Life: adventure or ordeal?

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H.L. Menken is very worried about who’s a first-rate man and who’s a fourth-rate one.  No doubt he puts himself in the first category, and then he ranks men according to how similar they are to him.  Professionals or tradesmen of some sort?  Second-rate!  Except newspaper editors, of course, because he was one.  Married family guys?  Rubbish!  Foreign-born philanderers?  Now you’re talking.

One of his litmus tests for measuring human worthiness interests me greatly.  Higher men, Menken decrees, view life as an adventure to be relished, while the lower sort see it as an ordeal to be endured.

This makes sense.  Once a man reaches an advanced level of accomplishment and philosophy, is he not in a better position to relish what’s on offer?  He has Read More


Does it even matter who is president?

Lesbian filmmaker Mike Moore once famously said that rust belt whites were going to vote for Trump not because they thought he was any good, but because he would be a ‘hand grenade’ that they would toss into an uncaring Washington establishment, and the intention was to blow it all up.

Well they threw him in but he turned out to be Read More

All trans people want

Literal Nazis are trying to literally exterminate trans people.  Teddy Cook in, yup, The Guardian, is fighting back:

You’d be forgiven for thinking that every other person in your neighbourhood was trans, particularly given the explosive media coverage that has played out over the last week.

No, the ‘Nazis’ are mostly getting into trouble for pointing out that the trans population is minuscule so why all the obsession about it. Read More

Upon his fortieth year

[Written in Africa]

I turned forty the other day.  Didn’t write anything about it at the time as I was too busy and not feeling well.  Now I’m still not feeling well but have a spare moment so I’ll write something.

Some people dread aging.  I don’t mind it.  My 20s were better than my teens and my 30s were better than my 20s.  Obviously this trend is unlikely to last forever, but I’m feeling pretty positive about my 40s and 50s.

Some time ago I thought: Read More

Adventures in communism – running a business

[Written in Africa]

Someone once conducted an interesting experiment in Peru.  I can’t find the link.  They tried to set up a little roadside stall legally.  In the third world, a good 90% of workers are employed off the books, but this mob decided to give it a go with all the necessary licenses and see what happened.

Their policy was not to pay bribes unless failing to do so would halt the process and thereby end the experiment.  They had a number of full-time staff on the case, going to offices, writing letters, making calls, filling forms and all the rest of it.

Finally, two years later, they had no license.

This is because Read More

Let’s have a look at BBC World News

Siti Nurannisaa

Some time ago it occurred to me that the online version of BBC World News has only 6-12 actual news stories on its home page every day, and another dozen-odd articles pushing various flavours of fashionable poz or just plain old rubbish.

This is odd, given that it is one of the largest and most prestigious news organizations in the world.  Shouldn’t there be dozens of real stories on the front page?

I bookmarked this thought as I was in a place with slow internet speed and could not log on to WordPress, but now I’m back in civilization, let’s look at today’s BBC News and see what’s up: Read More

Marriage 3.0

I do not have to tell my readers that Marriage 1.0 is dead.  That is, the institution whereby a man and a virginal woman enter into a permanent arrangement, the man begets children that are probably his own, provides for them and his wife, and is responsible for them.  The wife’s debts are his own.  If they divorce (exceedingly unlikely), he gets the kids.  If she has babies out of wedlock, they are all hers.  Under Marriage 1.0 a man effectively leases a womb and a help-meet.

Marriage 2.0 also seems to be on the rocks.  Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking – it ought to be on the rocks, but for some reason men still hurl themselves into that blazing inferno.  Under Marriage 2.0, a man and a woman enter into Read More

Crypto-anarchism rethunk

I’ve talked about crypto-anarchism before but none of you were paying any attention so I’ll have to go over it again.

Quiet in the back row!  *throws chalk*  This will be on the test.  Yes, I’m talking to you, Jenkins!  Put that Mad magazine away before I stick it up your nose.  You can read the Crock O’dull Dummee, Too satire in your own time.

So, back when the internet was young, some fellows got a little carried away and thought that it might be used in some Utopian way to make the world a better place.  Most just thought it would one day be possible to download Miss Venezuela’s swimsuit picture in mere minutes, but others, like a white-haired Australian wanker named Julian Assange, were even more Read More

Word from the Dark Side: Rubber masks and dirty old men (updated)

Do antidepressants and SSRIs increase the odds of mass shootings?  I’m not one for conspiracy theories but check it out, this one has serious evidence.  And not just the obvious, ‘some crazy people were on drugs for being crazy therefore it’s the drugs’ fault they went crazy’.

Is Africa winning in South Africa?

UK cops fine bloke for Read More

Adventures in communism – consumer items

[Written in Africa]

Thomas Sowell suggests that ‘planned economy’ is not an accurate definition of communism.  A so-called ‘unplanned economy’ actually is planned – by individuals and firms, making their own decisions.  A communist society is therefore better described as one where individual decisions are overridden by governments that think they know better than we do.

