Is WikiLeaks dead? (re-updated)

Amid the drama of Julian Assange’s show trial, the media has missed a major story: has not been updated since late 2019.

Their last press release was on 21st October. The last featured leak was about the supposed Syrian gas attack, published 23rd October. The last leak I can find is Part 4 of the same matter, released 27th December, 2019. There were also some leaks about an Icelandic fishing company in November.

Wikileaks’ products are still available, donation buttons operable and the link to submit documents is there.

A search for what the hell happened brings up nothing. Try “what happened to wikileaks’ and you’ll find 2016 MSM FUD attacks. After all WikiLeaks did for them – for about a decade, it was the media’s main source of material and journos no longer needed to leave the office or talk to commoners.

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Gradually, then all at once (Australia updates)

World’s largest prison as seen from space (stolen gag)
Truckies and supermarket shortages

Is there a nationwide blockade by Aussie truckies protesting lockdowns, mandatory vaccines etc? They did issue warnings to stock up on supplies.

Are police and media conspiring to hush it up?

On the other hand, there appear to be several ongoing truck disputes over various issues plus supermarket shortages due to staff out on quarantine.

As in China, once can’t get to the bottom of these things anymore.

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The masses don’t want to be free


Everyone thinks they want to be free but aside from a pet preference here and there they don’t, really.

Not in comparison to their desire for material comfort, social approval and above all else, safety.

In the West, few of us wanted our rights enough to fight for them. Others fought on our behalf. The nobles fought the King, the petty bourgeoisie fought the aristocracy, a few union rabble rousers fought the capitalists, a tiny minority of feminists fought the patriarchy. Much of the battle for racial equality was fought on behalf of others.

Most Americans in the Thirteen Colonies did not fight in the War of Independence and it is unclear what percentage of them supported it. Most women never campaigned for equal rights. Most ordinary, landless men did nothing personally to further their case to receive the vote or gain individual freedoms.

For that matter, the slaves of the British Empire and the United States did not fight to free themselves. They, to, were emancipated by others.

It was all thrust upon us unbidden.

Sure, most will vote for freedom when it’s all organized for us and there’s an option on the ballot. That’s about the extent of the average person’s dedication, though.

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The corruption of power

We all know the cliche about absolute power corrupting absolutely but we think about it too little.

That’s the thing about cliches. In general they are true but overused so we tend to ignore them.

I’m currently re-listening to The History of Rome Podcast. I’m up to the Crisis of the Third Century when emperors are barely lasting a year on average. Each time a new fellow makes a treacherous grab for the purple we wonder, ‘Why?’ Few of them had a bold plan for rescuing the Empire. Most just wanted power for its own sake, despite the danger of holding the throne being greater than that for 1960s cosmonauts.

Today, it’s hard for us to understand the allure of power because in our society there are no comparable positions. For example, the few times I’ve had a position of responsibility thrust upon me it’s been the rock-and-hard-place situation perhaps familiar to my readers: I cop all the accountability of getting a project finished by the deadline without any of the authority to force people to do things they don’t want to do, like complete their part of the project.

That’s as close as we get to power in modern times. As Eisenhower said, in the military you pick up the phone and issue orders confident they’ll be carried out instantly and to the letter; as president you bark orders down the phone and nothing happens.

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Third World solutions

As the West declines, solutions from the Third World become applicable. And not just generators and pre-filled barrels for when the water stops.

Eritrea is the most repressive dictatorship in Africa. But did you know, on the Red Sea coast opposite Saudi Arabia there live a Muslim minority group called the Rashaida (search: ‘Madote Rashaida’ for more information. I can’t link directly for secret reasons.)

Despite the oppressive government, they pretty much do whatever they want and are left alone. They are not enslaved under the open-ended National Service program that ruins the lives of most other groups. How do they get away with it? And is it not interesting that they were also left alone by the Italian colonists?

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A mask blast from the past

I got curious about what specific research led medical authorities to change their tune and suddenly start recommending the use of facemasks for everyone. Did some 2019 studies get published just at the right time; studies that proved their efficacy?

I knew a little about facemasks prior to the apocalypse because I wondered about them while living in Japan and looked them up. At that time I found that research was minimal.

Masks in Asia are more of a politeness thing. You wear one on the train if you have the sniffles.

Well, well, well. Look at this July 2020 article that CNN hasn’t got around to memory-holing yet:

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Where NOT to expatriate

Via @SelimSeesYou, here’s a map of BLM protests around the world:

[Edit: the image disappeared because Selim’s account was banned for being truthful. I have replaced it with a map of #BlackLivesMatter tweets just after Darren Wilson was let off, which is about the same. There are more dots in south-eastern Australia, where people actually live, hidden by the key]

Selim says:

A loose proxy for who has really bought in on USG ideology & who has not.

