We do not utter sterile, ungenerous ‘happy holidays‘ greetings here on the People’s Blog, and anyone offering me such hostile tidings shall be sent to a gulag for reeducation.

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year, everyone.  I extend this to all, even the pagans, the infidels, the Satanists, the agnostics and the Methodists.  What are Methodists.  I hope you have a lovely time.


The SovietMen team will go on break to our regular Kuntsevo Dacha until the third because no one’s reading blogs this time of year anyway.  You’re all lazing around, visiting relatives, growing fat, drinking too much and fighting with your pussy hat aunts until the police are called.

We must respect and honour these traditions.

Have a spiffy break and I look forward to seeing youse all in the roaring twenties!



Us next year. I’m stripy shirt looking at boobs. FreeMatt on the right making his girl jealous. Luisman is the older fellow in the background smirking. DickyCone is looking away like he just don’t care. College Reactionary 2nd from left fascinated and leaning forward cos he’s never seen a woman’s knees before. The one getting out of the pool is Adam P., trying to hide his erection, while the man diving is the other Adam, escaping the sinful drinking and lewd dancing on display. Thanks to Himself for taking the picture for us and being designated driver. Oh and Gunner Q, moves are awesome and your transition is stunning. Everyone else is also a girl, pick your own.

All about incels


Note: this article contains no links to the forums mentioned because these guys get bullied enough.  Search them out if you like, but be nice.

I am a serial lurker.  I lurk all sorts of places I ought not be – MumsNet, forums for marriage problems, Jezebel comment threads.  I am very curious about these other worlds.  One of the places I lurk is incel forums.

I find them entertaining, not in a cruel way, but in a genuine way.  Sometimes those guys can be extremely funny.  One notable post described how the OP accidentally drank his own urine (long story), and the comments that followed were hilarious.  At least one other member confessed to doing the same thing by confusing his bottles by his bed, and then another member demanded to know why suddenly everyone was pissing in bottles.  There were several other funny comments that rely too heavily on in-jokes to explain here.  For the initated: “It’s over for pisscells.”  “Incel trait: drinking your urine.”  Bwahaha.

Another funny case was when Read More

What Nikolai Did Next


Hello gents.

In case you’re new, I am currently taking a year-long sabbatical in the Mysterious East after surviving a rather tough time working in Africa.  I’d previously decided to try quitting work altogether because I thought I could, and because I was struggling with stress.  I planned to see if I could maintain discipline and keep active with alternative income ideas for beer money.

I noted towards the end of my time, I was unable to make any sensible decisions in such a madhouse country.  I needed some time away to get my head straight and figure out what to do.

I’ve now been off work for six months, and this is what I have found: Read More

Time thieves


You probably think that most people are just focused on their own affairs.  They worry about their children’s grades, they wonder why the wife is grumpy, they go over their finances, they remember seeing a cute high school girl that morning dressed inappropriately then scold themselves for thinking that; they stress that the boss caught them sleeping the other day.  You think that everyone is utterly wrapped up in his own affairs, and spends his time thinking about personal issues like these.

You are wrong.

Each and every person on this planet, when out of sight, sits in a high-backed chair, gives an evil sneer, drums his fingertips together, and ponders: Read More

Recommend podcasts

I love podcasts, radio and anything like that.  Always have, since I was a little kid and would run to the radio every time they played the Never Ending Story song or the next installment of Wipperginnie, a children’s adventure series that somehow never made it online.

A brain-deadening chore like hanging up the washing becomes a welcome bit of chill time if you’ve something interesting to listen to.  I once became so distracted by an account of an Antifa-related cult that I almost fell off a balcony nine stories to my grisly doom.  My last thought would have been, “What a stupid thing to do . . . but gee, they really are like a cult, for example how they SPLAT”.

I guess I wouldn’t really think splat, I would just splat.

I listen to so many podcasts that usually I’ve already heard everything and get frustrated because I want MOAR.  So please recommend any that you think are good.