While the distribution of consumer items in this country might not quite be communist as commonly understood, it still falls within Sowell’s concept: the government thinks it knows better than the locals do what they ought to produce and buy.  The president himself was once on TV chortling that the local entrepreneurs have no idea what consumers want, and that the government does it better – even though such entrepreneurs are very successful if they have escaped to South Sudan, the UAE or Uganda.

All import/export businesses were banned some years ago.  As with all the policies listed in these articles, the reasoning was Read More

Left behind

Recently (at the time of writing) a blogger’s ex-wife kicked him out of the house, removing his stuff while he was traveling for work, and he’s finding himself living in a hotel.  No doubt by the time this post is published some months from now he’ll be back on his feet, in a cool pad, and banging a lady way hotter and younger.  But in the meantime things are pretty bleak.

This brought to mind events that I hadn’t thought about for many years.

I was once in the opposite situation – Read More

You can’t date colleagues. Sad!

A while ago I mentioned how I met up with an old colleague and we shagged.  There’d been some sexual tension previously but nothing that would have gotten me in trouble with HR.

Sad, isn’t it?  That two people working together can fancy one other, but nothing can come of it because the man knows the stakes are too high?

Realistically, you can’t date colleagues these days.  Just considering those situations where the couple are on the same level, in about one in three cases Read More

The trouble with Roosh

Yup, it’s Roosh V Stalking Month.  We previously featured a review of his book and a discussion based on comments on his site.

Roosh recently announced that he’d gone Christian, would no longer fornicate (his former hobby and full-time occupation), and would no longer allow discussion about it on the Roosh V Forum, which was mostly about just that.

Well, good luck to him.  Regulars here will already know my own spiritual views, but I think religion is beneficial for some people like Cat Stevens, Roosh seems like a man who needs a firm rudder in his life, especially now that the world has fallen down upon him.  I hope he finds what he’s looking for.  I just hope he doesn’t become dour.  His best writing is always when he is poking fun at himself.

Those who had vaguely heard of Roosh as some sort of degenerate PUA were bewildered and skeptical about the change, but those of us who’ve been following him for a long time, including most commenters on his site, expressed no Read More

Word from the Dark Side, August 1, 2019

Back in time: A group of women wear uniforms worn by Red Army soldiers during the Second World War and pose with weapons from that era

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month.

I’m literally poolside, or at least I was this morning, and the trials and tribulations of Africa are finally fading into the past.  Life is good.  Holidays are great.  I’m already feeling refreshed and ready to start some real work again – in a year perhaps, not right now.

A while ago I wrote a post about how to Read More

Adventures in communism – banking

[Written in Africa]

My frighteningly optimistic new boss finally showed signs of stress the other day.  He realized that he would not be able to transfer savings out of the country, and faces the prospect of driving around with tens of thousands of dollars in cash on his Christmas trip.

To South Africa.

Due to the collateral damage of financial sanctions on Russia, it has been impossible to transfer money out of this country for about a year.

There is one official bank we can use.  That, right there, is where communism makes everything go to shit.  Can you see why?  No?  Well, in normal countries if your bank is rubbish you can Read More

What left-wing blogs should I follow?

I intend no irony.

Pretty much everything I follow is of a dissident right nature, perhaps because that’s where the most rational thinking is happening at the moment, but I don’t want to get stuck in a rut.

I ought to read more widely.  I do look at BBC and The Guardian occasionally, but surely there are sane leftists who would wince at this.  It’s like getting conservative views from Fox News or National Review.  I listen to ABC’s Radio National and this often has interesting pieces in between all the wokeness.  So that’s one.

Please let me know of any sensible, left-of-centre blogs or other sources you may be aware of, either in the comments or by PM.  Or of any others that might be beyond my usual ken.

‘Sensible’ would mean they run occasional articles that do not obsess over gender, race or other identity politics.



Pinays are the same

One of the most dangerous Manosphere myths is that FSU/SEA chicks are magically different to Anglobitches.  Unless a fellow is foolish enough to bring one of these darling little wonders back to that magic dirt, they are skinny, demure, well-presented and are mercifully quiet unless politely asking for for feedback on their cooking or oral technique.

This does not closely match reality.  Foreign women’s material circumstances and level of education may alter their priorities, but aside from that they are about the same.

Take the story of Maria.  Does this sound remotely familiar to you?  Maria lived in a little village in Mindanao where she had a little boyfriend called Read More

A man of our times

On a recent Roosh post about how men are wasting their time chasing women unproductively, commenter Guile says (all quotes slightly edited):

. . . I like being a rootless loner.  I like being able to walk around the city anonymously and never see the same people twice, or to go to the country and not talk to anyone for weeks.  I don’t care what my neighbors are up to.  I’m glad to now have a tiny social circle and few responsibilities.  I don’t want to be the leader of anyone buy myself.  A woman’s love is fleeting and has no lasting value.  Was I programmed, or just born at the right time and place? . . .

LoneRanger responds: Read More