Word from the Dark Side – arresting the unvaccinated, riling the sheep and robbed by a dildo

Swamp Thing by The Grid, 1994

Duterte orders local officials to hunt down and arrest unvaccinated people who leave their homes:

“I’m now giving order to the barangay captains to look for those persons who are not vaccinated and just request them — or order them if you may — to stay put. And if [they] refuse and go around the community, [they] can be restrained,” Duterte said in his address to the public Thursday night. “If [they] refuse, then the barangay captain, being a person in authority, is empowered now to arrest the recalcitrant persons.”

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Word from the Dark Side – pseudo-chicks a-swimming, mean tweets a-triggering, elephants a-giggling and I’ve Simple Things

2002. HT commenter Jason from this post

An entertaining women’s swimming bout.

Koreans dream of a future where they never have to meet anybody:

Maybe some of the craziness of the pandemic social distancing is that it represents a Next Step in a trend that has been growing since the World Wide Web or maybe since television came along in which humans are becoming more averse to face to face contact?

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Word from the Dark Side – sneaky school vaxx, omicron facts and raven attacks

Scheherazade, written by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov in 1888, performed by the Vienna Philharmonic in 2005.

Mother Says LA School Vaccinated Son Without Consent, Bribed With Pizza:

A Los Angeles school has been accused of vaccinating a 13-year-old boy without his mother’s consent.

Maribel Duarte told KNBC-TV that her son was bribed with pizza and told not to tell her about it by an official at the Barack Obama Global Prep Academy in South Los Angeles.

Save the People of KFCness, not healthy people.

And down the rabbit hole we go:

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Word from the Dark Side – Woke self-organises, journalism crushes originality and rulers hypnotise us all

Comment from B125 on Zman:

COVID has exposed just about everything rotten in our society.

– most jobs are make work jobs, managers are mostly useless paper pushers, offices are useless in many cases
– many churches are weak and corrupt. here in canada most churches are now enforcing proof of vax and booting you if you don’t have it
– urban degenerate lifestyles seem to be out of vogue now, mass white flight out of urban centers into suburban and even remote areas
– higher education is a scam. people are paying thousands per semester to watch some recorded zoom lectures. without the “party experience” there’s literally no reason to go for most degrees.
– many people are terrified of death and are very immature about it
– many people are willing to sacrifice their kids’ mental health and future in order to “feel good” about themselves. most of them have no purpose and love feeling like part of a movement.
– there is a large subset of (mainly white & especially J) women who love being tyrants. They WILL NOT leave you the fuck alone if you are unvaccinated, unless you make them . . .

Feel free to add anything I missed. It seems like we’re on a rolling snowball that can’t, or won’t, stop, until we crash. Diversity is now affecting the upper white middle class and they aren’t stopping it. Don’t know who is in charge or what the end goal is. Very interesting times.

Eugyppius has some compelling thoughts on that last point:

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Word from the Dark Side – Bill Clinton did nothing wrong, Biden’s KGB, busted nurse and bummed out migrants

Nand Ka Lala Bansuri Wala by Shreya Ghoshal, 2010

The radical middle and the words too few dare say:

It has been noted before that for the people who call themselves conservative and support the Republican Party, their best president was Bill Clinton. His was the most conservative administration since Eisenhower, according to the modern definition of conservative. The worst president was George W. Bush, the guy the Republican Party claimed was the epitome of conservatism. Conservative voters still hate Bill Clinton and mostly ignore Bush.

Veritas decides not to publish alleged diary of Joe Biden’s daughter, hands it to police, gets raided by the FBI anyway, their devices are seized and shortly after their privileged communications with lawyers are leaked to the NYT (which Veritas was in the middle of suing).

Rule of law!

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Word from the Dark Side – the urge for going, underage unmaskers fined and the undefeated underclass

Urge for Going by Joni Mitchell, 1967

Victoria Police issued 260+ mask fines to CHILDREN as young as ten.

Children as young as 10 received $40 fines for failing to wear a face mask when outside in Victoria.

Hidden in this boilerplate story celebrating multiculturalism is the story of a toddler separated from his parents for two years, for absurd reasons. A signature from a minister could have fixed it but that would have been unpopular.

Is this new, or did I just hear about it?

We will not approve your application to renounce your citizenship if you do not have another foreign citizenship or it is not in Australia’s interests.

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Word from the Dark Side – Cemetery Gates, sexy syringes, South Stasiland, stone the emus and stooge the censors

Cemetery Gates by Pantera, 1990

American FDA approves vaccines for kids:

[Committee] members include a former vice president of Pfizer Vaccines, a recent Pfizer consultant, a recent Pfizer research grant recipient, a man who mentored a current top Pfizer vaccine executive, a man who runs a center that gives out Pfizer vaccines, the chair of a Pfizer data group, a guy who was proudly photographed taking a Pfizer vaccine, and numerous people who are already on the record supporting Coronavirus vaccines for children. Meanwhile, recent FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is on Pfizer’s board of directors.

College girls develop a syringe fantasy.

A long, excellent article explaining why doctors continue recommending treatments long since debunked by scientific evidence. HT.

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Word from the Dark Side – a requiem, revolving-door regulators, rabid overreactions and robotic grandchildren

Ein deutsches Requiem by Brahms, composed 1865-1868. This recording by the Frankfurt Radio Symphony, 2019.

The Revolving Door: All 3 FDA-authorized COVID shot companies now employ former FDA commissioners

Have an experimental drug that needs rapid authorization from the FDA in order to be sold to the masses? Looking to siphon billions of dollars from the U.S. taxpayer for your newfound pharmaceutical product? In today’s America, you can buy yourself a former FDA commissioner, and use the public-sector private-sector revolving door system of corruption to impose your will on the American public, and make a windfall for your executives and shareholders in the process.

Much the same as financial regulators.

Jew Among You notices that some overcorrect against the hype:

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Word from the Dark Side – Tears Go By, trusting the FDA, terrorist strikers and terminator robots

Preliminary trial suggests aspirin may lower the risk of Covid quite a bit. If so, how was that missed?

Days after this news, we are warned that adults should stop taking aspirin to prevent heart attacks.

Half of all doctors do not trust the FDA drug approval process. This relates more to a controversial Alzheimer’s treatment than to recent vaccines:

“The erosion [of my confidence] is based on the disastrously bad decision to approve aducanumab (Aduhelm), which seems like a poorly developed and even possibly corrupt decision,” he told surveyors. “I cannot remember a similar situation in which there was so much dismay and disbelief created by an FDA decision. We do not plan to use aducanumab at this time and we no longer know what to think about and how much to trust any future FDA decisions.”

This is not a new issue. Here’s an excellent 2013 article from a Harvard ethics body warning of the way things were going. Their conclusion:

Advice to readers: Experienced, independent physicians recommend not to take a new drug approved by the FDA until it is out for 7 years, unless you have to, so that evidence can accumulate about its real harms and benefits.10

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Word from the Dark Side – second piano concerto, Spinal Tap, sick Brits, scary driving, skyscraper dodging and stealing the ex’s Nintendo Switch

Rachmaninov’s second piano concerto. If you don’t like classical music, try listening to this piece twice (not in a row). If you still don’t like it, give up on classical music for a while.

In Britain, thousands more are dying than usual this time of year but about half of them don’t have Covid. I’ve not yet seen anything else like this from the mainstream media:

So if all these extra people are not dying from coronavirus, what is killing them?

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