Word from the Dark Side – lawless California, lockdown origin story, and laying into the Wayback Machine.


Hi, kids.

I’m not in general a fan of David Cole, but this piece is great for clearly outlining where California is on its path to anarcho-tyranny.  Despite all the evidence in the world, authorities refuse to arrest a thief caught on camera.  But if a normally law-abiding person goes to the beach, watch out!

Over in Eritrea, just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, guess what?  Read More

Word from the Dark Side – composed Kazakh hordes, crafty teenage grifters and creepy love hotels


Been a while.  You would not believe how much effort it is to publish a book, especially getting the formatting to work across different platforms.  And for those who’ve done it, try inserting tables.  That’ll separate the men from the boys.

Mencius Moldbugman (not to be confused with his near-namesake) published my Tedros article in Twitter thread format.  He does these from time to time, and they’re pretty interesting.  Here’s one about a fake Cameroonian human rights activist who was granted refuge in Poland, where he set about complaining about racism while giving Polish girls HIV.  Plot twist: he said asking him to wear a condom was racist.

China announces Kazakhstan is keen to become part of China, Kazakhs are Read More

Word from the Dark Side – filthy markets, flamin’ Aussies, and Fermi’s Paradox.

For those wanting to keep up with the latest on China, I continue to recommend the Laowhy86/Serpentza family of YouTube channels.  The latest discusses foreigners being banned from supermarkets, shopping centres and bars in China, even in Shanghai.  That part starts at 42:00, but the rest of the video is also worth your while.

There are going to be many more posts being written like this one: Delicious Tacos lost his aunt to corona.  As you start to see more of this online and in your own life, never forget Read More

Word from the Dark Side – China bans foreigners, chilling escaped pathogens, and cheeky Japanese coppers


Remember how the United States and Australia were so racist for banning travelers who had been in China during the previous 14 days?  Now China has banned all foreigners from entering, including returning residents.  This is vastly more draconian than what happened in Australia, when the government actually flew non-citizen residents and spouses back.

The World Health Organization has sternly criticized China for the move, saying that it is unhelpful, racist, and potentially counterproductive.  Oh that’s right, no they didn’t, because Read More

Word from the Dark Side – podcast tip, plague shenanigans, and prisoner naughtiness.


First, I’m fine.  Thanks to all who expressed concern.  My cupboard is stocked, my compound is secure, and we’re holding the zombies off for now.  It looks like my job will still be available if I can get to Japan at some point, but let’s see what happens.  They’re probably desperate because a lot of Nervous Nellies dropped out altogether.

I’ll start a series soon on how to survive being holed up in a stressful situation as I have a bit of experience with that.  But for now, on with the Dark Side.

Filipino police chief caught sleeping with female prisoners:

A police chief was allegedly caught sleeping with women he arrested – after converting the back of his office into a love nest.

Police Chief Major Ildefonso Miranda extended his room then added two large beds at the Argao district station in Cebu, the Philippines.

This amazing video shows what happens when you Read More

Word from the Dark Side – dodgy Congolese oil, divorcee prizes, and dunny paper panic


Did the Republic of Congo pretend to discover oil just to steal money from a European environmental fund?  It looks like they did!  Perhaps I was right to worry about Congolese stealing my gold in Addis airport.  If you follow that link you’ve got a long read before you get to the relevant part.

The image is from the same area but is about a related story.

While on Africa, a lot of Africans are marrying Chinese girls in ‘Chocolate Town’, which is the area of Guangzhao where heaps of African traders live.  Fascinating article about cultural differences and how there’s no such thing as the spouse visa.  And hey, did you know about this? Read More

Word from the Dark Side – coronavirus secrets, crims in Japan, crazy male feminists, Common Core fallacies and clever women


Hands up if you’ve already decided you’re going to die from coronavirus and are already planning who to bequeath your sexbots?  Just me?  Okay.  I tend to get everything that’s going around.  Here’s a good video with inside information:

There were rumours that it may have actually been an escaped bio-weapon, but I didn’t pay much attention because the source was unreliable.  Now even the Washington Times is going with this possibility.

I’m sure the government has it well in hand.  After all, look how they’re cracking down on public pajama-wearing.

One good thing is that the virus debacle will Read More

Word from the Dark Side: lying ladies, calcified candidates, and wascally wives.


Cheers to those who joined me on my journey into Protected World on Wednesday.  There will be occasional future posts like that, but almost all will be open access as usual.

This week I was mostly sick.  In fact, I’ve been sick consistently so far this decade.  I’m starting to realize, my immune system is abysmal.  I probably spend about a third of my life at least somewhat unwell, which is why I never make much progress at the gym or on other projects.  Can’t complain – I’m now able to take very easy, low paying jobs, and my retirement fund will surely last the distance because this sickly little bastard probably won’t make it to 70.

