Financial Freedom

The Poor Man's Guide to Financial Freedom: A Realistic, 10-Step Manual to Building Liberating Wealth on a Low to Medium Income by [Nikolai Vladivostok]

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A no-nonsense, 10-step guide to reaching financial freedom on a modest income, from a man who did it himself.

Do you have a low to medium income, and have little idea how to manage your money to get ahead? This book is for you. A high income is not what leads to financial freedom. Only being able to manage the money you’ve got can allow you to reach your financial goals.

The ten steps to reaching financial freedom are:
Step 1: Don’t Get Into (More) Debt
Step 2: Make a Frugal Budget.
Step 3: Save an Emergency Fund
Step 4: Get Out of Debt
Step 5: Increase Income
Step 6: Protect What You’ve Got
Step 7: Plan Your Life
Step 8: Invest Wisely
Step 9: Get Advice
Step 10: Record and Reevaluate

This is the Everyman’s guide to financial freedom. There is no need to get an engineering degree, take huge risks, or become a business tycoon. Rather, by working through these moderate and achievable steps, you will eventually reach your financial goals.

Do you want to retire comfortably someday, perhaps while you are still young? Do you want to save for a deposit on a home? Would you like to one day get a more enjoyable job, or work part-time work?

This book will show how everybody can reach their goals.

I have never earned a high income. At age 40, I am semi-retired. I only take on employment when I choose to, for extra cash or to keep myself busy. My financial anxieties are far in the past.

The Poor Man’s Guide to Financial Freedom is the book I wish I had ten years ago when I began my journey to financial freedom. It is the distilled knowledge I have accumulated along the way, with all the myths, nonsense and distractions removed. No matter what your present financial situation or level of education, you will find this book highly readable and its steps helpful.

Any young person who follows the steps in this book will reach financial freedom.


Nikolai didn’t publish this book to get rich. He published it so that you could get rich. He also published it because he looked around at the advice available and figured that he could do it better. He has done so in spades. I can’t recommend this book enough. And if you don’t need it then buy it for someone who does. You know who I’m talking about.

Adam Piggot

Great guide for anyone struggling with personal finance

Very down-to-earth, simple, effective.
The thing I like about it is an honest approach – no 4 hour workweek nonsense and tropical islands, cold calculated truth.


Must read regardless of age

There is nothing new in this book. That is its virtue. It advises you on how to write a budget, get an emergency fund, and how to save and [invest] and use financial advisors.

It has links for resources for UK, Canada, USA and for Australia and New Zealand.

Even if you are not in the target audience, get it. You will learn something, and then give it to your kids