Word from the Dark Side – Run to Paradise, new meat delights, bad med advice and ruling class rights

Run to Paradise by The Choirboys, 1987.

Beyond Beyond Meat:

Beyond Meat COO arrested for biting man’s nose near Razorback Stadium

( . . . ) The owner of the Subaru then got out and he stated that Ramsey “pulled him in close and started punching his body.” According to the report, Ramsey also “bit the owner’s nose, ripping the flesh on the tip of the nose.”

The victim and the witness also reported hearing Ramsey “threaten to kill” the owner of the Subaru. Occupants of both vehicles got out and helped separate the parties.

Do Argentinians HATE Money?

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The great Victorian hunt for white sperm

We find our story today in the Australian state of Victoria, most famous for its spectacular coastline, cute penguins and tyrannical government.

Victorian woman arrested for rioting over sperm shortage

This is the article that piqued my interest:

Too many women, not enough sperm: The Victorian donor dilemma

Executive summary:

  • There’s a lack of Caucasian sperm available in Victorian sperm banks
  • The pandemic is to blame because donors would not leave the house
  • Women want YT sperm because their infertile husband is white or because they don’t feel confident raising a child of another race without that ethnic experience blah blah you get it
  • Demand has also increased
  • There are some local laws that make it hard to import sperm from elsewhere

The article is vague and raises more questions that it answers. I dove down the rabbit hole and this is what I found.

No white sperm?

Australia is still around 60-70% white if you count Greeks, Italians and so on. I suspect some women seeking donors do not.

Fertile women seeking mates are the world’s most unapologetic eugenicists. They eliminate short genes more enthusiastically than Karl Brandt exterminated the disabled.

There’s no word on a shortage of tall DNA in Victoria but all involved know they’re not allowed to talk about that. Mentioning the white sperm issue is risky enough.

I would make a guess that proportionally more white women than other women are seeking donors, which would partly explain the Caucasian shortage. Australia’s next two biggest ethnic groups, East and South Asians, generally belong to cultures that frown upon single motherhood.

The fathers can now be contacted for comment
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Word from the Dark Side – refugee holidays, AI breakaways, shop teacher bust displays and happy horse chicken plays.

6 Underground by the Sneaker Pimps, 1996

4 in 5 refugees living in Sweden have vacationed in the country they fled from:

A survey conducted by polling firm Novus on behalf of the Swedish online newspaper Bulletin revealed that 79 percent of refugees who claim to be fleeing war or persecution have voluntarily returned to their home country since making the trip to Sweden.

According to the survey, they do not wish, however, to return home permanently. When asked whether they plan to permanently return to their country of birth in the future, just 2 percent say they do, while 16 percent say maybe — 81 percent of those who arrived in Sweden from non-European countries say they do not, primarily because they believe Sweden to be a better country to raise their children.

40% of evacuees from Afghanistan have left Japan over poor support:

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Thoughts on (early) retirement

Tiring of my career, my plan was to take a year off and see what happens.

After a few months of travel and activity, I got bored and decided to go back to work. Sort of. An easy, low-stress job while I thought about what to do longer-term, if anything.

Then events conspired and I ended unemployed for almost three years.

That was a fair sample of retirement.

The following is what I drew from my experiences. If you have drawn contrary things from your own experiences, so be it.

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Word from the Dark Side – mourning Her Maj, commie vag, beating The Badge and chained students cadge

The Tinkerman’s Daughter by Cilla Fisher, 1997. Tinkers are like an Irish version of Gypsies but totally unrelated. This compilation came out when ‘world music’ had its moment in the 90s, has the best version I could find.

AFL [Australian Football League] scraps minute’s silence for AFLW Indigenous round as leaders honour Queen in Canberra:

The AFL has withdrawn a decision to hold a minute’s silence to mark the death of Queen Elizabeth II before AFLW matches this weekend over concerns about the sensitivity of such a move during the Indigenous round.

A lot of actual Aborigines were fond of the Queen but never mind them, this is about inner-city GoodWhite sensibilities.

What does the Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens have to say?

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Three White Monkeys

Despite the title which youse fell for once again, I actually have a lot of respect and compassion for these three men.

They’ve walked a hard road and made the most of trying circumstances.

Winston Sterzel aka Serpentza

Winston is a British South African who moved to China in 2005. He gives the impression that he needed to get out of South Africa, to anywhere, due to the deteriorating situation there. In some ways he is a refugee.

