read More


Fosters floppy


Almost all men have had this experience, but very few talk about it: a fellow takes home a lady, events move in the direction nature intended – and then his member does not.  Despite his growls of protestation, the thing hangs despondently staring at his feet like a petulant teenager at a Smashing Pumpkins concert.

And the things that happen next are also very common: the man Read More

Left behind

Recently (at the time of writing) a blogger’s ex-wife kicked him out of the house, removing his stuff while he was traveling for work, and he’s finding himself living in a hotel.  No doubt by the time this post is published some months from now he’ll be back on his feet, in a cool pad, and banging a lady way hotter and younger.  But in the meantime things are pretty bleak.

This brought to mind events that I hadn’t thought about for many years.

I was once in the opposite situation – Read More

Pinays are the same


One of the most dangerous Manosphere myths is that FSU/SEA chicks are magically different to Anglobitches.  Unless a fellow is foolish enough to bring one of these darling little wonders back to that magic dirt, they are skinny, demure, well-presented and are mercifully quiet unless politely asking for for feedback on their cooking or oral technique.

This does not closely match reality.  Foreign women’s material circumstances and level of education may alter their priorities, but aside from that they are about the same.

Take the story of Maria.  Does this sound remotely familiar to you?  Maria lived in a little village in Mindanao where she had a little boyfriend called Read More

Selfish in bed

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You’d presume there would be some kind of grand, cosmic justice enacted in bed.  Why would you think that?  Well, it’s kind of instinctive.  Don’t you think?  A lover lacking in one realm would try to make it up in another.  I’ve not rooted too many blokes, but so far as the sheilas are concerned, this does not hold true.

The stereotype is that a beautiful lover lies back and Read More

A weird fantasy

I have a fantasy.

It comes when I get sick, and I get sick very often.  The last time, a few days ago, I was spontaneously combusting with fever.  I forced myself to keep the blanket on at least halfway because I knew the night was cold, and my legs were like two tubes full of magma.  So, some trouble sleeping and plenty of time for my diseased brain to obsessively focus on and develop my fantasy.

The fantasy is: I am sick.  There is a girl who loves me.  She wets my brow.  She rubs my shoulders, if I can bear it in my weakened and sensitive state.  She asks, are you okay, Nikki?  You’ll get better.  She kisses me on the cheek then lets me sleep, keeping a wary eye on me in case my condition should worsen.

Sometimes I hold her.  Sometimes I lie apart.  But always I’m next to her, feeling her warmth, taking strength from her lovingkindness.

But there aren’t girlfriends any more.

I had one who brought me over Read More

Uncooperative orbiter

Just in case you’re new to this side of things, let me explain what a ‘beta orbiter’ is.  If you already know, skip the next paragraph.

A pretty young lady will have a boyfriend or random guys who shag her, and these are often bad boys who don’t return her messages or pay her enough attention etc. etc.  So she gets her emotional needs met by male friends, ones who hang around and talk about feelings and stuff, and do date things the real boyfriend won’t do.  If straight, he does this for the remote possibility he might one day get a shag.  This is a beta orbiter.  In addition to the sterile warm and cuddlies, the girl keeps these orbiters around as an unconscious backup in case the bad boys fail to commit and she finds herself single and childless (or knocked up!) in her thirties.

Strange things can happen to a red pill man when a girl tries to make him an orbiter and he knows what’s going on.  That’s what happened to me and this is how it went down.

The lady was a colleague.  Quite attractive.  Perhaps there had been other girls who had tried to put me into orbit – I’m not sure – but this one was different.  She wouldn’t give up.

She’d constantly Read More

The Australian Sexual Market

Am I still Australian?  People say my accent has gone funny.  Foreigners tell me they normally can’t understand Australians but they can understand me.  Perhaps living abroad for so long has planed off the rough edges of my speech, slowed it down, standardized it.  I worry it has done the same to my mind.

