Consult multicultural groups before marketing, says awards ...

I have written before about the ongoing civil conflict between Good Whites and Bad Whites, or if you prefer, the Cloud People and the Dirt People.

Among the Cloud People there is a new and growing subgroup.  They do not share genes, they do not look related, they have different religions and they come from many places.  However, they are amazingly alike.  Their accent is the same, their world view is the same – even some personality traits tend to match very closely.  Their most famous member is Barack Obama.

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The window seat

There are two types of people in this world: scrunchers and folders.  No!  The saved and the damned.  No!  Coke vs. Pepsi.  No!  Trekkies and Dr. Who fans.

Oh, shut up, strange person who talks in my head.  Obviously the only two real types of people are those who chose the Read More