Some of these dots are complicated. In Nigeria, the protests were about local police killings unrelated to race. In Japan, the protests reflected local African and other minority complaints of poor treatment by police, accompanied by some Westerners and the native left wing.

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‘It’s okay when we do it,’ Philippines edition


Five years ago, I wrote about how lies can teach you more than the truth. So it is with this article from Yahoo News:

Rodrigo Duterte Is Using One of the World’s Longest COVID-19 Lockdowns to Strengthen His Grip on the Philippines

Yep, that nasty Duterte is using his lockdown to increase his own power while Western elites would never dream of doing that.

The whole article is an interesting mix of truth and facts used in a misleading or hypocritical way.

There are confusing variations in rules from locality to locality, however. The armed police that man checkpoints have also, at times, been encouraged by President Rodrigo Duterte to shoot lockdown violators dead.

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[Written in Africa]

When I was a youth I was possessed by a superstition that essentially nothing ever changes, that some things are eternal.  A congenital Peter Pan, I took comfort in thinking that while I must move on, the places that I had come from would forever stay the same, and that when older I could always go back and visit them, and reminisce.

I imagined myself as an old man back at my primary school, thinking how small everything looks, as we dig up the time capsule we buried in 1985.  I think my contribution was picture of a playground but I’m no longer sure.

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Roosh and free speech

Book review of Free Speech Isn’t Free: How 90 Men Stood Up Against The Globalist Establishment — And Won, by Roosh V.

I had no interest in reading this book.  As I was already following and intermittently writing for Return of Kings at the time I already knew the story well, having watched it go down in real time (from a great distance).  However, after Amazon and others defenestrated Roosh I decided to buy one of his books just to spite the fash.  As I have no interest in picking up Icelandic women nor the finer points of seducing Paraguayans, this book was the best bet, so I bought it.

I found that not only had I forgotten many of the details, but also my mind had done that funny trick it often does where it Read More

A special license for higher men

I have written before about the problem with libertarianism – stupid people ruin it for everyone else.

Here, I offer a potential solution.

Certain people, certifiably accomplished, might be offered a special license to do things others are not allowed to do.  Yes, it’s a little like the ChiCom’s social credit system, but less fascist as it provides people with special privileges rather than disallowing rascals from buying train tickets.

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Blocking WordPress

Several countries block WordPress, this one included.  Mind you, over here such measures are necessarily low tech.  Bumfuckistan only manages to block sites that actually have ‘wordpress’ in the URL so anyone who has bothered to splash some cash for his own web address sails through freely as water through a net.

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Friendship and slavery

I am not good at making friends.  The main reason for this is that I do not like many other people and I find I have little in common with the rest of the human race.  Those friends I do have tend to be quite eccentric, tolerant people. The average person cannot put up with me for long, and I am also impatient with others.

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Natural Born Fascists

The more I travel around our little blue planet and get to know the nature and predispositions of its various inhabitants, the more I find to complain about.  I err towards an aristocratic view of humans.  There are a few at the top who are intelligent, noble and capable of greatness, while the rest, I’m afraid, are rabble.

Yes, I know most people, including myself, fall somewhere in the middle.  Stop ruining.

Of the throng, the characteristics I most despise are Read More

In Defense of the Chinese Communist Party


A Chinese Communist Party official enjoys the romantic attentions of his 18 year old lover.  The back story is here.

The Chinese Communist Party has the absolute right to rule China in any manner it wishes.

This post is not directed at Western meddlers.  It is for the Chinese subjects themselves, including the malcontent rascals in Hong Kong and the expat anti-patriots.  Most of all it is for any mainland Chinese man who dares to question, in his heart of hearts, the legitimacy of his overlords.

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A Cure for Narcissism

Image credit: detail from Echo and Narcissus by John William Waterhouse

Everything is fashioned for other people’s eyes.

Our hair.

Our tweets.

Our photos.

Our blog posts.

Our status updates and likes.

Even the things we do are done with a view to informing others that we did them.

Yah, I spent time in India.  So amazing.  Yah yah, I climbed Mount Kinabalu.  I saw Trump.  I ate fugu.  I took ayahuasca, the proper way and all.  I read Ulysses.  I started doing arse to grass squats.  Heavy, man.  I wrote a book.  I went to a rally.  I fucked a pretty girl on the first date.

Who cares?  More importantly, do you care?  And, how would you know?

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