Take a break

This is a parol or Filipino Christmas lantern. Source: unotours.com

Merry Christmas to all my readers. May your 2021 be even better than your 2020.

The People’s Blog will be taking a break until the new year.

This year has been tough for a lot of us. Two things are driving us all bananas:

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A message to the near past


1st March, 2020

A message from the future

Hi there, readers. How are you enjoying 2020? Pretty crazy, hey? Never mind, it settles down from here on.

This is Nikolai sending you missive from December this year using a tachyon anti-telephone. The pandemic is coming and I will give you the low down on how to get through it. These are just my own thoughts and better people than me would dispute them.

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Word from the Dark Side – boofhead billionaires, banning crime reportage, bathroom bullshit and bogus police cars

There was once a hard-nosed Australian media magnate called Kerry Packer. He was a billionaire who, upon being revived from a state of what once would have been death, declared, “I’ve been to the other side and there’s nothing there.”

After he crossed over permanently, his son James took over the family business. While the two are similarly handsome (below), the younger Packer seems to lack the poise and business acumen of his father.

James has been getting himself into a bit of trouble. He recently admitted to threatening to get Mossad to harm an American investor for backing out of a deal. He blamed bipolar disorder.

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Another perspective on China

Reblogged from Luisman’s Blog. From German via Google Translate with some editing. I will not indent:

Feelings About a Place I Used to Call Home

A few questions for the viewers of the video above:

Do you see starved figures dressed in rags in the impoverished nation of China who beg on every street corner? No?

Do you see over there the many fat, old, sick people who can only move around in electric wheelchairs, like the Walmart people? No?

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How much difference will budgeting make? You’ll be amazed.


This is an extract from The Poor Man’s Guide to Financial Freedom: A Realistic, 10-Step Manual to Building Liberating Wealth on a Low to Medium Income.

Even some people with very high incomes are unable to stay out of debt or to save anything for the future because of their inability to live within their means, i.e. to budget.  On the surface they appear rich: a beautiful house, a luxury car, expensive clothes.  Scratch the surface and you’ll often find a household in extreme financial distress, taking out more and more loans in order to keep up appearances.  Things are not always as they appear.  Remember: if you have an income of $200,000 and expenses of $210,000, you are a slave to debt.  If you have an income of $30,000 and expenses of $25,000, you are much closer to financial freedom.

A high income is not the key to financial security.  Living within your means is.

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Word from the Dark Side – lawless LA, letting in foreigners, lesbian brains and losing your mind over a girl band Tshirt


The end of rule of law in LA. Offenses such as trespassing, burglary, threats, underage drinking, public drunkenness and others are now just about impossible to prosecute.

LAPD will tolerate this treachery and I’ll never understand why. The constant “Repeat offenses” exception is funny because you can’t have repeat offenses if you never prosecute the first offense.

So, criminals are free to do whatever they want short of arson and Knockout Game, plus the hallucinating tweaker psychotics now enjoy blanket immunities from prosecution. I have family still in L.A.. I’ll send tasers to the conservative ones and happy vibes to the liberal ones. Merry Christmas!

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5 good books for Christmas

Source: The Telegraph

If you’ve been umming and ahhing about buying The Poor Man’s Guide to Financial Freedom, now’s the time. From today until the new year the eBook is just $2.99!

The paperback is a buck off, now just $11.99. Will never get cheaper than that.

It’s the perfect gift for a young man who needs to learn how to manage his finances and start serious investing for the future.

Also available on many other platforms.

I took care to ensure Poor Man’s Guide is normie-friendly so don’t worry about your SJW aunt clutching her pearls and reaching for her sniffing salts upon discovering the kind of content you sometimes get on this site.

Speaking of which, the following book is not normie-friendly. There’s no discount because it’s already as cheap as Amazon allows, $0.99:

Also available on many other platforms.

This is a collection of the best posts from SovietMen from 2015-2020, edited and with exclusive updates and extra content. It’s set out by category rather than chronologically.

I primarily published it as a record of this site for when it finally cops an F. If you’re new here and don’t fancy wading through posts randomly, or would just like to keep a copy of the best stuff, it’s yours for a buck.

The following are not affiliate links, just books I enjoyed from around the blogosphere:

Adam P.’s autobiographical Pushing Rubber Downhill is a funny, touching and educative account of his youthful misadventures traveling across the outback, becoming a fly-by-night river guide in the tropics of Queensland and then Uganda’s White Nile.

Perfect for a young man still mooching over girls and struggling to find direction in his life. Here’s my review.

If you’ve read it already, the sequel Run Guts Pull Cones takes us to the highlands of Italy.

Adam certainly made a few missteps on his path to wisdom, but nothing compared to the drunken and corporeal debauches of Naughty Nomad. Reading My Life as a Mexican Pirate, I still cannot believe he’s still alive. Here is my review.

If you’d prefer a novel, I recommend Finally, Some Good News by Delicious Tacos. This is the blogger who inspired me to start blogging. An unlikely couple is thrown together by a fortuitous nuclear holocaust. My review.

You can also find collections of his shorter pieces on his blog.

Update: DT has just announced that all his eBooks are 60% off for Christmas. Mogs me.

Next year Terror House will publish my novel. To my shame, I have not yet read any of their books. Here they are. Any recommendations?

I normally spruik my Amazon affiliate link this time of year but I don’t do that anymore. Instead, try to support local businesses that have been struggling under lockdown.

How about you? Got something to shill? Got a mate who’s published a book or is selling something and you think it’s pretty good?

Spruik away in the comments.

How a budget app saved me


This is an extract from Poor Man’s Guide to Financial Freedom: A Realistic, 10-Step Manual to Building Liberating Wealth on a Low to Medium Income.

How a budget app saved me

       I’d just moved to the Philippines and was trying to live independently on a certain income.  Wisely, I downloaded and started using a budget app to help me keep track of my spending.  I had no idea how to divide up my budget because it was a new country so I tried to live a somewhat frugal life, recording each purchase for a month to see how things were going.

       I knew I was spending too much.  Way too much.  A glance at my bank statements indicated that I was withdrawing almost twice as much money as I ought to have over the first month or two.  But where was it all going?

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Word from the Dark Side – patriotic pickles, prosecuting presidents and pinching schoolgirl uniforms – 100 of them.

A Dominican. Source: YouTube

You may know that we suffer from elite overproduction. As has happened throughout history, the over-educated and underemployed are causing unrest.

This article goes into more depth and explores how the 1/3 university educated in the West have become a highly disciplined class, like the guilds of old:

Donald Trump, whatever else one may say of him, was not defeated by ideas, but by a society-spanning managerial omerta, organized by a stunningly impressive (and frankly, terrifying) class alliance working together in total discipline.

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Budget or perish


This is an extract from The Poor Man’s Guide to Financial Freedom: A Realistic, 10-Step Manual to Building Liberating Wealth on a Small to Medium Budget.

Step 2: Make a Frugal Budget

If you set a high value on liberty, you must set a low value on everything else.

– Seneca

            Hopefully you have been persuaded to avoid taking on any more debt, and you are now ready to ‘dig up’ instead of just ‘stop digging’.  It’s almost time to make some real progress towards your financial freedom by saving and paying off any existing debts.

            But you might still be wondering, how do financially secure people manage to live without credit, even if their income is similar to, or lower than, your own?  How are they able to get to the end of each month with no debt, and even with some savings to add to the pile?  Is there some trick to this that I need to know?

There is a trick to doing this, and you do need to know it.

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