How to crypto-troll

Censorship has been around for yonks, and ways of sneaking past it have been around for just as long.

One of the classic strategies is to speak in code or parable, which enables the writer to hide behind plausible deniability.  “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.  Yup, Denmark.  England’s super.  I’m just talking about Denmark.”  There was a Read More

Big Tech’s communistic mindset

[Written in Africa]

It might seem a bit rich to declare the world’s biggest companies to be communist, but go with me here.

ITunes thought it would be a good idea to save space on my computer by removing some of my tracks and putting them in the cloud.  They did not ask me if they could do this.  They did not tell me they were doing it.  They just did it.

Thus, I got back to the internet-free jungle and found that Read More

Suicidal third world economic policies

Many countries have economic policies that are harmful, but nevertheless do okay overall.  Until recently, Japan protected its rice with a 778% tariff, making this staple more expensive to consumers, but they could afford it so no one starved.

On the other hand, bad economic policies in third world countries can cost lives.  Indeed they do cost lives – probably millions of them, if you counted them over the decades.  I have already provided you with an entire series on one country so let us consider some other examples.

In Ethiopia, there is a Read More

Trump’s love-in with the Deep State

Recently there seems to be a new acceptance of Trump among the Deep State.  This could be related to Bernie Sanders’ surge, who would be even more disruptive.  Or it could be because Trump needs to sure up support from rattish Republican senators in order to survive impeachment.  In any case, it seems Trump has been brought to heel.

Aside from being mostly quiet about the outrageous Epstein case and even hiring his lawyers, Trump has approved Read More


Consult multicultural groups before marketing, says awards ...

I have written before about the ongoing civil conflict between Good Whites and Bad Whites, or if you prefer, the Cloud People and the Dirt People.

Among the Cloud People there is a new and growing subgroup.  They do not share genes, they do not look related, they have different religions and they come from many places.  However, they are amazingly alike.  Their accent is the same, their world view is the same – even some personality traits tend to match very closely.  Their most famous member is Barack Obama.

They are Read More

Socialist imagery is new Alt-Right code

I’ve recently discovered new, sneaky meme warfare coming from the extreme right, and it is so dangerous, and so relevant to this blog, that I need to inform you of it immediately.  Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

I sometimes lurk on 8chan and 2ちゃんねる among the worst elements to see what they are up to.  I’m not talking about immigration restrictionists: I’m talking about flag waving, boot wearing, Roman saluting, non-ironic, literal Nazis.  What I found is, they are cleverly subverting mainstream movements.

Having virtually made cartoon frogs and the okay gesture illegal, they’re now Read More

Poor little ladies

Have you ever noticed how hard women have it?  If you haven’t, I’m going to set you straight.

Take this story, for example.  Not only are women now objectified by becoming famous influencers – they are even being offered huge amounts of cash for sex!  The horror.

“It’s high-end prostitution – it’s just scary to think if they’ve messaged me, they’ve probably sent it to thousands of pretty girls on Instagram,” says Tyne-Lexy Clarson.

She says she was only 19 when she was first propositioned, with an offer of £20,000 for dinner and drinks.

This victim claims she barely escaped with her honour intact by saying no, but another was not so lucky: Read More

Why I quit Twitter

I’ve had a Twitter account for years, but I’ve only used it to auto-post links to my blog as they drop.  Occasionally I logged on to see what it was all about, but I was baffled by the long timeline of unconnected tweets.  Each was just a little pithy saying or trite Americanism, some with hundreds of likes.  And then I’d log off for another six months.

I was sick at home for a while recently so I spent more time on Twitter.  I was going to publish my book soon and Delicious Tacos said that’s where he got most of his sales, so I thought I, too, should give it a go.

To be honest, there is Read More

The journey home

[Written in Africa]

What a lovely holiday.  It was far away, expensive to get there, but it was the right decision.  My compromise in doing one more year in Africa was that I would take a few breaks away in order to stay sane.  Last year I tried staying in country for longer periods to save money and after a six-month stretch I got to the state of mental and emotional exhaustion that I very nearly Read More

Word from the Dark Side – coronavirus secrets, crims in Japan, crazy male feminists, Common Core fallacies and clever women

Hands up if you’ve already decided you’re going to die from coronavirus and are already planning who to bequeath your sexbots?  Just me?  Okay.  I tend to get everything that’s going around.  Here’s a good video with inside information:

There were rumours that it may have actually been an escaped bio-weapon, but I didn’t pay much attention because the source was unreliable.  Now even the Washington Times is going with this possibility.

I’m sure the government has it well in hand.  After all, look how they’re cracking down on public pajama-wearing.

One good thing is that the virus debacle will Read More

The language wanker

I’m a language wanker.

My underlying motivation for learning languages is to show off how awesome I am.  I imagine just happening to meet someone from that country in an unlikely place and amazing everyone around by having a good old chinwag with them.  I picture a situation where someone cannot make themselves understood and I happen to come along and save the day.  Kind of like how Read More

The next logical step: virtue-signalling suicide

We can fairly easily follow the train of SJW thought over the past decades: from decriminalization of homosexuality to compulsory celebration of gay marriage; from open-minded tolerance of transsexuals to gender reassignment for children who are tomboys or sissies; and from a condemnation of racial discrimination to open, mainstream, anti-white commentary.

But can we follow this ‘logical’ (you know what I mean) train of thought in order to predict what may be coming next? Read More

The trouble with fame

[Written in Africa]

I haven’t tried hard to increase the readership of this blog, especially over the last couple of years while I’ve been living in a totalitarian state.  It is safer to keep it esoteric.  As Matt Forney once said, if you get big enough, you’ll get doxxed.  And I can little afford that right now.

Once I’m out of Africa I can Read More

Word from the Dark Side: lying ladies, calcified candidates, and wascally wives.

Cheers to those who joined me on my journey into Protected World on Wednesday.  There will be occasional future posts like that, but almost all will be open access as usual.

This week I was mostly sick.  In fact, I’ve been sick consistently so far this decade.  I’m starting to realize, my immune system is abysmal.  I probably spend about a third of my life at least somewhat unwell, which is why I never make much progress at the gym or on other projects.  Can’t complain – I’m now able to take very easy, low paying jobs, and my retirement fund will surely last the distance because this sickly little bastard probably won’t make it to 70.

In more important news, there is a beautiful he-said she-said dispute going on between Lizzie and Bernie.  Phil Ebersole took Bernie’s side, and it was interesting to see many of his left-wing commenters take him to task for it.  In terms of SJW Pokemon points, the two are perfectly balanced: Jewish male vs white female.  Believe women!  But lying Jew tropes!  Each only needs just one more point to win the battle, i.e. Warren actually being an Indian or Bernie putting on a frock.

I ran a Twitter poll and 100% of the mostly right-wing participants went with Read More


[Written in Africa]

When I was a youth I was possessed by a superstition that essentially nothing ever changes, that some things are eternal.  A congenital Peter Pan, I took comfort in thinking that while I must move on, the places that I had come from would forever stay the same, and that when older I could always go back and visit them, and reminisce.

I imagined myself as an old man back at my primary school, thinking how small everything looks, as we dig up the time capsule we buried in 1985.  I think my contribution was picture of a playground but I’m no longer sure.

I used to Read More