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Hi everybody!

Re-updated: And I made it so you have to log in, too.  If you’re not on WordPress you can join and use it to follow blogs even if you don’t have your own.  Ooroo.

Update: I’ve decided to just limit comments to those who’ve already had a comment approved.  You can still do that if you’re quick.  The original post follows:

I’m heading back into the jungle for a good six months this time and I won’t be able to access this site at all.

I will therefore turn off comments on Wednesday in case people post gore porn or mean stuff about Armenians that I can’t moderate.

If you really need to comment, do it now or forever hold your peace.  And you can still pm me at, though I can’t see your message until I get back.

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Happy Holidays

Now don’t get me wrong. I own albums by Robert Zimmerman. I think Einstein was one of the most brilliant men who ever lived. I even think the Holocaust really happened. So stop waving your adored, red-hot swastika brand around my face so that the rest of us can have a sensible conversation about the phrase ‘Happy Holidays’.

I seem to magnetically attract Jews. Perhaps this is something about my Read More

A Jew, a Chinese and an Ibo walk into a dumb majority . . .

Book review of World on Fire by Amy Tan

Imagine my surprise when John Derbyshire recommended a book by uber New York leftietariat Amy Tan. But he did, and it was this one.

Tan comes from an ethnic Chinese family in the Philippines. The Chinese there run everything so the duller Filipinos hate them. Tan dares to commit the arch sin of modern Cultural Marxism: Read More

My Death

Part One was on Monday


There were three people at the funeral. The first was a woman of thirty-seven with the unlikely name of Mrs. Flordeliza Riza Vladivostok. Flo had brought along her sister, whose name is of no importance, for the sake of propriety. She had asked her brother, too, but had assumed he would be in a drunken stupor come Friday morning and he was. Her other siblings lived back in the too-far-away village. She had considered bringing her children, or some of them, but had decided that school was more important. The dead man would have approved, she thought. He was the one paying. He still would, with the modest fund he’d set up.

The third person was Read More

Hidden Numbnuts

I don’t want to see Hidden Numbers. I did some research and it seems that the contribution of black calculatoresses was vastly exaggerated for the sake of a plusgood story. In any case, most of the black ladies who worked for NASA look rather white in the photos and may have passed for such at the time. I like how black Americans ladies back then wore fetching frocks and had nicely done hair and were married but the film seems like overblown do-goodism which, through its inaccuracies, actually belittles black Americans by suggesting that Read More

The Truth About Conspiracies

Like most normal people, I get so excited by tenuously plausible conspiracy theories that when talking about them, I get tingly and feel the need to poo. Also like other normies, I despise adamant conspiracy theorists, and never more than when the bastards get one right. Smarmy incel dorks.

There’s been some good research on conspiracies and those who follow them. Those whose Read More

Why Don’t Clever People Agree on Much?

“Great minds think alike.”

“Two fools never differ.”

There was an argument between two clever men in Australia. One of them favoured bicycle helmets because they saved lives, while the other reckoned they didn’t.

These were two medical specialists in different fields. How could they not look at the data and come to an agreement?

There are various reasons why clever people might disagree with each other. In this case it is probably a Read More


When I first arrive in a new country I soon become homesick for the one I’ve just left.

When I moved to Japan I quickly came to miss the straightforward manner of Australian culture. Also the cheese and olives. I couldn’t adjust to the nocturnal lifestyle and the headfucking ambiguity. I struggled to find my feet and wondered if I had made a big mistake. It’s hard to remember now, because I have such a positive overall impression of my time there, but I was quite miserable for a lot of the first six months.

After I moved to regional Taiwan I felt like a helpless child after having been fluent in Japanese. I was initially stranded without Japan’s impressive public transport system. The humidity was oppressive and I felt constantly lethargic. There was no good Indian food. I had absolutely no luck with the ladies for many months and I missed my old rotation. The only thing that kept me going was the Read More

The Importance of Selfish War

Machiavelli says that war should have purely self-interested motives, but should be justified in loftier terms. He cites as a perfect example the Christian retaking of Spain from the Moors. Promoted to the plebs with religious zeal, it was in reality a brilliant and successful power play by ambitious men.

This seems like a horrible notion until Read More