Build dissident infrastructure and alliances first

Finally, someone talking sense on Gab. From John Young:

Everyone wants to skip step zero (infrastructure) and go to step one (movement).

This is understandable for many reasons. Movements are exciting, they are immediate goal directed, they give instant feedback and so forth. They make us feel like we are doing something.

Yet, since well before I was born, these have existed. They have come into existence, obtained anywhere from 100 to 7000 members, depending, and failed. And failed. And failed.

They all failed because they skipped step zero.

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Not the hero we expected

Commenter dickycone said:

Looks like there was huge attendance at the anti-lockdown protest in Sydney. That’s something. My criticism of Australia vs. the US has been based on the apparent fact that most Aussies seem to want to throw away their freedom over the virus. I know you had poll numbers that seemed to indicate that too, but that picture casts some doubt on that, especially since they’re apparently risking detention by state security forces.

That’s true. You don’t need a majority to effect change, only a determined minority plus support from an elite faction. I reckon risking massive fines (AUD$5,452 / USD$3,900) counts as determined.

I watched footage of the protests with interest. It’s far whiter than Melbourne overall but not as white as I expected. I wonder what the demographic fault lines are with lockdown support – my guess is economics/class because that’s how the winners and losers have been divided.

These protesters are still very much still a hated minority. Mainstream news is painting them as right-wing terrorists while the majority of comments condemn them as stupid:

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The growing need for antifragility

I recently suggested that the best solution to the West’s Cold Civil War is for both sides to walk away – to find a place where things are as you prefer and to actively keep them that way.

As often happens, dissenting comments added to my thinking rather than changing my mind altogether. Here’s Gunner Q:

Antifragility is the winning option. People who look for exits, for Benedict Options, etc. are looking for certainty. Safety. That’s natural but it isn’t available today. Instead, make friends, learn skills and keep your options open to see what comes along. Invest in yourself more than your circumstances.

I still think there’s a place for walking away. A conservative person living in central Portland or Baltimore is not going to enjoy the next decade, and if he resists the Borg he may lose his life or his freedom.

However, not everyone can walk away, or walk as far away as he’d like.

Antifragility is another tool in the thought criminal’s belt. Like exit, it is not a viable option for everyone straight away, but it will help most people to start thinking about it – especially as a long-term goal.

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Rotten Tomatoes: critics vs audience

Bored on lockdown, you look up the reviews for a film you’ve heard about.  The initial screen on Rotten Tomatoes indicates that it’s great, 93%, but experience reminds you that this is just the critics’ score.

You click through to the full page, and the audience score is 14%.

Wha . . . ?

There are various conspiracy theories about this, like how big studios manipulate ratings on YouTube trailers.  But having looked at many examples, the truth seems fairly prosaic.

For the most part, critics are twits.  The dark fear that keeps them tossing and turning between wanks at night is the ever-present possibility that they may be Read More

How to crypto-troll

Censorship has been around for yonks, and ways of sneaking past it have been around for just as long.

One of the classic strategies is to speak in code or parable, which enables the writer to hide behind plausible deniability.  “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.  Yup, Denmark.  England’s super.  I’m just talking about Denmark.”  There was a Read More

The trouble with fame

[Written in Africa]

I haven’t tried hard to increase the readership of this blog, especially over the last couple of years while I’ve been living in a totalitarian state.  It is safer to keep it esoteric.  As Matt Forney once said, if you get big enough, you’ll get doxxed.  And I can little afford that right now.

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Modern ostracism

In some remote Papuan tribes, the ultimate punishment was to be banished.  So terrible was the fear of leaving everything familiar behind, people were pretty well behaved.  They only ate guys from the other tribe.

The Vikings also had this punishment.  If a notable was guilty of murder, the council at the Thing might order him to sail away and never come back.

In some societies ostracism was internal.  That is, the banished person Read More

All trans people want

Literal Nazis are trying to literally exterminate trans people.  Teddy Cook in, yup, The Guardian, is fighting back:

You’d be forgiven for thinking that every other person in your neighbourhood was trans, particularly given the explosive media coverage that has played out over the last week.

No, the ‘Nazis’ are mostly getting into trouble for pointing out that the trans population is minuscule so why all the obsession about it. Read More

You can’t date colleagues. Sad!

A while ago I mentioned how I met up with an old colleague and we shagged.  There’d been some sexual tension previously but nothing that would have gotten me in trouble with HR.

Sad, isn’t it?  That two people working together can fancy one other, but nothing can come of it because the man knows the stakes are too high?

