Sexual Arbitrage


Arbitrage means profiting from price differences in two different markets.  A super simple example: bonds in Vladivostok Fish (VVF) are selling slightly cheaper on the Nikkei than they are on the Dow Jones.  A canny trader buys them in the former market, sells in the latter, and spends his tidy profit boasting of his exploits to an opulent hotel room full of multicultural call girls.  Don’t get excited; such low hanging fruit is long since gone and today cutting-edge algorithms race to detect minute, intensely complex market imbalances to exploit.

Similar, simpler phenomena are observable in the sexual marketplace.

Example 1:  A fat, balding Canadian of middle income moves to Read More


You’re Not Contributing Nearly As Much As You Think

The original inspiration behind American democracy was the creed, “No taxation without representation.”  Some still think it’s a workable idea: those who pay tax should vote and those who do not should be deprived of the privilege.

But just because you’re paying tax doesn’t mean you’re a net contributor.  You might be a member of the Underclass and not know it.

Most people think they are net contributors because they pay income tax and don’t receive any welfare.  Such people might need to pull out a calculator and check their numbers Read More

The State is a Harsh Mistress


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What is the difference between a left leaning person and a right leaning person?

The left leaning person has greater need of the State.  The right leaning person needs it less.

In the absence of the State a man must seek his own justice together with his clan.  Dominant men adore this system.  Weak men tremble at the very thought.  These less vigorous men trend left because the modern State jealously guards its monopoly on violence.  It protects them from stronger men who would cave their skulls in and carry off their delighted womenfolk.

In the absence of the State, a man must provide for himself and his family.  Capable, high social value men who know they can feed themselves embrace the concept.  Less confident and less valuable men fear living without the sugar net.

In the absence of the State, women must be Read More