Three White Monkeys

Despite the title which youse fell for once again, I actually have a lot of respect and compassion for these three men.

They’ve walked a hard road and made the most of trying circumstances.

Winston Sterzel aka Serpentza

Winston is a British South African who moved to China in 2005. He gives the impression that he needed to get out of South Africa, to anywhere, due to the deteriorating situation there. In some ways he is a refugee.

Winston began uploading YouTube videos about China in 2007. I quite like his earlier material. This is a favourite:

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Another perspective on China

Reblogged from Luisman’s Blog. From German via Google Translate with some editing.

Feelings About a Place I Used to Call Home

A few questions for the viewers of the video above:

Do you see starved figures dressed in rags in the impoverished nation of China who beg on every street corner? No?

Do you see over there the many fat, old, sick people who can only move around in electric wheelchairs, like the Walmart people? No?

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