A Big Fat Man With a Big Fat Bomb


Book review of Khrushchev: The Man and His Era, by William Taubman

An event in 1962 was probably the most important in world history but it is rarely discussed today. Perhaps this is because the occurrence concluded without nuclear war – had it turned out differently, any surviving children in any remaining schools would most certainly be studying it with rigour.

The strengths and foibles of the American protagonist, John F. Kennedy, are well known, but what of his Soviet counterpart? Most Westerners who have any image of Nikita Khrushchev remember the fat little man who banged his shoe on the table at the UN. In his definitive biography, Taubman guides the reader through the career of this complex individual in such thorough detail that one feels one has vicariously lived the man’s life and, unlike Khrushchev himself, deeply learned from the experience.

It is frightening to think that a man of Khrushchev’s boorishness and impetuousness controlled nuclear weapons. His reaction to Read More



Dear reader, have you played a game called love?

I’ve met a girl.  Twenty-five.  Gorgeous.  Within a few dates we were sleeping together.  Are there any red flags, Nikolai, that a mature and romantically experienced fellow (oh, thank you!) might have noticed?  Yes, yes.  A shirtload.  A blerrie mayday parade full, mate.  Here are some: Read More

Generation Doom


The release of Doom 4 got me all nostalgic and thoughtful about my horrific teenage years.  I haven’t played computer games for many years but I loved them when I was a kid.  I’d completely lose myself in the original, 3D Doom world, shooting up demons, finding secret areas, being utterly isolated from a world outside that seemed intent on my defenestration.

Doom, to what passed for my friends and I, perfectly encapsulated our ethos.  Utter, furious, helpless nihilism.  A back story that nobody cared about, gruesome violence for no good reason except fun.  It was like ISIS for lazy atheists.  Listening to Pantera, roasting enemies, eating junk food, hiding my zits and weak physique, my social retardation, immaturity, insecurity and my stupid hair from everyone and everything.

The nihilism of our 90s subculture was born of Read More

What’s Next in the War on You


A description of SJW problems and their implemented, planned and anticipated responses.

The problem: Men are escaping Western countries.  They are improving their financial status, sexual market value and their lifestyles by living where the grass is greener.  This is starving The Beast of fodder for women and their children through beta husbands, child support/alimony, or wealth redistributed through taxation.

The response: Men will be taxed even when they live abroad (the US already Read More

Word from the Dark Side, 6/4/16


An increasingly irregular collection of problematic news and opinion.

Matt Forney gives us three reasons why we shouldn’t date older women.  Caprizchka grudgingly agrees.  My two bob: hot older Japanese woman > hot older non-Japanese woman > non-hot younger woman.  Here ‘greater than’ does not mean ‘larger than’.  Eww.  Of course, young and hot trumps them all.  And, any port in a storm.

Matt Forney also gets assaulted by a fat chick.  Surprised he’s pressing charges as he did make a rude comment – don’t know if it’s illegal in that jurisdiction.  Anyway, good luck.

On Taki: why are blacks and Asians so Read More