Armistice Day

On the day of writing it is 11th November, 2018.  World War I ended one hundred years ago today.

Enough has been said about the war already.  Millions died for no special cause.  It was the beginning of the end for Europe.  It brought about communist revolution, disease, WWII, and much more besides.

WWI is proof that, while whites might have a relatively high average IQ, we still manage to be far stupider than anyone else.

All I want to say is this:

Boys, nobody cares whether you live or die, or how much you suffer.  Maybe your immediate family.  Maybe a handful of close friends.  Maybe your dog will miss you.  But certainly no one else.

Society doesn’t care.  The gods don’t care.  Women care least of all.

Wilfred Owen writes of a disabled veteran:

Tonight he noticed how the women’s eyes

Passed from him to the strong men that were whole.

In a town two hours’ drive away there is a Commonwealth War Grave from the subsequent conflict.  We saw the neat rows of plaques dutifully engraved by the industrial processes of officialdom for Englishmen, Scots, Indians, Malays, South Africans, Sudanese and various other brave subjects the British Empire.  There was only one epigraph that could bring tears to my eyes, and does so again as I repeat it:

In loving memory of David

We miss you

Mum and Dad

Torn personality

Regular readers will be aware of, and perhaps slightly alarmed by, my deteriorating metal health.  It does not seem to be psychosis as such, nor plain old depression, nor any ordinary anxiety disorder.  But something’s not right.  I don’t want to leave my bedroom.  Even the lounge room, being closer to the door, makes me nervous.  The outdoors are an ordeal.

It would be easy to blame Read More

Get a haircut and get a real job

My misspent youth:

I completed a useless degree, followed by a useless graduate diploma, and then I began a useless Masters course.  I even had long hair and a pissweak goatee.

I couldn’t find a supervisor, I realized I had no idea whatsoever what I was doing or planned to achieve or even how to complete the research (it would require third world travel, and I had never been overseas.)

And then I did something I had never, ever done before, nor even imagined I would ever do. Read More

Finding a home

I’ve been wandering for about twelve years now.  I’ve dragged my Tinker’s caravan across three continents.  Why?  What was I looking for?  I don’t know.

I’ve always had the feeling that I would end up living permanently overseas.  From my university days I had the sense that I was unsuited to Australia.  I can’t explain it any better than that.  Perhaps it is my personality.  Certainly if I had been born Japanese I would have moved to Australia by now and I’d be loving it.

There’s nothing in particular I dislike about Read More

The loneliness of humanity

How exciting the Age of Discovery must have been.  Men risked their lives to travel literally uncharted waters, discovering new continents, species and previously unknown peoples.  They brought back unbelievable stories of Japanese with their blackened teeth, Pacific headhunters, the human sacrifices of the Aztecs, and the advanced seafaring technology of the Chinese.

Today we peoples know each other well.  Maybe too well.  What people, now, are still exotic?  What cultural practice still surprises us?  We have grown worldly.

In those more innocent times, any problem might have its solution just around the next Read More

Something to look forward to

Those of us who are strongly future-time oriented, probably because our ancestors lived far from the happy equator, always need something to look forward to.

Not for us the chipper satisfaction of living in the moment, of enjoying a hearty breakfast, a strong coffee and a good shit.  Even if we are not late for work our mind is adapted to be busy elsewhere, freed during these simple tasks to look ahead to Read More

There won’t be a collapse

I like survivalists.  I’m a bit of one myself.  Of course, a total failure of electricity, water, gas, internet, telephony, television or security over here is just business as usual, so one does not have to be a Gulf War I vet with a twitch in the eye to make some basic preparations.

I feel a slight stirring in my loins when I look at my two huge Read More