Winston began uploading YouTube videos about China in 2007. I quite like his earlier material. This is a favourite:

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Word from the Dark Side – toxic masks, honeypot arse, Joe taken to task and a monkey-hunting farce

Panama by Louis Armstrong, 1957

From Nature:

Titanium dioxide particles frequently present in face masks intended for general use require regulatory control


Although titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a suspected human carcinogen when inhaled, fiber-grade TiO2 (nano)particles were demonstrated in synthetic textile fibers of face masks intended for the general public. STEM-EDX analysis on sections of a variety of single use and reusable face masks visualized agglomerated near-spherical TiO2 particles in non-woven fabrics, polyester, polyamide and bi-component fibers. Median sizes of constituent particles ranged from 89 to 184 nm, implying an important fraction of nano-sized particles (< 100 nm). The total TiO2 mass determined by ICP-OES ranged from 791 to 152,345 µg per mask. The estimated TiO2 mass at the fiber surface ranged from 17 to 4394 µg, and systematically exceeded the acceptable exposure level to TiO2 by inhalation (3.6 µg), determined based on a scenario where face masks are worn intensively. No assumptions were made about the likelihood of the release of TiO2 particles itself, since direct measurement of release and inhalation uptake when face masks are worn could not be assessed. The importance of wearing face masks against COVID-19 is unquestionable. Even so, these results urge for in depth research of (nano)technology applications in textiles to avoid possible future consequences caused by a poorly regulated use and to implement regulatory standards phasing out or limiting the amount of TiO2 particles, following the safe-by-design principle.

If Trump had encouraged face masks (and he may have, given the early left-right switch on all Covid issues), regime media would be plastering this news everywhere and probably raiding Trump’s residence looking for documents that prove he was warned of the danger.

Meanwhile at Berkeley:

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Word from the Dark Side – pilots sleep, Unabomber freaks, army weeps and whales napping in the deep

I Feel Love by Donna Summer, 1977

Ethiopian Airlines flight misses Addis Ababa Airport because both pilots were asleep:

Instead of starting the descent, the aircraft continued its flight plan on autopilot until it flew over 37,000 feet altitude to its final destination, when the autonomous system was turned off and the warning signals would have roused the pilots.

Eat Pray Love Is Now… Colonial Oppression?

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Friday Finance – charting the 4% rule

I’ve been meaning to post this priceless table for a long time and today I finally got around to it:

Success Rates for different SWRs, by equity share and retirement horizon (1871-2015) HT

I put it right at the top so that those who already understand the chart don’t need to read the article if they don’t want to. It’s all there.

For the rest of us:

Wot dis?

‘Dis’, as you so vulgarly put it, is an estimate of how long your money will last in retirement depending on how much you withdraw each year and the proportion of shares vs. bonds.

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Word from the Dark Side – vexx is rough, Cambodia’s tough, nuns up the duff and rope enough

How Soon is Now? by The Smiths, 1984

Reuters saves us from misinformation again:

Fact Check-Study of Thai teenagers did not find one third experienced heart effects after COVID vaccination:

A study of 301 teens in Thailand found mild and temporary heart rhythm changes after a second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine among one in six teenagers, not one-third as social media posts claim. The study also saw possible signs of heart inflammation in just seven of those teens with rhythm changes and confirmed myocarditis in only one of the seven.


Lockdown effects feared to be killing more people than Covid:

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Who is drawn to mass movements?

Book review of The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements by Eric Hoffer.

Over the last few years, I have been compelled to curiosity about the nature of mass hysteria. I previously reviewed Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles Mackay.

The True Believer focuses on who gets involved in movements before they become established institutions – Bolsheviks in 1920, Nazis in 1925, Christians before Constantine and so on.

That’s a motley collection of mass movements, so I must add that Eric claims he does not see mass movements as necessarily bad. This book is mostly read as a warning about how extremist movements get started but it could equally be read as a how-to guide for getting a noble cause off the ground. Keep that in mind as we continue.

Eric’s main assertion is that true believers are, for the most part, unsuccessful and unhappy people:

. . . people with a sense of fulfillment think it a good world and would like to conserve it as it is, while the frustrated favor radical change.

Discontent is not enough. There must also be a sense of power to change things. An extremely poor peasant with no rights is unlikely to join a mass movement unless something convinces him it may succeed, perhaps a charismatic leader who seems infallible or firm belief in a doctrine.

The true believer seeks to join a movement primarily as a way of escaping himself.

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Word from the Dark Side – illegal flag, kids don’t shag, prayer room snag and fungal swag

Anyone remember this one? Low by Cracker, 1993

British Veteran Arrested for Causing ‘Anxiety’ by Displaying LGBT Flags as Swastika:

“Mr. Brady is British Army Veteran and they were trying to extort him for money by making him pay around £80 for educational course so he could downgrade from a crime to a non-crime, which would still show up in a basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.” ( . . . )

When the police returned, they placed Brady in handcuffs after he informed them of his decision not to attend the “re-education” class and pay the fine, prompting Fox to begin filming the arrest, which has since gone viral.

Judge who OK’d Mar-a-Lago raid Obama donor once linked to Jeffrey Epstein:

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Word from the Dark Side – the dragon wakes, teambuilding mistakes, rural population breaks and Rolex headaches

Mama Luba by Serebro, 2011. HT commenter PrinzEugen from this post

Pulling apart a Salon agitprop piece about the Ukraine war:

Russia has lots of heavy bombers. Where are they? Also, didn’t the Jewish Comedian just recently fire half his command staff? I know they just deployed the closest thing we will ever see to the literal 45th Mechanized Hairdresser Battalion — those snazzy unicorn patches must really be bucking up the guys at the front — but… you know.

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The Secret History of Taiwan

Taiwan Aboriginal skull wall. Source

I’ve been meaning to write a post on Taiwan for a long time. I decided to rush one out before it’s too late.

