Word from the Dark Side – fake news aplenty, a funny video, firing up a backyard reactor and a copper’s dirty film

The Appalachian Trail by Hunter Quinn, 2016

Biden droned the wrong guy, innocent aid worker killed in Kabul strike: NYT. Just leave and stay left. The only good thing we got from Afghanistan was a hard lesson and it seems we’re too stubborn to even take that.

Poetry of the Taliban. The one featured is not bad.

The aftermath of 9/11 affected us all differently.

Nutter puts up anti-mask posters with razor blades attached to injure those responsible citizens who take them down.

It didn’t happen, the BBC won’t retract the story and they still have a ‘fact check’ link in the text. Deboonking thread:

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Word from the Dark Side – Covid cark-it calculator, cancelled credit cards, conning a crim and a cute coworker’s contamination

Europe Endless by Kraftwerk, 1977

Oxford University releases online calculator for figuring out your chances of dying or being hospitalized from Covid, based on UK stats.

I tried entering the details of a 100-year-old man in a nursing home with multiple conditions including coronary heart disease, dementia, an organ transplant and Down’s syndrome. Threw in some chemotherapy. The poor fellah came up with almost a 100% chance of being infected and dying over a 90-day period similar to the UK’s last peak.

Next I tried a 90-year-old man in a nursing home with type-2 diabetes and arthritis. 1 in 58 chance of being infected and dying, 1 in 50 chance of being hospitalized.

A healthy, independent 80-year-old man: 1 in 696 chance of being infected and dying.

Send this to your bedwetting friends and watch it do no good at all.

Rainbow lorikeets:

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Word from the Dark Side – No Rain, nonsense news, nasty waves and some nice birds

No Rain by Blind Melon, 1993. I deliberately embedded this version because the bee girl clip, while nice, detracts from the song’s meaning

I was reminded of the song by this post. The singer was dead two years after this was recorded.

Blackwater guy slammed for offering $6,500 flights out of Kabul. Sounds like a good price to me. Flights from some places to Australia these days are $10,000+. Let the free market do its thing.

Apple, Google, and Samsung move to normalize vaccine passports with wallet function

This will not end well. In fact, people muttering this dark premonition over the last decade have already been proven correct because things are already not well.

Modern political debates and bouts of media hysteria are as real as pro-wrestling. Anyone else notice how quickly BLM disappeared? Someone somewhere turned a switch.

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Word from the Dark Side – getting mugged is racist, modelling to become a tradthot, monster centipedes and yet more military mischief in Okinawa

Little Suicides by The Golden Palominos, 1994. This one’s going out to Kentucky Headhunter who loves dreary music and boobs, or at least one of those. I just noticed that WordPress has failed to link his latests posts on my reader. Hmm.

Beware! Several people have reported being suspended from Facebook for sharing my posts, even innocent book reviews. Like they told you in high school, such infractions will go on your Permanent Record.

In Olympic news, a losing French boxer throws an hour-long tantrum. This must be the Eternal Anglo in me but I love when the French throw tantrums.

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Word from the Dark Side – Classic quitter, Caucasians croaking, a clown cashes in and Covid restrictions for 15 more years

Carmina Burana by Carl Orff, Philadelphia Orchestra. Composed 1935-36. The bloke led an interesting life.

When Simole Biles freaked and quit, her brother was on trial for a triple murder. He got off. In the comments we learn her sister is also in jail for not-capable-of-living-in-the-modern-world offenses.

While we’re on the topic of female athletes of colour quitting, how could I have so easily forgotten the precursor to them all from Sydney 2000? Reading that 20-year-old article is like a glimpse into our dystopian present, but we didn’t know it at the time because we were too busy cheering on Cathy.

I found this blast from the past but it will probably mean little to foreigners:

White people have the lowest life expectancy of any ethnic group in England and Wales. Commenters cry discrimination and that may be part of it, but on the other hand I’ve seen what Poms eat. Anyway, we should leave wingeing for others and focus on fixing our own problems.

A local’s take on Covid in India. Western MSM painted a disaster while alt sources suggested The Drug That Must Not Be Named was turning things around. This account, however, paints a picture of corruption and incompetence on all levels. Sounds like nothing’s changed since I was there. I can’t summarize; best to read the whole thing.

Pretty girl:

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Word from the Dark Side – The Cult, our Cultural Revolution is over, cute Columbian Cupid and Yanks out-kill the Ruskies

She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult, 1985

US drug overdose deaths increased by 30% in 2020.

Did the overall life expectancy suddenly drop in 2020 for Americans? Nope:

To get the full year drop in life expectancy, the CDC applied an assumption that the increased death rates of 2020 from Covid would continue to apply throughout the lifetimes of everyone born during 2020, as opposed to the increased death rates going away after the pandemic passed or a vaccine became available.

The US homicide rate was 60% higher than Russia’s in 2020.

