Why I Am Not Married

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I’ve been around the block a few times.

I’ve had a lot of girlfriends and there have been many, less serious others who have come and gone over the years.

So, why am I not married?  Why have I never even come close?

Even in my deepest, darkest days swilling pills of azure, I maintained a small particle of self-regard.  I would not take seriously a woman who demonstrated that she would hurt me or who was otherwise not up to scratch.

So what are their sins, these ladies who didn’t make the grade?  I list them here for your convenience and education: Read More

Psalm 88


Lord, you are the God who saves me;
    day and night I cry out to you.
May my prayer come before you;
    turn your ear to my cry.

I am overwhelmed with troubles
    and my life draws near to death.
I am counted among those who go down to the pit;
    I am like one without strength.
I am set apart with the dead,
    like the slain who lie in the grave,
whom you remember no more,
    who are cut off from your care.

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Quiet Word From the Dark Side, 2/26/16


Evolutionistx compares average state IQ to per capita GDP.

Hitler raving gifs.

Living with possibilities – there’s always something else you could be doing.

Delicious Tacos: It’s over between us.  Update: charming love story about a pony.

The indigenous Europeans.

psychological perspective on the feminist obsession with false rape and indifference to real rape.

The speech they didn’t want you to hear.

China blows up empty, unused new building. Read More

The Mask Slips


They say if you give a man enough rope, he’ll hang himself.  Let a man speak freely and he will confess all his crimes.

The internet is one, giant coil of rope and anyone who uses it long enough eventually gets tangled up, revealing more than he ought to.  This is certainly true of myself.  It is also true of others.  Read for long enough and the world will unwittingly reveal all its secrets and lies to you, one by one.

First, everyone’s favourite billionaire tyrant George Soros gives the game away on his site Project Syndicate, like a Bond villain outlining his evil plan before leaving the room and allowing our hero to get chopped up by a laser.  His henchman, the presumably steel-toothed Ian Buruma, lets slip that democracy is a bad idea when it allows the election of people his host doesn’t approve of, or the implementation of policies contrary to his goals.

. . . the message of populism is similar everywhere in the democratic world: Liberal elites are to be blamed for all our ills and anxieties, from Europe’s refugee crisis to the inequities of the global economy, from “multiculturalism” to the rise of radical Islam.

I’m no idealist about democracy, even in its liberal form.  I will suggest moderate reforms in a future post.  Those reforms will not, however, include allowing traumatised tycoons to run the show as they see fit.

We all pretend to believe in liberal democracy, but Read More

Quiet Word from the Dark Side, 2/19/16

belly dancer

1,428-year-old company collapses.

Delicious Tacos turns forty.

This is a children’s video entitled The Unequal Opportunity Race that is being show in some American schools.  It was produced by the African American Policy Forum.

Kayne West is retarded.

Mighty, vengeful, all-knowing God engenders altruism, study finds.  This explains why I’m Read More

New Post on ROK: Why Your Father is Helpless at Teaching You how to Succeed in the Modern World

A lot of young men today lack role models. Even the shrinking proportion of men with fathers in their lives sometimes witness bad examples or receive poor advice: be yourself, it will just happen, one day a girl will like you as much as you like her, etc. Sometimes the father is silent and forlorn while the mother poisons her son with this garbage.

Why do so many of our fathers have so little sensible advice for us on the issue of love and relationships? The answer isn’t that our fathers, if present, have been emasculated (though they may have been). It isn’t that they are terrified of standing up to their wives (thought that might be a factor). It isn’t that they are fools, nor are they trying to turn us all into forty-year-old virgins who will not burden them with grandchild babysitting duties.

The reason the baby boomer generation has so little to offer us is much simpler: they lack salient life experience. How is it, you might ask, that a man in his fifties or sixties could lack life experience? If he has nothing else, surely he has that. He does, but it is not our life experience. He lived in the past—a foreign country.

Continue reading at Return of Kings.