The intention of this post is to correct common misapprehensions about Taiwan’s fascinating history. It is not to argue that the island does or does not belong to the PRC. That is to be decided by their willingness and ability to defend themselves. As Stalin supposedly said of the Pope, how many divisions does historical truth have?

The common, misleading version of Taiwanese history goes like this: Taiwan was once a province of China. Toward the end of the Civil War, Chiang Kai-shek’s nationalist forces fled there and that’s how it ended up out of CCP control.

The real history goes more as follows. Obviously this must be a brief summary so pipe up in the comments if you think I’ve missed something vital or just interesting. I’ll also get things wrong because this is partly from memory.

In the beginning

Taiwan was ruled by warring Aboriginal tribes almost until modern times. Many made a custom of headhunting and decorating their villages with impressive skull walls as pictured above. Other tribes along the coast were more peaceable and lived by fishing.

Small groups of Chinese and Japanese sometimes visited the coast, often pirates hiding out from their respective governments. At this time, Taiwan was considered a wild and barbarous place by Chinese authorities and they had little interest in doing anything with it. Han imperial expansion went in every direction but east.

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Word from the Dark Side – Monkeys a-poxxin, playwrights agitproppin, elites a-plottin and town managers a-droppin.

Mozart’s Requiem, composed 1791, performed by the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina, 2015.
This work was commissioned anonymously. Mozart realized his secret patron was God, that the requiem was for his own death, and that he must repent. Mozart died before it was complete and you can hear him gradually fading through the piece.
You might be skeptical about this story. You might even have evidence. But is it really worth losing your online friends over? Mozart’s Requiem was commissioned by God.

Soros Minion Comes Down with Monkeypox Celebrating Pride Month; You Are to Blame:

And then a whole bunch of Sorrows of Job happened to this 39 year old Swedish immigrant named Kohn living in Brooklyn and working for George Soros in sexual health, which must totally be the fault of the NYC health bureaucrats as opposed to him showing his New York Pride pride by having sex with several guys over the weekend.

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Friday Finance – what happens when empires crumble?

Some assume that a retracting Global American Empire will cause economic chaos.

On the face of it, this makes sense. The US controls Middle East oil and the global currency (those two go together like electromagnetism), shipping lanes to Asia, plus it has massive sway in global bodies like the IMF, World Bank and so on.

Countries that attempt to break out of the GAE system tend to be destroyed or isolated and impoverished.

However, all of these are now under threat. Some countries are starting to use alternative currencies, including oil producers. China is asserting control over the South China Sea and is either taking over or creating alternatives to international organisations.

Small countries are not yet able to blatantly defy America and get away with it but China, Russia and India can do as they please. Much of the non-Western world is on the cusp of slipping the collar:

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Managed decline

The biggest issue on Earth right now is demographics. Everything else is a sideshow.

We are living at a world-historical moment. Have a look:

Over the 20th century, we went through a phase of massive population growth enabled by the Green Revolution, improved hygiene, nutrition and development in general.

Since 1945, famines have only occurred alongside war or other political problems. The massive plagues of the past also appear to be over. Compare Sweden’s historic death rate spikes compared to the piddly, modern Covid bump:

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Word from the Dark Side – Down From Dover, war guilt drove her, beat the broker and faces are over

Down From Dover by Dolly Parton, 1970

Body of Russian model who branded Putin ‘a psychopath’ found in suitcase year after going missing. Read to the end and you’ll see that this story is mostly about Yahoo News.

Did you know??? A bunch of (mostly) socialists blockaded a meeting of the World Economic Forum in Melbourne, 2000. Eventually the riot squad (remember them?) took off their badges and bashed them stupid. The event was called the S11 Protest, after the starting date of September 11th, a moniker which was overwritten a year later.

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Friday Finance: beating the house

I often refer to the S&P 500 on these pages. It is an index of the largest 500 US stocks.

This is because, as far as investing is concerned, the S&P 500 is The House. It is the standard by which all other investments are measured.

This is not because an index fund based on this particular index is necessarily the best. One that is even broader, encompassing thousands of stocks or perhaps including international stocks, might better suit some investors.

Rather, the S&P 500 is the house because (a) it is the biggest game in town, featuring the world’s largest companies, (b) it is the most well-known index, (c) it has excellent statistics and charts available going way back, and (d) its size and importance makes it a good proxy for how well stocks perform in general. Many other stock market indexes closely correlate with the S&P.

If you want to know how well some other investment option has historically performed, you must ask: compared to what? And the ‘what’ will be the S&P 500, just as you’d compare the carbohydrate content of sorghum against wheat or the strength of chromium against steel. It is the bog-standard investment everybody knows and understands, it’s been around for a long time and it is as mainstream as you can get.

The Holy Grail of investing is to beat this index.

We know that a few manage to do it – Warren Buffet, some lucky geeks who sold their crypto just in time and so on. It is physically possible.

We also know that very few actually manage to do it. The average investor underperforms the S&P because he buys high and sells low rather than buying and holding for the long term.

In this post we’ll analyze various investment options spruiked by some as index-beating miracles and see how well they do. The results may be surprising.

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