The Spaniard’s House

Not this house but a little like it

There’s a beachfront house nearby. I often notice it when I go swimming because it faces the very best stretch of beach that has the coral and shady trees.

It clearly belongs to a Westerner because it’s built more solidly that the usual, ‘bamboo-hut attitude’ prefab homes that fall apart in ten years. A wide lawn, separate home office, a garden nipa hut on stilts overlooking the beach. Huge antenna on the roof.

I found it odd that there was rarely anyone home. Sometimes a worker would do the lawns but mostly it was empty. Why build such an idillic retreat if you’re never going to enjoy it? What foreigner had so thrown his money away?

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The 11 best countries in Asia for escaping the West, ranked

I’ve lived in Asia for most of my adult life. I’ve visited a lot of countries and met people who’ve lived in others. That said, this is just my opinion.

I have not spent a lot of time in all these countries, as reflected in the ‘epistemic status’ star rating. If you know more, please contribute in the comments. Or keep it secret if you’d prefer not to be swamped by desperate readers of the People’s Blog.

You might find that a lower-ranked country actually suits you best. For example, Japan is my personal preference but I’ve downgraded it here for cost of living.

I’m thinking, for the average Westerner wanting to flee at short notice, what’s the cheapest, easiest, nicest and least challenging option? If expense, difficulty and challenge are cool with you, your ranking will differ.

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The two civilizations

There are two advanced civilizations extant on Earth – East and West.

The West has its origins in ancient Greece and Rome, and has spread through the British Empire to North America and Australasia, together with trace amounts in southern Africa. While Hungary and New Zealand are obviously quite different, there is a common current running through them.

The first Western country I ever visited aside from my birthplace was

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