The Word from the Dark Side – September 26, 2015


Image of unrelated idol group confiscated from Japan Today.

A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion.

What is Japan?  This is Japan.

Some people really want to work for the state.

A court in India decides that, yes, the law against child marriage even applies to Muslims.

A woman is punched in the face while attending an Australian Rules football final. Read More

Dried Blood in My Sink


Part I.


Chloe had told me she couldn’t come around because she ‘had a little crush on me.’  I decided to play the game.  Now knowing she loved the troubled bad boy (her ex was a violent alcoholic) I told her she was speaking shit.  I claimed to be suffering a mental illness and to have gone off my meds.  I said, come around or I will block you forever.  Could such an approach possibly work?

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How The World Will Really End


We have bigger problems than mass migration and our sex lives.  How are you enjoying the Holocene?  It’s the warm, interglacial period we’re currently experiencing.  It’s been going for about ten thousand years, or the totality of human civilization plus a bit.  I like it.  Crops are growing well, supporting huge cities.  An urban population leads to learning, professions and all the technology we have today.  Like scissors.

Don’t get too attached to all that, though.  Interglacial periods don’t always last so very long. Read More

Ban Recess


In a school playground somewhere in the United States, a terrible and entirely preventable tragedy occurs.

A ten-year-old boy, already known for his recklessness and lack of foresight, stands perilously upon the top of a slide.  He looks over to a group of girls and waves both arms, ensuring that they are watching his antics.  They are.  They pretend to mock his foolishness but nevertheless give him their full attention and ignore the boys playing more sensibly down below.

And then – no one knows quite how – he teeters.   Read More

White Man’s Burden

Recently, Australia attempted to have refugees resettled in Cambodia instead of within its own borders.  Millions of dollars later (presumably paid into the hands of deserving officials) a grand total of four refugees have arrived.

Australia’s ongoing attempts to turn its illegal immigration/refugee problem into a broader, regional issue have attracted howls of fury from human rights activists.  Australians should not abrogate their responsibilities.  Their neighbors, it would seem, bear no such responsibilities. Read More

A Tale of Two Girls


Not these two. Image repossessed from

I am dating two women.

One of them really likes me.  She can’t resist me.  She would accept either a friends-with-benefits arrangement or a long term relationship.

The other is less keen.  She constantly weaves mind games and throws up every obstacle between here and my bed.

One of these girls I’m quite besotted with.  She’s such a cutie; I’ve an eclectic taste and she fits it.  The other is not my type.  I find her irritating to be around and not particularly arousing.  Also, her room is messy.

Can you guess which is which? Read More