How to preserve Western culture

Edit: This was written before recent events, so it may seem quaint.

I have written before about how civilization is threatened because of low birth rates, and, in the West, because of such high levels of migration that assimilation is unlikely.

Commenter and fellow blogger Phil Ebersole suggested that a greater threat to Western civilization might be our own lack of cultural literacy.

I’m not convinced that this is the larger danger, but it is an issue.

It can be easier to see it when looking at a different culture. Consider

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You don’t need a high income

This is an extract from my book, The Poor Man’s Guide to Financial Freedom: A Realistic, 10-Step Manual to Building Liberating Wealth on a Low to Medium Income.

A Warning

You might be thinking, meh, I’m going to move up in my career soon enough anyway.  Once I’m earning the big bucks I’ll pay off my debts, start investing, and all of that sort of thing.  What’s the point of struggling through all this now when I don’t have much money anyway?  It’ll be easier to do it later on.

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Our present misunderstandings

This post is complicated and requires close reading.  Even then, not everyone who reads it carefully will understand it.  This is not suitable material for your casual skiving off work from home.  It is long, dull, and there are no pictures.  You might want to skip it.  However, if you ever have trouble grasping my meaning in a future post, you might want to come back to this piece.

I’ve noticed a few odd things happening across the web lately.

Many readers misunderstood my post about gun rights in the US, assuming I was taking a position that I was not.

In cases elsewhere, I’ve seen ironic posts taken seriously or the wrong way.

I pointed out a misunderstanding on Adam’s blog, which was itself misunderstood, plus I probably misunderstood the original comment.  This post is not a continuation of that discussion.

Finally, I’m receiving more than the usual amount of private communication from people saying they are too afraid to post publicly, even under a handle.  They often make a point that I thought I had made myself.

What’s going on?

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The release of aging

I always thought, as a kid, that growing old would be awful because you’d be aware that you have less and less time ahead of you.  As a teenager I thought how depressing it would be, thirty years old, working every day, with no childhood to return to, only old age ahead.  This feeling was enhanced by the fact that my teenage years were not fantastic, and that the adults around me said they were the best years of my life.

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Word from the Dark Side – Whites are bad, wanting a spanking, warring French Chechens, and those waskally Gaijin! [Updated]

Nice of the Woke Brigade to put on some lockdown entertainment for us, burning down their cities and spreading that deadly virus that’s about to kill us all (whoops, that was last month’s hysteria).  Those getting their businesses burned and looted are not so entertained as the rest of us, but balancing that is big business, who seem more entertained than anybody.

What a year it has been for big business.  First the lockdown kills off their independent competition that can’t access capital to survive and doesn’t get the insane government handouts the big boys are getting.  Then rioters burn everything down – the big players will shrug it off, the family-run enterprises will die.  Everything’s coming up Milhouse.

As he often does, Steve Sailer gets to the bottom of things.  This is the logical end result of mainstream thinking: if we’re all the same, Read More

Advice for every nation

Have you ever thought, ‘If only people from Country X only knew what everyone thinks of them!’

In the interests of global peace and harmony, here we correct the world with very simple advice for many nations.  Please pay attention and be better from now on.

Afghanistan: leave boys and goats alone.

Argentina: put someone else in charge of your economy.

Australia: sometimes youse are a bit too Read More

The 10 steps to financial freedom

This is an extract from my book, The Poor Man’s Guide to Financial Freedom: A Realistic, 10-Step Manual to Building Liberating Wealth on a Low to Medium Income.


Here are the steps described in each chapter and a brief summary of what to expect.  The steps are arranged in a very logical order, so use this outline as an opportunity to decide where you’re at and start from there.

For example, if you have trouble with debt, definitely start from the very beginning.  If you have no debt and are unlikely to borrow for anything, consider starting from Step 2: Make a Frugal Budget.

Following the steps out of order is likely to be counter-productive.  For example, you should not Read More

‘Developing country’ vs ‘Third World’

[Written in Africa]

Some of my colleagues, who are much better people than I, take umbrage at the term ‘third world’. There are several reasons for this.

To some it is simply outdated, and like ‘retard’, ‘cripple’ or ‘negro’, this once perfectly polite moniker has gradually come to mean what it really means, thus a new term has to be invented.

Further, the word originates from the time of

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Word from the Dark Side – colour revolution, coincidences aplenty, and Covid-what?

Hi everybody,

Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?

These protests look like a ham-fisted attempt to oust Trump, since everything else has failed.

Once again I forgive Spandrell his Sino-sucking to relay these letters from the US military top brass.  My reading is that all services but the Navy are hinting they would support the President in the case of a constitutional crisis.  What do you make of it?

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The case for permanent lockdown

It might sound crazy but hear me out.

When I use the term ‘lockdown’, I mean setting strict regulations on when we may leave the house and the number of people who may gather in one place, enforced wearing of masks, and restrictions on where we may travel.

We’ve never previously managed to create a safe and effective vaccine against a coronavirus.  This forces us to consider the very real possibility that we may never Read More

Bread and Circuses

In late antiquity, Roman Emperors no longer lived in the old capital, and some had never even visited it.  They were more likely to be in the extremities of the Empire fighting off barbarians, or in the later capitals of Milan or Ravenna.

One such absentee Emperor thought he’d better put in an appearance in Rome for the sake of his legitimacy.  He toured the city, and was not impressed with what he saw.

The Roman Romans, more so than other inhabitants of the giant empire, had long since become completely Read More


One of my worst traits is envy.  One of my parents was frequently, and sometimes comically, guilty of this foible, so perhaps I picked it up either through nurture or via those pesky genes.

I feel envy deep in my bones, sometimes in the most ludicrous situations.  Always have.  When I was in Grade 5 and Steven Saker kissed Elizabeth Croydon on the playground because she insisted, I laughed along with all the other members of the audience but deep down I was fuming.  I didn’t even fancy Elizabeth Croydon that much but how come Stevo got to kiss girls and I didn’t?  It’s not fair!  I felt almost as much chagrin against kids who were allowed to Read More