Realistically, you can’t date colleagues these days.  Just considering those situations where the couple are on the same level, in about one in three cases Read More

The Thirteen Taboos

Each time and place has its taboos. In ancient Greece you could not question the existence of the gods. In the Roman Empire, criticizing the emperor was an efficient way of bringing oneself to a sticky end. In Medieval Europe you could say nothing against the Church. In Victorian England, sex talk was right out. In the United States of the early 20th Century you could not speak against American involvement in the Great War once this had commenced, nor could you advocate interracial marriage. A little after that, openly advocating Communism would get you shit-canned pretty quick, too.

The threats leveled at free-thinkers have varied, ranging from social ostracization at the lower end all the way up to burning at the stake and other imaginative disincentives. Today in the Western world, breaking taboos is punished by Read More

How Public Lunacy Begins

In about 1999 I had a history tutorial and the frail, homosexual lecturer started pontificating about racism. Said he, “Imagine a white, middle-class, heterosexual man saying that Aborigines are lazy and drunk. Now imagine an Aborigine saying whites are no good because they have no Dreaming [indigenous spiritual awareness] and don’t know their songlines [traditional method of memorizing bush survival skills etc.]. Could we really say that they are equally racist?”

Us young, upright people and a few mature age students considered the question for a moment then Read More

If only you knew what I’m thinking now . . .

I was at another one of these professional conferences and they finished it off with a poem. I could look it up for you but I won’t subject you to it. Basically it was all about ‘be yourself and accept yourself’, ‘feed the world’, ‘make the poor rich,’ blah blah blah. If I had Godlike powers then I would have just destroyed the entire world right then. None of this flood bullshit. No survivors. Just intense fire and then some more fire to atomize any remaining cinders.

I looked around to see if anyone else was grimacing. Nope. Shit-eating grins and nods of pozzed agreement all round. There was this one guy who was cool and I’d suspected he was a fellow Kekistani earlier in the workshop but Read More

The reason for the suppression of blasphemy

As we have seen, blasphemy is a truth that must not be uttered.

Why are some so keen to prevent people from speaking such truths?

It is because they fear what the truth, once it has escaped, might lead to.  This fear may located in either the fore or hind brain.

Bangladesh – atheist views must be suppressed or society will become too Read More

The kids at Evergreen are alright

You’ve no doubt heard about the trouble at Evergreen State College.  They tried to have a no-whitey day and a professor called Bret Weinstein got threatened and harassed for saying it was a bad idea.

Everyone’s taking Weinstein’s side.  He represents the sensible left; the ones who just want to treat everyone fairly and share the wealth around a bit.  The kids are the Cultural Marxist lunatics who divide themselves into ever tinier and more obscure intersectionally disadvantaged tribes and who list their preferred pronouns before speaking and label normal hand gestures as microaggressions.

I will here demonstrate that Weinstein is wrong and the kids are right.

What Weinstein and the kids agree on is that Read More

Why do I do it

Image Credit: Gerrit Dou, Geleede die zijn pen snijdt, WikiCommons.

I disappeared from the internet for several weeks and no one sent me a message saying, are you okay.  Did you get kidnapped by the CIA.  Did you fall of a cliff in a hiking misadventure.  Did you get bit by a skanky cougar’s denture.  Thanks a lot, everyone.  I hope your poofy koi turn into megalodons and gnaw through your vas deferens.

So anyway, I clambered up the crumbling embankment and garrotted the agent (is that alpha? cos they have lady ones now) and I’m back in the cockpit, doing whatever it is that I do.

What is it?  This blog has no particular focus or purpose, or audience.  I sit down with a head full of shit and type away until I’ve put some of it in your head instead, then I feel better.  Like after going to the toilet.  This is a toilet blog.  Remember 1998 and that guy who uploaded a Read More

In the Closet


1972.  Les has a wife called Chris.  He often talks about her at work.  ‘Oh, Chris and I had a picnic at Silvan Reservoir’, he says when asked about his weekend.  Yet each time the office Christmas barbecue comes around, Chris is unavailable.  She is unwell.  She is visiting family.  She had to help a friend.  Everyone smiles and nods.  Oh, that’s too bad.  Maybe next time.  We were really looking forward to meeting her.

Of course, Les has no wife.  There may be a Chris, and there was probably a picnic, but Chris is a bloke and everyone who’s figured it out politely pretends not to know.

2016.  Les strolls in to work wearing a repulsively skimpy frock.  After a quick visit to the ladies’ room he proudly flounces into the office and regales his colleagues with tales of his debauched weekend adventures.  It was this big, he says.  This big!  He gestures more vigorously in the face of the man who is trying to ignore him.  This big!  And full of veins!  Look at me, goddamn you.  Hate crime!

But our culture is certainly not one of anything goes.  While some lifestyle choices are now fawningly celebrated, other choices have become objectionable.  And I am beginning to realize that I am making one of those socially unacceptable choices, and that I need to keep it in the closet.

You see, I am Read More