A Grim Thought Experiment


This one is more unpleasant than usual.  It reads like a guest post by Tom Arrows, but it’s me, Nikolai.  Your normally cheerful and exuberant narrator.

Wandering in the mountains I often have good ideas.  One such idea struck me upon a picturesque bend in the road, decorated with a giant, shady stand of bamboo and a gnarled, leafless, near-dead tree.  I thought, what if I was walking to my execution?  That next crossroads, twenty minutes away – that’s where my firing squat is waiting.  I am Read More

The Gods Oppose Your Will


What strange things happen when one tries to go to the gym.

I somehow sleep through my alarm the first seven times.  It is ear-piercing to the point of East German torture yet I repose like the dead.  Why?  Because God makes my Read More