To give you an idea, here are some that I enjoy: Read More

The things I don’t write

Paul Johnson says, diaries and memoirs like those of Rousseau and Tolstoy hide more than they reveal.  They give the impression of brutal honesty by revealing some things, but thereby make us think that is all there is, which makes us miss bigger things.

Sure, Rousseau talks about how he started masturbating very early, but neglects to mention that he abandoned all his children to near certain death.  Tolstoy admits that he has gambling problems, but neglects to state baldly that he never repaid his debts to friends even after he became rich.

A person who is very open with you might be hiding a lot.

And me?  Read More

Word from the Dark Side, August 1, 2019

Back in time: A group of women wear uniforms worn by Red Army soldiers during the Second World War and pose with weapons from that era

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month.

I’m literally poolside, or at least I was this morning, and the trials and tribulations of Africa are finally fading into the past.  Life is good.  Holidays are great.  I’m already feeling refreshed and ready to start some real work again – in a year perhaps, not right now.

A while ago I wrote a post about how to Read More

What left-wing blogs should I follow?

I intend no irony.

Pretty much everything I follow is of a dissident right nature, perhaps because that’s where the most rational thinking is happening at the moment, but I don’t want to get stuck in a rut.

I ought to read more widely.  I do look at BBC and The Guardian occasionally, but surely there are sane leftists who would wince at this.  It’s like getting conservative views from Fox News or National Review.  I listen to ABC’s Radio National and this often has interesting pieces in between all the wokeness.  So that’s one.

Please let me know of any sensible, left-of-centre blogs or other sources you may be aware of, either in the comments or by PM.  Or of any others that might be beyond my usual ken.

‘Sensible’ would mean they run occasional articles that do not obsess over gender, race or other identity politics.



These dreams

When I was a kid I daydreamed a lot about flying.  I imagined what it would be like, during a particularly rough day, to just leap up into the air, to the astonishment of all the bullies and mean teachers and pretty girls, and soar far above everybody else, totally unafraid, and look down at them from high above where they couldn’t touch me.  In my fantasies I would of course fly around and have adventures and save the day, but the best part of the dream was always that initial surge up into the air, against all gravity, all rules, everything I didn’t care for just slipping powerlessly away below, and everybody left gasping.  Some bad guys tried to Read More

More techness required at the People’s Blog

At the time of writing, Chateau Heartiste has just been shitcanned by WordPress.

The blog had become very different from the Roissy of old, but some of the poetic invective convinced me that the original writer was still involved.

One day, years ago, he went too far and hinted that it was time for acts of violence.  He then reported that he’d received a stern note from WordPress warning him to rein it in.  I thought that was fair enough – he had skirted very close to the bounds of legal US speech.  Debates about freedom of speech always come down to where to draw the line, not whether there ought to be a line at all.

But on Friday he finally got Read More

Bossy Aussies

Australia’s heritage population is partly descended from convicts sent from England and Ireland.  It’s no secret.  We brag about it!  Two of my own ancestors were convicts, a man and a woman, and they married each other.  I don’t know what crimes they committed but I can only assume they were sexual in nature.

And we cheerfully assume that this convict stain which we’re so proud of has contributed to our culture, making us egalitarian, anti-authoritarian, cheeky, unserious.  And yes, there are aspects of that.

But as others have noted, if so many convicts were sent there, then the UK also had to have sent many Read More

Obvious false flag is obvious

As the kids would say.

I don’t have a TV and my internet access is very limited, so I only just saw this rubbish about Iran bombing a Japanese ship a couple of days ago.

The sound was off, a few headlines were scrolling, I saw the grainy footage of the evil Iranians taking the mine off the boat and twirling their dastardly mustaches, and I yawned and thought, ‘Gulf of Tonkin’.  You might equally say, Lusitania, the Manchurian Incident, the Gleiwitz Incident, Pearl Harbor, incubators being turned off, weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons attack, etc., etc.