This is my dozenth year spent overseas.  Australia to me now is mostly a Read More

Nietzsche on Women

Quotes from Thus Spoke Zarathustra presented without comment.

Art thou a slave? Then thou canst not be a friend. Art thou a tyrant? Then thou canst not have friends.

Far too long hath there been a slave and a tyrant concealed in woman. On that account woman is not yet capable of friendship: she knoweth only love.

In woman’s love there is injustice and blindness to all she doth not love.

Concerning woman, one should only talk unto men.

Everything in woman is a riddle, and everything in woman hath one solution – it is called pregnancy.

Heheh. I said without comment but promised nothing regarding chortles.

Man is for woman a means: the purpose is always the child. But what is woman for man?

Two different things wanteth the true man: danger and diversion. Therefore wanteth he woman, as the most dangerous plaything.

Man shall be trained for war, and woman for the recreation of the warrior: all else is folly.

Let man fear woman when she loveth: then maketh she every sacrifice, and everything else she regardeth as worthless.

Let man fear woman when she hateth: for man in his innermost soul is merely evil; woman, however, is mean.

The happiness of man is, “I will.” The happiness of woman is, “He will.”

“Lo! Now hath the world become perfect!” – thus thinketh every woman when she obeyeth with all her love.

Obey, must the woman, and find a depth for her surface. Surface, is woman’s soul, a mobile, stormy film on shallow water.

Man’s soul, however, is deep, its current gusheth in subterranean caverns: woman surmiseth its force, but comprehendeth it not.

“Thou goest to women? Do not forget thy whip!”

Many short follies – that is called love by you. And your marriage putteth an end to many short follies, with one long stupidity.

And how seriously does Nietzsche take all this?

Of all that is written, I love only what a person hath written with his blood.

H.L. Menken and the Old Sexual Market

Book review of In Defense of Women by H.L. Menken

Books are wonderful travel companions. So many times I have read something that has been perfectly illustrated in my alien surroundings. Also books don’t fart in the tent or want to go shopping.

These days H.L. Menken’s most famous book is probably In Defense of Women. Some of his reflections seem misguided and contrary to red pill wisdom until you consider the context in which he observed the hoochimamas. I currently live in a similar cultural environment so I can perhaps help to explain what he means.

Today in the west, East Asia and some other places we live in a sexual free market where there are no Read More

The Contempt of Wives

There are few things more toe curling and grimace educing than a contemptuous wife.

You’ve been there before. You have dinner with a couple and every time the husband does something – carves meat or passes a spoon or fiddles with the light switch – his wife will roll her eyes at the utterly stupid and useless way he’s doing it. The husband, trying to be nice for company, is successfully put on edge. He knows if he drops a knife with a clatter his wife’s eyes will spin with washing machine rapidity from her contemptuous delight.

Whenever he says something she will Read More

They Know

In separate incidents, two foreign girlfriends pumped me for information in order to gain hand and file away dirt for future arguments.

“Why aren’t you married?” they wanted to know.  I am at that age where people start to wonder.  I did my usual, infuriating prevarication.  None of their bloody business.

Both of them followed up with something that surprised me immensely: they asked me if it was because Read More

What do women do?

Have you ever been on a date?

Yeah, me too!

If you’re gainfully employed like I am then you’ll agree the biggest difficulty is not cost, but time.

Weekdays are right out.  I rise in the dark, run or lift, work, cook, read a few pages and fall unconscious until an hour before the following dawn.  If I want to scratch my arse during the week I have to schedule Read More

Why I Am Not Married

women falling.jpeg

I’ve been around the block a few times.

I’ve had a lot of girlfriends and there have been many, less serious others who have come and gone over the years.

So, why am I not married?  Why have I never even come close?

Even in my deepest, darkest days swilling pills of azure, I maintained a small particle of self-regard.  I would not take seriously a woman who demonstrated that she would hurt me or who was otherwise not up to scratch.

So what are their sins, these ladies who didn’t make the grade?  I list them here for your convenience and education: Read More