In more important news, there is a beautiful he-said she-said dispute going on between Lizzie and Bernie.  Phil Ebersole took Bernie’s side, and it was interesting to see many of his left-wing commenters take him to task for it.  In terms of SJW Pokemon points, the two are perfectly balanced: Jewish male vs white female.  Believe women!  But lying Jew tropes!  Each only needs just one more point to win the battle, i.e. Warren actually being an Indian or Bernie putting on a frock.

I ran a Twitter poll and 100% of the mostly right-wing participants went with Read More

Word from the Dark Side – Iran special


At the time of writing, 70% of respondents admit to not knowing this Qasem Soleimami fellow until he got killed, according to my Twitter poll.

I’ve been reading up on the Iran situation to lesson my ignorance, and what a bloody rabbit hole it is.  Here are some informative links.

First, I still think my original instincts were correct.  Trump is out of his depth, and the latest escalation of the Stupid Wars is not in America’s interests.  No part of the wars since 2001 has been in their interests.  Perhaps they should have just Read More

Shout-out to my linkers


These were my biggest linkers in 2019:

Pushing Rubber Downhill: 3,512

I don’t always see eye to eye with Adam, but I’m an avid reader of his entertaining and spirited blog.  Also check out his books.  This blog was one of the few that I could consistently access while I was in low-bandwidth Eritrea, and it kept me in touch with the Rest of the World for two years.

Mapping the Dark Enlightenment: 674

This is the most comprehensive Read More

Word from the Dark Side – burning flags, MGTOW videos, and why the Japanese want to avoid you


A man in Iowa was sentenced to 15 years jail for stealing a rainbow flag from a church (!) and burning it.

Now fair enough, that is theft.  Burn your own goddamned flag.  But 15 years?  Was this the original rainbow flag that flew at the Battle of Lexington?  Of course, his real crime was criticizing homosexuality.  I doubt he would have done any time for burning a Norwegian flag,

Maybe Iowa is just really tough on crime across the board?  Maybe you do hard time there for jaywalking?  Let’s see what you have to do there to get fifteen long ones in the slammer: Read More

Word from the Dark Side – Taiwan vs China, Ghislaine Maxwell vs the CIA, and TV ads vs you.


I’ve visited China twice, a decade ago and recently.  The difference was stark.  It was once rough but friendly; these days you’ll feel unwelcome before you’ve even left the airport, and I strongly discourage you from flying Chinese airlines or transferring via a Chinese hub for this reason.

Having been in the region, I know Read More

Word from the Dark Side – Swedish mean girls, t-shirts on credit and Yanks not shagging

Vinyl News: 3D Printed Record, Turnplay Vinyl iPad App ...

A Swedish schoolgirl who chose not to join a climate protest is bullied by teacher and classmates.  I keep telling you, and nobody listens: these are a group-centric people who at any moment may turn back into Vikings.

Other benefits of early retirement: if you retire at 55 you are likely to live until Read More

Word from the Dark Side – moar trees, dangerous eye reflections, and divorce parties.


You know how we’re cutting down all the trees and soon there won’t be any left?  Forested areas have actually increased since 1990.

We all know that the New Woke Times lies and lies and lies, usually by omission, but it is really galling to look at one such egregious case really closely and smell that shit close up.  Yup, it’s another unarmed teen shot by police in the US.  Are we splitting off into two parallel universes, but really slowly?  It’s like the world is one big Rorschach test, but with only two interpretations.

I can’t get enough of these: Read More

Word from the Dark Side – villains, Chinese police cars in Australia, and dark female athletes


Rob says you have to be the villain in someone’s life.  Just accept it.

Audacious Epigone is excellent at digging out interesting conclusions from data sets.  Here, he shows that in the US, native-born whites, blacks, Hispanics and especially Amerindians, are much less enthusiastic about immigration than their same-race, foreign-born counterparts.  Obviously there are not many foreign born Native Americans so that column is excluded.  And I like the colour scheme Audacious uses for his graphs.

Fake Chinese police cars spotted in Perth and Adelaide, Australia, apparently to intimidate Hong Kong protesters.  Soon they’ll be real.

This is a bizarre story even by current year standards.  A Read More

Word from the Dark Side – sugar daddies, the military industrial complex and sex addicts in Asia


I sit on the fence regarding global warming, especially its most pernicious claimed effects.  I used to be a believer, but when I was a kid, by 2019 we were supposed to be under water or in some sort of post-apocalyptic nightmarescape.  All that’s happened is everyone got fat and there’s a brain-sucking virus stealing our young women called Instagram.  In any case, I found this article about research from Finland and Japan interesting.  It suggests that a lot of it might be galactic cosmic rays.

There’s a big boom in Read More

Word from the Dark Side – waskally Ukrainian brides, mind viruses and the cost of virginity (updated)


In our Brave Woke World, what happens when gays go head to head with Muslims?  What happens is, the ultra-woke chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission twists and turns in hilarious ways as he tries to square the circle.  And then he does this:

Some people gasp at my adage, ‘Never do anything good.’  But it has served me well so far.  Here is an example of a good Samaritan in Australia who’s probably now saying the same thing.

Stop press!  I just found a Read More