Still alive

I said that I wouldn’t post on the you-know-what anymore and I haven’t for a year or so, but it’s time to make some concluding remarks.

It’s now been about three years since the Dawn of the Coof and about two years since the first people started receiving shots for it.

Half the people online were screeching that those who didn’t get the shots would end up dead of Coofitis. The other half were screeching that anyone who did get the shots would be dead of side effects.

Seriously, Red thought Blue would all be through and Blue thought Red would all be dead. People seriously predicted this was going to solve the West’s Cold Civil War by wiping out the other side, though I could elicit specific numbers from few because they backed off when challenged, but then they’d return to the frontline trenches of ‘they will all die’ as soon as my shelling question bombardment ended. Motte and bailey is largely a psychological tactic rather than a rhetoric one; it allows people to hold a more exciting view than the facts allow.

The overall result still isn’t clear except that most of us somehow survived it all.

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The great Victorian hunt for white sperm

We find our story today in the Australian state of Victoria, most famous for its spectacular coastline, cute penguins and tyrannical government.

Victorian woman arrested for rioting over sperm shortage

This is the article that piqued my interest:

Too many women, not enough sperm: The Victorian donor dilemma

Executive summary:

  • There’s a lack of Caucasian sperm available in Victorian sperm banks
  • The pandemic is to blame because donors would not leave the house
  • Women want YT sperm because their infertile husband is white or because they don’t feel confident raising a child of another race without that ethnic experience blah blah you get it
  • Demand has also increased
  • There are some local laws that make it hard to import sperm from elsewhere

The article is vague and raises more questions that it answers. I dove down the rabbit hole and this is what I found.

No white sperm?

Australia is still around 60-70% white if you count Greeks, Italians and so on. I suspect some women seeking donors do not.

Fertile women seeking mates are the world’s most unapologetic eugenicists. They eliminate short genes more enthusiastically than Karl Brandt exterminated the disabled.

There’s no word on a shortage of tall DNA in Victoria but all involved know they’re not allowed to talk about that. Mentioning the white sperm issue is risky enough.

I would make a guess that proportionally more white women than other women are seeking donors, which would partly explain the Caucasian shortage. Australia’s next two biggest ethnic groups, East and South Asians, generally belong to cultures that frown upon single motherhood.

The fathers can now be contacted for comment
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But still, they come!

It just has the line in the song, don’t go nuts.

In a comment, Luisman mused as to why immigrants continue to come to the West. I’ll try to dissect the reasons in this post.

The First Immigration Paradox

1. The West is uniquely racist and white people are responsible for most of the world’s problems.

2. Non-white immigrants continue to flock to the racist West in order to be discriminated against by evil white people. Some cross deserts and oceans, risking rape and death to do so.

The Second Immigration Paradox

1. The West is in catastrophic decline and Asia is rising.

2. Many immigrants, including Asians, continue to flock to the declining West.

Confusing, no?

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Mysterious disappearances


I’m into mysteries.

The Bermuda Triangle, lost colonies, that sort of thing. My interest is scientific. Click-hungry YouTube channels assume that every strange occurrence is the result of extra-terrestrial CIA skinwalkers but I’m far more curious about the actual explanation.

My particular obsession is missing person cases, especially where people disappear in baffling circumstances. Many occur in national parks while others occur during people’s everyday activities.

People love finding stupid patterns to these cases: they often go missing near boulders, which must be Bigfoot hunting grounds! The people who go missing are often highly educated, which obviously means that aliens are kidnapping the elite of our species in order to . . . something.

You can see why sensible people roll their eyes at mysteries in general and focus on weightier matters.

But having read so much about these cases, and listened to so many podcasts, I’ve begun noticing some patterns myself. Together with cases in which people were found safe, it is possible to piece together what often happens when people go missing.

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Death rates

Some time ago I tried looking up total death rates for different countries to get a mathematical view of Covid’s impact. Curiously, one of the countries that compiles and releases its data first is Sweden.

What I found was so interesting that this post will only consider Covid in passing as it investigates broader trends.

Have a look:

You can see the Covid bump in 2020, likely to be repeated in 2021, but there are many other interesting things going on in this graph.

First, there’s a very obvious downward trend over the decades. You can see how improved nutrition, medicine etc. over the last century led to dramatically lower death rates, especially among infants.

There’s also a bulge over the 1980s. This is no doubt due to the age structure of society at that time as the graph shows crude death rates that are not adjusted for the age of the population.

Do you see those really big spikes? That’s what major pandemics look like. No doubt you can spot the Spanish Flu of a century ago.

Notice how early years have much more irregular death rates due to pandemics (mostly), harsh winters, crop failures and other perils of the pre-modern period. Compare to how death rates smooth over the twentieth century along with economic and technological development.

Most people understand that death rates have gradually declined since the Olden Days but it’s surprising to see that mortality has continued to drop even in the twenty-first century. In Sweden’s case, this decline is such that the Covid blip pushed 2020’s mortality rate up to what would have been normal a decade ago and still well below the average of two decades ago.

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Which comes first: saving an emergency fund or paying off debts?

This is an extract from The Poor Man’s Guide to Financial Freedom: A Realistic, 10-Step Manual to Building Liberating Wealth on a Low to Medium Income.

Save an emergency fund first, or pay off debts first?

The next chapter explains what an emergency fund is, where to save it and how large it should be.  It is essentially a rainy-day fund, and you definitely need one for financial freedom. 

But you also need to rapidly pay off your debts in order to reach financial freedom, as will be explained in the chapter after that.   Which of these should you do first?

Here is the order of operations:

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All about incels

Note: this article contains no links to the forums mentioned because these guys get bullied enough.  Search them out if you like, but be nice.

I am a serial lurker.  I lurk all sorts of places I ought not be – MumsNet, forums for marriage problems, Jezebel comment threads.  I am very curious about these other worlds.  One of the places I lurk is incel forums.

I find them entertaining, not in a cruel way, but in a genuine way.  Sometimes those guys can be extremely funny.  One notable post described how the OP accidentally drank his own urine (long story), and the comments that followed were hilarious.  At least one other member confessed to doing the same thing by confusing his bottles by his bed, and then another member demanded to know why suddenly everyone was pissing in bottles.  There were several other funny comments that rely too heavily on in-jokes to explain here.  For the initated: “It’s over for pisscells.”  “Incel trait: drinking your urine.”  Bwahaha.

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Bossy Aussies

Australia’s heritage population is partly descended from convicts sent from England and Ireland.  It’s no secret.  We brag about it!

And we cheerfully assume that this convict stain which we’re so proud of has contributed to our culture, making us egalitarian, anti-authoritarian, cheeky, unserious.  And yes, there are aspects of that.

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The Western Canon

One of my goals is to read the Western Canon in order to better understand our world and to be less ignorant.

There are lists available here and there, all hotly disputed.   I have selected from these and added to it several eastern works which have had a significant impact upon our history and culture.

So, here is what I’ve got. I have probably omitted Read More

Market-dominant minorities

Book review of World on Fire by Amy Tan

Imagine my surprise when John Derbyshire recommended a book by uber New York leftietariat Amy Tan. But he did, and it was this one.

Tan comes from an ethnic Chinese family in the Philippines. The Chinese there run everything so the duller Filipinos hate them. Tan dares to commit the arch sin of modern Cultural Marxism: Read More