But don’t visit Russia – the US State Dept. says it’s too dangerous:

The official reason is that American tourists could be victims of terrorist attacks or “harassment by Russian government security officials.” That’s hard to swallow. This warning is the latest blow in a campaign to discourage Americans from learning about life in other countries.

Excellent long article: The West’s Cultural Revolution is Over:

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Word from the Dark Side – sea shanty, Saffo strife, Zulu supremacism and sleep safely

David Coffin and participants, Roll the Old Chariot, shot at the 2010 Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival by Stephan Smith of Piscataqua Productions

I’ve been following South African developments on social media as the MSM is mostly ignoring it. Tl;dr: Former President Zuma imprisoned, his Zulu tribesmen orchestrate looting and destruction to pressure for his release. Plus opportunistic hangers-on, no doubt.

Zuma supported traditional leaders, dispossession of minorities and he stole a lot of money. New President Cyril is sidelining traditional leaders, centralizing power in a more Communist government, dispossessing minorities and stealing even more money.

This power struggle is further fueled by lockdown-invoked poverty.

It’s mostly an internal black squabble but Indians seem to be the main victims at this time, mostly due to proximity as there are plenty of them in Zulu areas.

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Word from the Dark Side – frightening Philippines, ferocious frau, Fed-led insurrection and a fine lass

Unmarked Helicopters by Soul Coughing, 1996, from the album Songs in the Key of X (music used in or inspired by The X-Files). Make conspiracy theories fun again.

The Philippines is the most dangerous country on Earth? Doubt. You have to be careful but I’m certain Ethiopia is much riskier for the average person, especially at the moment. In fact, there are dozens of countries in the full report that look more dangerous to me: Nigeria, Yemen, South Africa, Pakistan, Haiti, etc. etc. Even India. I think they went overboard on the Covidian nonsense.


South Korea is unsafe if you venture within striking distance of the wife of the Belgian Ambassador:

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Word from the Dark Side – Frocked-up Unabomber, DeepFake trickery, forbidding meat, plagiarism fail and stabbing the unfaithful (on film)

Golden Brown by The Stranglers, 1982

Jared Kushner did not disclose that he was in business partnerships with Goldman, Soros and others. Oh, and he owed a billion bucks.

In Dong Jingwei news, no new news. I wonder what all that was about. Oh well, entertaining while it lasted.

As for the photo of him and how it’s just about impossible to prove or disprove that it’s fake, here’s a relevant story about a DeepFake of Tom Cruise that tricked everyone. Apparently there are still some ‘tells’ that experts can detect but we’re at that stage now where technology can just about produce a perfect fake.

Watch for Joe Biden speeches to suddenly become much more coherent.

The Unabomber was a tranny:

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Word from the Dark Side – this year’s advice for the young, a yucky yachter yarn, Yanks yield Dong denial and yeah, youse win the Weirdolympics, Japan

Maggie by Foster and Allen, 1983. Like most Irish folk songs, this one isn’t Irish either, having been written as a poem by a Canadian in 1864 and put to music by an English-born American in 1866. “They say we have outlived our time, Maggie / as dated as the songs we’ve sung”. A favourite of my grandma’s.

What advice would you give to a kid in 2021?

The best advice I’d give today is this:

– Be adaptable.

– Be useful.

– Be optimistic.

– Learn skills, and understand that learning never stops.

There are more suggestions in the article and comments. As for money, I’ll stick with what I’ve said before. Things rich people invest in will be the last to collapse.

My additional piece of advice to a young person would be: spend a couple of years living and working in a Third World country. The things you’ll learn about thriving in a low-trust society will be perfect for surviving the decline of the West.

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Word from the Dark Side – woke church, what’s happening to BA pilots, watch out for cancellers and a weird morning in Sapporo

This Is Not The Way Home by the Cruel Sea, 1993. Australian band with American singer. You can’t really get lost that easily in the outback – there are so few roads that directions can be as simple as, ‘Go straight, turn left on Wednesday.’

The Anglican Church in Sydney makes a few changes:

The conservative Sydney Anglicans will encourage ministers to call gender diverse parishioners by their preferred names, provide unisex bathrooms and avoid gendered language such as “ladies and gentlemen”.

The Auckland chapter of New Zealand’s School Strike 4 Climate group decides it is too racist to exist and disbands.

Four healthy British Airways pilots die in one week – airline says no link to Covid-19 vaccine.

A minor high school kerfuffle turns into a national crisis because race is involved.

Nixon intervention saved China from Soviet nuclear attack. I have no idea if a word of this is true.

Woman Who Threatened to Blow Up School Bus Full of Kids Now Running for Office.

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Word from the Dark Side – the right to party, crypto revelations, restricting efficacious meds and riding the (mall) lightning

Fight for Your Right by The Beastie Boys, 1986.

I had a request to explain the 80s for the kids via another video clip. This one is as good as any but I can’t be bothered pulling it apart scene by scene. I think you’ll get it. Drink every time something politically incorrect happens.

