Bloody emigrants

Some lefty comedians on Triple J once thought it would be funny to ring a right-wing shock jock live on air and ask him if there was too much emigration.  They got the desired reaction from him: “Emigrants?  Like, people who want to leave Australia?  Who cares about them?  They can bloody well bugger off!”

But sometimes emigration is a greater issue than immigration.  This has often been the case in Read More

Inside my once baizuo mind

My leftie days went much further than you suspect.

Was I a member of university environmental and social justice groups?


Did I ever vote Green?


Did I argue with my girlfriend that women were discriminated against, even though she countered that her (higher paying than mine) profession was female-dominated at all levels?


Did I hand out leaflets arguing for all boat people to be allowed into Australia?

Erm . . . check.

Did I volunteer to teach English to refugees/economic migrants from an outstandingly backward Muslim country?

Well . . . that is to say . . . it’s not what it seems . . . Read More