Why I quit Twitter


I’ve had a Twitter account for years, but I’ve only used it to auto-post links to my blog as they drop.  Occasionally I logged on to see what it was all about, but I was baffled by the long timeline of unconnected tweets.  Each was just a little pithy saying or trite Americanism, some with hundreds of likes.  And then I’d log off for another six months.

I was sick at home for a while recently so I spent more time on Twitter.  I was going to publish my book soon and Delicious Tacos said that’s where he got most of his sales, so I thought I, too, should give it a go.

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Are steroids becoming ubiquitious?

I read a comment once. It said, ‘Steroids will soon be ubiquitous among young men. You read it here first.’ Unfortunately I can’t remember where the hell it was that I read it, but at the time it seemed too depressing to be untrue. And now we do indeed seem to be heading in that direction.

Among Hollywood actors, steroid use is practiced by all but Steve Buscemi type character actors and comedians, whose imperfect bodies presumably add to their hilarity. Even if the protagonist is not an action hero – just a detective, an astronaut or an historical figure – he tends to be tanked as buggery.

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What’s wrong with men


I watched public reactions the recent spate of terrorist attacks with sociopathic curiousity.  I wondered, how will the Cultural Marxists spin it?  In their taxonomy of the world, Muslims are a victim class, and so are gays.  So how is it that a Muslim can attack a gay nightclub?  SJWs looked on, shocked, like a zoologist in the field observing a zebra stalking and devouring a wildebeest.  It’s not supposed to happen.

At first the Left put forward an unconvincing narrative about how Muslims are discriminated against in the West and this lack of engagement makes them go all choppy-choppy.  The first problem with this view is that it paints all Muslims as oversensitive maniacs who will blow us up unless we refrain from mocking their religion and ensure they all enjoy excellent careers.  The Left fails to explain why Asian immigrants do not require such mollycoddling.  The second problem is that there’s a shirtload of terrorists over there in the sandlands who were never discriminated against.  In fact, they are in the mainstream, Sunni majority and they are gradually eliminating everybody else.  Clearly a more logically acrobatic narrative was required.

Some commenters on Australian radio had the answer.  All the terrorists belong to the same, privileged group when you stop and think about it: they are Read More