Youse back at the gym?


There’s one reason to go back.

The gyms here are starting to reopen, but I’m debating whether to go.

I’ve done a bit of experimenting and now have a pretty decent convict workout. Legs were a problem but I can squat with the gf on my shoulders. She’s sometimes asleep when I go the park for pullups etc. By the time I get back, she’s less keen on getting on my sweaty back. Holding a water bottle on my head like an African lady can substitute.

I found I was missing my

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Lockdown survival guide 3: fitness


Lockdown survival guide 1: mental health

Lockdown survival guide 2: investments

Remember kids, don’t spend all day reading bad news, watching your investments plummet, and worrying about how long this thing will last.  We need routine, and the most solid part of any routine is fitness.

If you’re allowed out and about, you can continue to run and walk as usual.  If you’re cooped up at home, you’ll need some other form of cardio workout.

If you have a yard, skipping is fine.

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Bro-scientists required: how’s my routine?

While I’m in civilization and comments are open, I need to crowd-source some help with my gym routine.

Notes before we start: I do cardio elsewhere.  I lift either 1 set of 10 reps, 2 sets of 6 reps, 3 x 5 or 4 x 4 pretty much randomly.  I up the weight as soon as I have achieved any of these.

Warm-up: 5 minutes skipping or bike.

Monday and Thursday: upper body.

Push: any three of overhead press, bench press, pushups and dips; a couple of isolation lifts.

Pull: rows, pull ups; some isolation work like curls and chinups.

Any more ideas for variations, keeping in mind I already mix up barbell and dumbbell lifts?  I really need more varied compound pull lifts but I can’t find any.

Tuesday and Friday: lower body and core.

Squats, lunges, sometimes calves.  Two or three ab exercises.  Bridge.

Any other compound lifts for legs?  My lower back can’t handle dead lifts.


I tend to spend only 30 mins in the gym at a time as I run out of exercises and the targeted muscle group is too tired to do much more anyway.

Any suggestions or links appreciated.  And what about those cord pulling things?  Are they any good?

What Fat People Eat

Ever since childhood, when I first saw one of those news segments about a fat American who had to be lifted out of his room with a crane, I’ve had a morbid fear of becoming morbidly obese. Strangely, the thing I find most horrifying is being stuck in one’s room for twenty years. Sad!

I know a few of you are going to put up your hands in confession to doing this, too: I sneak a peak at what fat people eat to see what the bloody hell’s going on. Not people who are a little chubby. FAT people.

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Seven Years a Vego

I’ve shared a lot. I’ve already shared too much. But for some reason I’ve never shared this.

I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian for seven years. In that time I did not touch a single scrap of meat or fish. I wasn’t one of those, ‘Oh I’m vegetarian but sometimes I have, like, just a little bit of, like, chicken or whatever’ vegos (i.e. the female ones). I was dedicated and pious.

It came from Read More

From Regrets, Goals

Being an organised chap I set goals, each with its own, detailed to-do list.  The trickiest part is choosing the goals in the first place.  How often have you sat down and thought, what do I want to do with my life?

I went for a very long walk on an abandoned winter beach to review my goals.  I found it helpful to notice regrets from each period of my life, and to turn each into a goal for the future.

Looking back on my early adulthood, I regret not Read More

The Toughest Cut

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I just finished a seven week cut.  The hairy keg reduced by 3.5cm.  I was not very fat so this was just a tidy up after a long build and then a period of relative inactivity.

You fellas done a cut before?  It is hard.  They did an experiment once, on US soldiers.  They fed them about 500 calories less than they needed each day.  Within a short space of time they took down their lady pinups and replaced them with Read More

Everyone’s Buffing

I recently attended a convention dominated (rather meekly) by SWPL professionals of various nationalities.  I gazed around, as one does, to check out the talent and the competition.

The white women were a bit fat.  The Asian women were petite unless they’d been living too long in a Western country.  Others: varied.  Few looked particularly fit or sporty.

The fellows, on the other hand.  Almost to a man, they Read More