We no longer fight for our right to paaartay, do we?

All parties are banned across the Philippines until further notice. The rule is not being consistently enforced. After fifteen months, there has yet to be any public health campaign warning people not to share the same cup of rum as traditionally happens at these parties.

They always attempt the hard or impossible but ignore the easy things. ‘Give grandpa his own cup.’ Much as I’d like to chalk this up as yet another piece of Third World incompetence and stupidity, rich countries are doing little better.

I feel like a broken record. Let’s move on.

I was going to do a story about the Indian Miracle: infection rates are plummeting there like no where else in the world. However, I found that Phil Ebersole has already written what I was going to say: ivermectin very likely has something to do with it.

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Word from the Dark Side – venal drug companies, vibrating tanks, vanishing P2P lenders and virus-laced footballs

Winter Solstice by The Tea Party. Bigger wankers the music world has rarely seen, but I like them.

What’s Fauci been up to? Remember, (a) no one is too big to be cancelled and (b) getting enemies cancelled is a fool’s game because there are millions more overeducated twits languishing in casual work desperate to take their places.

Anyway, Fauci still doesn’t win the prize for the world’s dumbest public health officer.

A plane carrying vaccines from Dubai to Taiwan quietly skirted Chinese airspace and Flight Information Region (most of the South China Sea), adding two hours to the flight.

Covid and the “crime of the century“:

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Word from the Dark Side – America’s new flag, an army’s airy-fairy antics, Afghans are acoming, amorous J-cops (again) and the art of cheering up

Happy birthday to Stevie Nicks who just turned 73 and is still performing

Note: I bookmark interesting links from all over the place and usually forget where I found them. If you reckon I got one from you, feel free to give yourself a HT in the comments.

And Moldbugman, I forgive you and I’ve called off the hit.

In the news, BLM flags are fluttering over US embassies worldwide during this holiest of weeks.

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Word from the Dark Side – the Lizardman Constant, lazy studies, long-lived larrikins and leaving money to the government

Teardrop by Massive Attack, 1998. The clip used here is from Ghost in the Shell.

Last week I reported that 8.5% of survey respondents thought they could beat a gorilla in a fight. It seems there is a word for this tendency for ridiculous answers: the Lizardman Constant. Scott puts it at around 4% but I reckon it depends on the demographic and the question. Ask about fighting animals, for example, and you’ll elicit whacky responses from people who just want to see the world burn.

If you had an actual gorilla and invited the audience to throw their hats in the ring, I reckon you’d get less than 8.5% willing to have a shot.

Here’s another example. Perceived social media bias by demographic:

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Word from the Dark Side – blunders down under, badly behaved teachers, bizarre Bill Gates divorce story and buxom beauty’s arrest bags bulging AV bonus

Kelly Watch the Stars by Air, 1998. The album, Moon Safari, is a classic.

I’ve said before that Australia blindly follows every path that the US blunders down.

You may have noticed last week, with the Nigerian-Australian basketballer parroting American vernacular in her parroting of American Woke denunciation of everything. Here’s her back story, by the way.

Now, my dear American readers, watch as your retarded cousins of the south dance like monkeys to your tune!

1. Meet Australia’s youngest drag queen (thirteen, if you don’t want to look)

2. The right to chestfeed enshrined in government workplace agreement

3. Daily stories reminding us Black Good, White Bad

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Word from the Dark Side – stirring the melting pot, striking a pose, squeezed to zero and the Sirens of divorce

Heaven’s Gonna Burn Your Eyes from the 2002 Thievery Corporation album, The Richest Man in Babylon. I recall liking this song more than the whole album but relistening now, the album’s pretty good it you’re into that sort of thing.

An indigenous academic apologizes for calling a report into African crime ‘racist’ after being informed the author is African. Specifically he’s creole from Mauritius while those getting into trouble are mostly from South Sudan but I doubt she can grasp the significance.

Australia is not ready to discuss this sort of issue without a passably dark-skin person leading the way.

In other African vs Aborigine news, an Australian women’s basketball player threatens to boycott the Olympics because of the lack of diversity in promotional shoots. She is half Nigerian.

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Word from the Dark Side – crushing dissent, cash for comment, cringe award winner and cream puff crime

A paramedic donated $10 to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defence fund. The details were leaked and the donor was doxxed and harassed by a Utah news station:

ABC4 News investigative reporter Jason Nguyen went to the man’s home “to get his side of things, but those inside the home didn’t want to talk.” No, you went to his home to do an ambush interview because of your political orientation and you wanted to shame him over $10, when he did nothing wrong. I will not be repeating the man’s name, because it’s disgusting that they ever published it.

The network then harassed the man’s employer for comment on the evil, $10 donation. His employers at the West Valley City Fire Department confirmed the man was an employee and said they would be “conducting an investigation into this matter” but the action was his personal action “not [that] of West Valley City.”

Maryland to probe defence witness in Chauvin case because how dare he.

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