Corona could wipe out several US election contenders

Now that Corona is turning into a pandemic, it is important to nip some conspiracy theories in the bud.  Soon, ‘Trump didn’t die of corona’ or ‘Bernie didn’t die of corona’ are likely to become memes.  Get used to the idea now: one or more big names in the US gerontocracy will probably not make it to November 2020, either due to the virus or other age-related causes.

The fatality rate of the disease is yet unknown, because (a) the death rate in China is increased by an overwhelmed health system, and (b) because we cannot trust any figures coming out of there anyway.  However, it is clear that those over seventy years old are more at risk than younger people.

Here is a list of people.  If one of them dies in the next few months everyone will be exclaiming, ‘CIA!  Deep State!  Reptiles!’, but in fact, the chances of one falling from natural causes is high.

Election contenders, declared and undeclared:

Donald Trump – 73

Bernie Sanders – 78

Joe Biden – Read More

Everybody hates China

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China has blundered.

This article will not discuss the mishandling of Winnie the Flu.  It will focus on China’s mistakes in dealing with its neighbours, and the dangerous situation this has created.

Rumours of CCP genius are overstated.  Having returned to Asia and observed recent changes, I’ve come to realize that China’s blunders are so numerous, and so emphatic, that unwanted conflict seems almost inevitable.

Let us travel around China’s perimeter clockwise in order to see what has been wrought, considering missteps along the way.

Sixty-three percent of South Koreans have an unfavourable view of China.  A decade ago they had a more favourable view, but this has gradually been undermined by China’s Read More

Big Tech’s communistic mindset

[Written in Africa]

It might seem a bit rich to declare the world’s biggest companies to be communist, but go with me here.

ITunes thought it would be a good idea to save space on my computer by removing some of my tracks and putting them in the cloud.  They did not ask me if they could do this.  They did not tell me they were doing it.  They just did it.

Thus, I got back to the internet-free jungle and found that Read More

Suicidal third world economic policies

Many countries have economic policies that are harmful, but nevertheless do okay overall.  Until recently, Japan protected its rice with a 778% tariff, making this staple more expensive to consumers, but they could afford it so no one starved.

On the other hand, bad economic policies in third world countries can cost lives.  Indeed they do cost lives – probably millions of them, if you counted them over the decades.  I have already provided you with an entire series on one country so let us consider some other examples.

In Ethiopia, there is a Read More

Trump’s love-in with the Deep State

Recently there seems to be a new acceptance of Trump among the Deep State.  This could be related to Bernie Sanders’ surge, who would be even more disruptive.  Or it could be because Trump needs to sure up support from rattish Republican senators in order to survive impeachment.  In any case, it seems Trump has been brought to heel.

Aside from being mostly quiet about the outrageous Epstein case and even hiring his lawyers, Trump has approved Read More


Consult multicultural groups before marketing, says awards ...

I have written before about the ongoing civil conflict between Good Whites and Bad Whites, or if you prefer, the Cloud People and the Dirt People.

Among the Cloud People there is a new and growing subgroup.  They do not share genes, they do not look related, they have different religions and they come from many places.  However, they are amazingly alike.  Their accent is the same, their world view is the same – even some personality traits tend to match very closely.  Their most famous member is Barack Obama.

They are Read More