Adventures in communism – banking

This series begins here.

[Written in Africa]

My frighteningly optimistic new boss finally showed signs of stress the other day.  He realized that he would not be able to transfer savings out of the country, and faces the prospect of driving around with tens of thousands of dollars in cash on his Christmas trip.

To South Africa.

Due to the collateral damage of financial sanctions on Russia, it has been impossible to transfer money out of this country for about a year.

There is one official bank we can use.  That, right there, is where communism makes everything go to shit.  Can you see why?  No?  Well, in normal countries if your bank is rubbish you can Read More

What left-wing blogs should I follow?

I intend no irony.

Pretty much everything I follow is of a dissident right nature, perhaps because that’s where the most rational thinking is happening at the moment, but I don’t want to get stuck in a rut.

I ought to read more widely.  I do look at BBC and The Guardian occasionally, but surely there are sane leftists who would wince at this.  It’s like getting conservative views from Fox News or National Review.  I listen to ABC’s Radio National and this often has interesting pieces in between all the wokeness.  So that’s one.

Please let me know of any sensible, left-of-centre blogs or other sources you may be aware of, either in the comments or by PM.  Or of any others that might be beyond my usual ken.

‘Sensible’ would mean they run occasional articles that do not obsess over gender, race or other identity politics.



Pinays are the same

One of the most dangerous Manosphere myths is that FSU/SEA chicks are magically different to Anglobitches.  Unless a fellow is foolish enough to bring one of these darling little wonders back to that magic dirt, they are skinny, demure, well-presented and are mercifully quiet unless politely asking for for feedback on their cooking or oral technique.

This does not closely match reality.  Foreign women’s material circumstances and level of education may alter their priorities, but aside from that they are about the same.

Take the story of Maria.  Does this sound remotely familiar to you?  Maria lived in a little village in Mindanao where she had a little boyfriend called Read More

A man of our times

On a recent Roosh post about how men are wasting their time chasing women unproductively, commenter Guile says (all quotes slightly edited):

. . . I like being a rootless loner.  I like being able to walk around the city anonymously and never see the same people twice, or to go to the country and not talk to anyone for weeks.  I don’t care what my neighbors are up to.  I’m glad to now have a tiny social circle and few responsibilities.  I don’t want to be the leader of anyone buy myself.  A woman’s love is fleeting and has no lasting value.  Was I programmed, or just born at the right time and place? . . .

LoneRanger responds: Read More

Adventures in communism – real estate

The Adventures in Communism series begins here.


[Written in Africa]

Full-on communism would entail state-owned buildings, all of them identical, horror-movie grey blocks with shared kitchens and bathrooms, state-facilitated maintenance, and allocation by connections, status or luck.

Here they can’t quite manage that.  Land is privately owned and freely let.  A weird system of laws puts the onus of repairs on Read More

Word from the Dark Side, 23 June 2019

For the Johnny-come-latelies, I used to have a weekly feature with links to unusual news and unconventional opinion, together with my own smarmy remarks.

I had to suspend it for two years as I was in the jungle without sufficient internet access to make it happen.

But now I’m back, from out of space, and getting this started again will be a piece of piss.  You know why?  While in Africa I Read More

Predicting the future

Predicting the future is a fool’s game, but everyone has to do it.  Whenever you decide where to invest your money, what job to take, where to live, who to marry or what menu item to choose, you’re making a prediction about the future that might be totally wrong.

Lesser people than us make great sport of examining old sci-fi predictions and seeing how way off they were.  Flying cars, interstellar travel, housekeeping robots and melting ice caps.  Haw bloody haw.

Clever folk like us ought to instead examine the more fruitful field of those predictions that turned out to be correct.  Here are a few:

– In Back to the Future, about the only thing they got right was Read More

Adventures in communism – water

[Written in Africa]

The longest we’ve so far gone without water is two months.  By the end we were having a bucket wash every second day and had stopped washing clothes altogether.

You know that old joke about how you can wear boxer shorts four times without washing: forwards, backwards, inside-out forwards and inside out backwards?  Well, it’s not a joke.

Finally we gave our boss an ultimatum: Read More

These dreams

When I was a kid I daydreamed a lot about flying.  I imagined what it would be like, during a particularly rough day, to just leap up into the air, to the astonishment of all the bullies and mean teachers and pretty girls, and soar far above everybody else, totally unafraid, and look down at them from high above where they couldn’t touch me.  In my fantasies I would of course fly around and have adventures and save the day, but the best part of the dream was always that initial surge up into the air, against all gravity, all rules, everything I didn’t care for just slipping powerlessly away below, and everybody left gasping.  Some bad guys tried to Read More

Selfish in bed

Image credit: Shutterstock

You’d presume there would be some kind of grand, cosmic justice enacted in bed.  Why would you think that?  Well, it’s kind of instinctive.  Don’t you think?  A lover lacking in one realm would try to make it up in another.  I’ve not rooted too many blokes, but so far as the sheilas are concerned, this does not hold true.

