She Upstairs

A long time ago I lived in a two-story share house.  It was a cramped hovel with shared facilities and strictly enforced shower times.  Such is the poverty of the parsimonious.

Immediately upstairs lived Sarah.  There some interesting things to note about Sarah.  On their own they fail to startle but seen together they make a curious and intoxicating combination of traits: Read More

Why Clever People Are Stupid


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Isaac Newton would be considered by most to be a pretty clever bloke.  He did, however, have some strange habits.  He once tried staring at the sun for as long as he could just to see what would happen and spent the next few days in bedridden agony.  On another occasion he stuck a wire between his eyeball and his skull as part of some ill-considered experiment.  Astonishingly, he escaped both incidents without permanent injury.

John Maynard Keyes bought some of Newton’s papers and was shocked to find that, in between founding modern physics and advancing every area of mathematics, Newton had found time to Read More



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When I was young and the internet was even younger, I decided to test my IQ.

On a free day I searched for a reliable-looking online IQ test.  I found a good one.  It would take an hour to complete and was approved by some psychological society or other.  I poured some coffee (surely that’s not cheating), prepared some snacks, pissed, and plunged right in.

A stressful hour of manipulating blocks and identifying patterns later, my cutting-edge Pentium II with dial-up modem displayed the results.

“Your IQ is Read More

You’re Not Contributing Nearly As Much As You Think

The original inspiration behind American democracy was the creed, “No taxation without representation.”  Some still think it’s a workable idea: those who pay tax should vote and those who do not should be deprived of the privilege.

But just because you’re paying tax doesn’t mean you’re a net contributor.  You might be a member of the Underclass and not know it.

Most people think they are net contributors because they pay income tax and don’t receive any welfare.  Such people might need to pull out a calculator and check their numbers Read More

The Word From The Dark Side – November 6th, 2015


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A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion.

Every time Delicious Tacos doesn’t post for a couple of weeks I assume he’s dead, but he always seems to bounce back.  Anyway, here’s a classic post to bide us over.

Update: he’s back with a characteristically cheerful post.  And there’s another.

That has put me in the mood.  Join me, dear reader, for a jaunt past the neat lawns and freshly-painted weatherboard bungalows of Memory Lane.  We’ll hold hands until they get sweaty.  You’ll let go and I’ll think it’s because you don’t like me.

Over at Kid Strangelove, the enlightenment of having once been a sexless nerd.  Bonus: The ‘I didn’t rape you text.’

Classic Roissy: The number one dead giveaway that your wife is about to cheat.

Vintage Rollo: War Brides.  This knocked me for six the first time I read it.

Read More

Everyone’s Buffing

I recently attended a convention dominated (rather meekly) by SWPL professionals of various nationalities.  I gazed around, as one does, to check out the talent and the competition.

The white women were a bit fat.  The Asian women were petite unless they’d been living too long in a Western country.  Others: varied.  Few looked particularly fit or sporty.

The fellows, on the other hand.  Almost to a man, they Read More