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Strength and Weakness


Book Review of Wolf Totem, by Jiang Rong.

Each generation grows a little weaker and more pathetic than the one before.  You probably can’t fix a car as well as your father did, while your grandfather repaired jeeps under fire in WWII.  Your great grandfather – well, he didn’t even enjoy the luxury of mechanization.  He slumped across muddy no-man’s-land on foot in a pair of rotting boots he stole from a rotting Gerry.  And your great, great grandfather?  He tamed unmapped continents, cleared the land and obliterated entire peoples.

Look at your children (or the children of others, if you don’t have any).  Whining about Read More

Quiet Word From The Dark Side, 2/11/16

Putin’s Aleppo strategy pays off – an interesting look at the behind-the-scenes shenanigans and the murky role of Saudi Arabia and Turkey in prolonging the Syrian civil war.  The linked article largely riffs off a WSJ article hidden behind a paywall.

Steve Sailer posits that the Western world is following this sequence of political eras:

(1) hereditary right

(2) majority rule

(3) minority right

(4) the inalienable right of minorities to become the majority (while maintaining all the privileges of a modern minority)

The science on genes and IQ: an unstoppable train.

The Education Realist discusses something I’d never heard of: teacher slaves.

A modern day banned book.

Heartiste overhears a lady conversation.

A Benghazi-like scandal in the Philippines.

Classic Tacos: Tenga Easy Beat Egg road test.  Update: he just posted some sad news: Write Some More You Lazy Fuck.

Finally, a press conference that doesn’t put me to sleep.

A theory you’ve never heard before about cat ladies.

Oh, just for old time’s sake.  A Japanese man attempts to rob his own restaurant.


Further reading:  The Underclass and You and the previous Word from the Dark Side

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Harden The Fuck Up

My smart phone is half broken.  I can’t pull the top menu down.  Have to turn it over to the side.

I left my scarf at work.  Have to wear the old one that smells of mothballs.

I keep getting white gunk in my eyes, around the tear ducts.  I wipe it off twelve times a day but it instantly returns.  What kind of fucked up adaptation is this?  Perhaps my ancestors lived in an environment where brain-eating bugs crept up the tear ducts and consumed their brains.  Maybe that’s this environment.  Shouldn’t have wiped it.  Explains why I’m so stupid.


YouTube won’t load.

It’s meant to rain on and off all weekend.  How am I supposed to get my washing dry?

I have a vague feeling there’s something I was supposed to Read More

The Link Site to End All Link Sites

Aggregate sites don’t get a lot of attention in their own right.  So, let’s take a moment to recognise the most comprehensive one of all:

Mapping the Dark Enlightenment

This is the site where you will find many, many links of interest to open minded people who are looking for unconventional views that challenge the status quo.  It links everyone: futurists, monarchists and even other aggregators.

That should keep you busy for a while.

Uselessness Runs in Families

I can see why the Guardian doesn’t open articles like these to comments.  A mother complains about her shiftless adult son who lives at home:

You sounded so bitter when you compared what I have in the bank with what you have. I know you are broke. You pay child support, repay debts, pay something towards your keep.

Poor guy is paying child support, hey.

What you can’t remember is the struggle when you were little to get round the supermarket with enough money in my purse, or to find dinner money for you, when Dad managed to wangle his way round the Child Support Agency.

Oh, his old man was the same?  What a Read More

The Waters In Which We Swim


You’re all freaks.  You.  The people who write blogs that I enjoy.  The spirited wordsmiths whose amusing polemics break up the monotony of my day and prevent me from thinking about those things I have chosen to forget.

When I begin to enjoy the honesty and rawness of your blog, you jump out with, I’m a heroin addict!  I’ve never had sex!  I have Elephantiasis!  I was brutally raped by my auntie throughout my childhood!  Or something like that.  Which makes me think, what am I doing here, lurking among the bio-luminescent creatures of the deep?

I don’t belong here.  I’m normal.  Let me tell you how normal I am, you fucking freaks.  I’ve had Read More