The stereotype is that a beautiful lover lies back and Read More

More techness required at the People’s Blog

At the time of writing, Chateau Heartiste has just been shitcanned by WordPress.

The blog had become very different from the Roissy of old, but some of the poetic invective convinced me that the original writer was still involved.

One day, years ago, he went too far and hinted that it was time for acts of violence.  He then reported that he’d received a stern note from WordPress warning him to rein it in.  I thought that was fair enough – he had skirted very close to the bounds of legal US speech.  Debates about freedom of speech always come down to where to draw the line, not whether there ought to be a line at all.

But on Friday he finally got Read More

Roosh and free speech

Book review of Free Speech Isn’t Free: How 90 Men Stood Up Against The Globalist Establishment — And Won, by Roosh V.

I had no interest in reading this book.  As I was already following and intermittently writing for Return of Kings at the time I already knew the story well, having watched it go down in real time (from a great distance).  However, after Amazon and others defenestrated Roosh I decided to buy one of his books just to spite the fash.  As I have no interest in picking up Icelandic women nor the finer points of seducing Paraguayans, this book was the best bet, so I bought it.

I found that not only had I forgotten many of the details, but also my mind had done that funny trick it often does where it Read More

Bossy Aussies

Australia’s heritage population is partly descended from convicts sent from England and Ireland.  It’s no secret.  We brag about it!  Two of my own ancestors were convicts, a man and a woman, and they married each other.  I don’t know what crimes they committed but I can only assume they were sexual in nature.

And we cheerfully assume that this convict stain which we’re so proud of has contributed to our culture, making us egalitarian, anti-authoritarian, cheeky, unserious.  And yes, there are aspects of that.

But as others have noted, if so many convicts were sent there, then the UK also had to have sent many Read More

Obvious false flag is obvious

As the kids would say.

I don’t have a TV and my internet access is very limited, so I only just saw this rubbish about Iran bombing a Japanese ship a couple of days ago.

The sound was off, a few headlines were scrolling, I saw the grainy footage of the evil Iranians taking the mine off the boat and twirling their dastardly mustaches, and I yawned and thought, ‘Gulf of Tonkin’.  You might equally say, Lusitania, the Manchurian Incident, the Gleiwitz Incident, Pearl Harbor, incubators being turned off, weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons attack, etc., etc.

If you are still shocked by all this dishonesty, you must be a child and ought not be reading this site.  Go do your homework.  Wars are full of lies, and there are many who want to start them for their own benefit.

If anyone actually invades Australia, I might consider the war just.  And even then I’ll be skeptical about what’s really going on.  Otherwise, I reckon it’s all a load of shit.  Still, this time they’ll have no trouble recruiting the fresh meat to go fight, the public will support it, those aiming to profit will do so, and we’ll go on like this forever.

Tell me how it isn’t so.



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A while back I pulled a silly April Fool’s prank where I claimed I was going to stay on in Eritrea and marry a local girl.  I thought that I would get a whole bunch of vitriolic criticism like MGTOW Mark Minter did when he announced on Roissy that he was going to marry, and I even referenced it for the Illuminati (‘top that, fuckers’).

Most people didn’t fall for it at all, but those who did were unanimous in their support for my decision.

Look, I’m not having a go.  All who offered their sincere congratulations are Good Eggs, have been positive contributors here, and I mean them no offense.  But I need to say something about this.  The main thing is: really?


The fact that my imaginary fiancé was black is neither here nor there.  That was just a Read More

The Final Countdown!

[Written mostly in Africa.  From now on I will note where the post was written if confusion is likely, i.e. where I have written ‘here’ and expect you to know what I’m talking about.]

I have seven more weeks to go.

I know it makes more sense not to count the time, as the practice only slows it down, but I can’t help it.  All last week, several times a day – no, dozens of times a day – I would think, eight weeks to go, eight weeks to go, eight weeks to go.

And now it’s seven.

I have set myself a rule – I don’t do half-weeks or anything like that.  Come Friday afternoon, as I ride home, I allow the week to tick down and only then excitedly begin obsessing over the new number.  I am very strict about this.

My physical health is poor.  Today I tried to do some basic cardio exercise but I Read More