Everyone hates expats


Australians hate expats.  That may be because our expats are so annoying.

I remember once Germaine Greer announced from her lofty heights of moral purity that she would only return to Australia if she got permission from the Aborigines, because really whitefellahs don’t belong there and all that.  So someone scrounged around and found some Sydneysiders with a bit of indigenous heritage who invented some kind of welcoming ceremony for her at the airport, much to the embarrassment of all other Australians.  I wish to imagine that the ones doing the silliness at the airport also looked a bit ashamed of themselves, but I can’t really remember and don’t care to look it up.

And then there’s John Pilger, who to mark the 2000 Sydney Olympics decided to Read More


Consult multicultural groups before marketing, says awards ...

I have written before about the ongoing civil conflict between Good Whites and Bad Whites, or if you prefer, the Cloud People and the Dirt People.

Among the Cloud People there is a new and growing subgroup.  They do not share genes, they do not look related, they have different religions and they come from many places.  However, they are amazingly alike.  Their accent is the same, their world view is the same – even some personality traits tend to match very closely.  Their most famous member is Barack Obama.

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White trash


There is a war going on among white people, particularly in the Anglosphere but also in other places.

The war was perhaps first predicted by Charles Murray and Richard J. Herrnstein in The Bell Curve, where they noted that high-IQ people were becoming a class unto themselves, with different social circles, media, and hobbies, and that they might one day form their own political or social consciousness.  Murray expands further on this phenomenon in Coming Apart.

Several commentators have since described the way that this has indeed happened.  John Derbyshire divides our populations into Goodwhites and Badwhites, with other ethnic groups performing auxiliary tasks (mostly on the side of the former, who like to imagine that their interests coincide).  The Z-Man describes the belligerents as Cloud People and Dirt People, with the first looking on the second with contempt and not at all understanding the world they inhabit.

Three examples will suffice to demonstrate the schism between these groups. Read More