If you are still shocked by all this dishonesty, you must be a child and ought not be reading this site.  Go do your homework.  Wars are full of lies, and there are many who want to start them for their own benefit.

If anyone actually invades Australia, I might consider the war just.  And even then I’ll be skeptical about what’s really going on.  Otherwise, I reckon it’s all a load of shit.  Still, this time they’ll have no trouble recruiting the fresh meat to go fight, the public will support it, those aiming to profit will do so, and we’ll go on like this forever.

Tell me how it isn’t so.



Image credit: i.ytimg.com

A while back I pulled a silly April Fool’s prank where I claimed I was going to stay on in Eritrea and marry a local girl.  I thought that I would get a whole bunch of vitriolic criticism like MGTOW Mark Minter did when he announced on Roissy that he was going to marry, and I even referenced it for the Illuminati (‘top that, fuckers’).

Most people didn’t fall for it at all, but those who did were unanimous in their support for my decision.

Look, I’m not having a go.  All who offered their sincere congratulations are Good Eggs, have been positive contributors here, and I mean them no offense.  But I need to say something about this.  The main thing is: really?


The fact that my imaginary fiancé was black is neither here nor there.  That was just a Read More

The Final Countdowwwwnnnn!

[Written mostly in Africa.  From now on I will note where the post was written if confusion is likely, i.e. where I have written ‘here’ and expect you to know what I’m talking about.]

I have seven more weeks to go.

I know it makes more sense not to count the time, as the practice only slows it down, but I can’t help it.  All last week, several times a day – no, dozens of times a day – I would think, eight weeks to go, eight weeks to go, eight weeks to go.

And now it’s seven.

I have set myself a rule – I don’t do half-weeks or anything like that.  Come Friday afternoon, as I ride home, I allow the week to tick down and only then excitedly begin obsessing over the new number.  I am very strict about this.

My physical health is poor.  Today I tried to do some basic cardio exercise but I Read More

Did that fall flat?

Just feckin’ with yez, I’ve been out for a week, there’s no Yonas and the USB thing never happened.  Previous three days’ content plagiarized from the Eritrea Profile, a fine publication that cuts through the foreign media bias about events in East Africa.

I brought this post forward as I reckoned I was taking things too far.  To prove that I’m the real McCoy: Luis, San Mig Light tastes like shit.  Dicky: yes, the Hole is terrifying.  College Reactionary: I banned you because you suggested genocide and speculated about where I was.  Now I have unbanned you.  Go in peace and do not sin again.

And Isaias fucks pigs.  I shall not name the pig unless provoked.


Comments are back on

Yesterday at work I lost my USB.  It had a bunch of my blog post drafts on it.  Why did I have that at work, you wonder?  Well my normal work USB got a virus so I had to use my home one.

I had it at the printer, left it there, then realized and went back and it was gone.

Finally, a colleague who I will call Bitchface Fascist Cunt announced that she had it, that she’d found some of my less than complimentary posts about her country (I think I may have referred to the administration as a ‘special needs government’ at one point), and declared that she’s going to denounce me to Read More


I have always been immature, in every respect.

Teachers noted it on my report cards, though academically I was fine.  At my thirteenth birthday dinner, my parents asked the Chinese waiter to guess my age and he went with ten.  Still got a free fried ice cream with a sparkler on it, but.

As a teenager I was behind my same-age peers in all respects – cried too easily, late to fill out, never had girlfriends, didn’t have a part-time job.  I lacked confidence, was skinny and spotty, and these factors prevented me from grabbing opportunities that would have helped me to grow up.

Things became alarming when Read More

Comments are restricted

For the last time.  See you on the glorious other side, in around four months, when I will have completed my sentence.  If nothing goes wrang in the meantime.

I mean, *wrong*.

Funny, that’s the first thing that’s ever gone wrong.

Things are tough: we’ve had no water for a month and it looks like I may get no more for the rest of my time there.  Internet has stopped completely.  Other things have happened that I cannot share at this time.

But I’m now so close to freedom that I can smell it.