Word from the Dark Side – banning Nazi signs, dangerous times, tapping Zoomer spines and crab boiling fines

Displaying swastikas in Victoria, Australia, is now illegal (along with everything else) because the symbols have apparently become dangerous 77 years after we defeated the Nazis. Swastikas were legal throughout the war itself, back when we had real problems to deal with.

The ban might lead to odd situations:

. . . I was working on the Census and my immediate boss was Jewish, he was a good boss. He was a modeller who made models of ships and aircraft. He told me about a problem that he had building a 32nd scale Stuka. Every German plane in WWII had two swastikas painted on the tail fin, one on each side for identification purposes. Painting such details onto a model aircraft requires a level of skill few possess, so instead the model companies include decals which you wet and then put onto the aircraft where it dries and stays in place. But the two swastikas were not included with the kit, in fact they had been cut out of the sheet of decals because in some European countries it’s illegal to buy, sell or display symbols from the Third Reich.

I asked him ‘so how did you get around that?’

He told me that you can buy a sheet of 100 swastika decals of various sizes through the mail. So he bought his 100 swastikas, used two and by now he might have used a few more. But I’m guessing that he hasn’t used them all, so in some Jewish guy’s house there are now a collection of swastikas.

No word on banning the Rising Sun flag, which would be tricky because the navy of Japan, now our ally once again, still uses it.

One should not assume special treatment for Jews in Victoria. Be the wrong sort and you might get arrested at the airport for no reason:

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Word from the Dark Side – money blues, Afro dues, doomers lose and bad news . . .

. . . for my haters! I’m back.

Against coronadoom:

[Excess deaths in Germany] are at the very top of the normal range. People have spent two years avoiding routine medical check-ups, getting very little exercise, eating terrible food, dealing with depression – and yes, being vaccinated and revaccinated with our miraculous mRNA elixirs. They’re not doing great, but they’re not dying in droves either.

Timeless finance lessons from the last three years:

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Word from the Dark Side – online brawls, Portland falls, Paraguay calls and bishop crawls

La Dolly Vita by the Smashing Pumpkins, 1994.

David Spann Was Murdered by the Sisterhood:

I already got questions. It’s 2am and this guy tells the police that he’s going to look for a perp in the guy’s home? Like, a no-knock warrant but without the warrant? Or the badge? Or a crime? That was never going to end well.

Attacks on ABC presenter Fauziah Ibrahim go too far!

It’s fairly common knowledge that social media can be gross. By gross, I mean vile. By vile, I mean a bottom feeding cesspool where human decency goes to die . . .

I’ve been watching on as keyboard warriors use hate speech to condemn and deride ABC Weekend Breakfast presenter Fauziah Ibrahim, after it was revealed that she had dozens of Twitter users categorised in lists she had labelled “Lobotomised Shitheads” and “Labor Trolls”. 

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