Word from the Dark Side – civil war and everyone calm down


Germans are blamed for bullying Jewish kids, but guess who’s really to blame?

Gaslighting as government policy – anyone feel like it’s making a comeback?

A view of the Spanish Civil War that changed my mind.

Elites don’t think that they Read More


Word from the Dark Side: Rubber masks and dirty old men (updated)

Do antidepressants and SSRIs increase the odds of mass shootings?  I’m not one for conspiracy theories but check it out, this one has serious evidence.  And not just the obvious, ‘some crazy people were on drugs for being crazy therefore it’s the drugs’ fault they went crazy’.

Is Africa winning in South Africa?

UK cops fine bloke for Read More

Word from the Dark Side, 23 June 2019


For the Johnny-come-latelies, I used to have a weekly feature with links to unusual news and unconventional opinion, together with my own smarmy remarks.

I had to suspend it for two years as I was in the jungle without sufficient internet access to make it happen.

But now I’m back, from out of space, and getting this started again will be a piece of piss.  You know why?  While in Africa I Read More

Word from the dark side, 2nd January 2019

vintage cambodian

My kingdom for a time machine.

Remember these?  In six months or so they may become regular again.

Bloody interesting article on Slate Star Codex about former environmental scares and whether they were alarmist, solved, or ongoing.  Turns out to a bit of each.

Delicious Tacos likes white socks and his ex’s cuntflaps.

Aaron Clarey says there are only NPCs to date.

Didact reports on an amusing case of Read More

Word From the Dark Side,10/20/16


Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images

An irregular collection of problematic news and opinion.

Project Veritas reveals hidden camera footage of Democratic Party trolls plotting to stoke violence at Trump rallies and voter registration fraud.  Sometimes disappears from YouTube or is hard to find, for some reason.  The journo also got banned from Twitter for some time.  Not jumping into the fray of this election (I’m not American) but I’ll happily sink a boot into a deserving arse should one be pointed in my direction.  I always assume that my readers will already have read the most notable links but a lot end up going through to CH and ROK, so I’ll include this one just in case.  Not much about it in the MSM.

In that jugular, a Trump campaign office is fire bombed.  And, the battle of the sexes in the election, state by state.

Even a Nigerian prince would invest in this.  Is it annoying when I link things without explaining what it is?  Okay, it’s a managed fund that invests in businesses run by women.  Happy now?  Did I save thirty seconds of your precious life that you would otherwise have spent reading to disabled children?  Yeah?  Now you owe me.

The unrequited love between Jews and Read More

Word from the Dark Side, 9/14/16


Image from www.dramafever.com.

Right you lot, been busy but now I’m B.I.T.  Had to do a Dark Side because there’s all sorts going on out there to warm your little cockles.

Don’t live with gays.

Living life my way.

A discussion of legal and political possibilities arising if Clinton became incapacitated.

An alternative view of Duterte.

Delicious Tacos is looking for a girl who is a loser.  In the comments he gets an expression of interest from a teenager and he Read More

Word from the Dark Side, 8/25/16


An irregular collection of problematic news and opinion.

I know, I know, my dearies.  The world is harsh and bleak.  Uncle Vlad is here to share with you good tidings from around the world that will soothe your mourning heart and bring succor to your contracted sphincter.  And if you can’t trust me, who can you trust?  Your Nona?  Haw haw.  She’s slagging you off to her bingo mates and spending your inheritance on buff Kenyan gigolos.  Ol’ Nik here’s the only friend you’ve got.  So let’s have a look.

Old ladies like your Gran who stay with their partners secretly hate them and wake up every morning wondering why they don’t leave.  No such thing as husband goggles, it seems.  A lifetime of provisioning and devotion?  Hypergamy doesn’t care about that or anything else.

In hot Asian sex trafficking news, most migrant sex workers in Australia are Read More

Word From the Dark Side, 8/4/16

An irregular collection of problematic news and opinion.

Dalrock points out how researchers and society minimize the sacrifices of married men – their extra earnings = extra work, and the ‘benefits’ of marriage to divorced men = they have to keep working.

The New Modern Man explains why he quit relationships.

Pictures of a pretty Thai girl.

Modern slavery in America.

A crazy cat lady argues against sex segregation in sport.  I’m all for it.  I’m joining the Brazilian ladies volleyball team!  Oi Nikolai, they’ll yell, keep your eyes on the ball.  I shall reply, no.  But don’t worry, I identify as someone who is good at sport.

You gotta admit, this one is original.  Jim argues that Read More

Word from the Dark Side, 7/4/16


An irregular collection of problematic news and opinion.

First, here’s a new link site with a whole lot of interesting content I’d never heard of before.

Why Single Dude Travel refuses to return to the US.  It’s an interesting and detailed account of the event that changed his life.

On Age of Shitlords, a story about a young South African man who sympathizes with the women who falsely accused him of rape.  There’s an entertaining back story about Read More

Word from the Dark Side, 6/4/16


An increasingly irregular collection of problematic news and opinion.

Matt Forney gives us three reasons why we shouldn’t date older women.  Caprizchka grudgingly agrees.  My two bob: hot older Japanese woman > hot older non-Japanese woman > non-hot younger woman.  Here ‘greater than’ does not mean ‘larger than’.  Eww.  Of course, young and hot trumps them all.  And, any port in a storm.

Matt Forney also gets assaulted by a fat chick.  Surprised he’s pressing charges as he did make a rude comment – don’t know if it’s illegal in that jurisdiction.  Anyway, good luck.

On Taki: why are blacks and Asians so Read More

The Word from the Dark Side 5/12/16


Spandrell features a Japanese graphical breakdown of the new sexual market.  I lived there for years and it is true: a few cool guys root all the girls and the other fellas sit at home playing anime schoolgirl rape games.  This is not an exaggeration.  It seems to be true everywhere – young women just accept that the guys they see are not exclusive.  That’s where we’re at, and it changed in only 10-15 years.  Spandrell also has a nice joke about Chinese immigration to Germany.

Fred Reed ponders if African Americans are pushing for resegregation.

An interesting post from EvolutionistX about how popular culture reflects our desire for individual power in an age of coddled helplessness.

From the Chateau: Civilization is monogamous.  Even I admit this and I’m a cheerful barbarian.

The shit is about to hit the fan: There is a new method for evaluating human evolution in the last few thousand years.  Duck and cover!  Especially your ears.

Nauru is a more interesting island than you think.

Here at the People’s Blog: Finally, a sexual fetish you haven’t heard of before.


Further reading:  Last week’s Word from the Dark Side.

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Quiet Word from the Dark Side, 4/1/16

Illimitable Men publishes a long list of maxims that men need to know.

EvolutionistX writes about historical and contemporary human sacrifice in animist religions.  Also, the end of programming in America.

Sovereign Man writing about helping a desperate family member – there’s a sting in the tail.

Quintus Curtius writes about the ‘side-principal rule’ and unrestricted warfare in Read More

Quiet Word from the Dark Side,3/25/16

This might be a short one because I’m on the road enjoying an adventure.  Resting up today to recover from all the hypothermia and AIDS.  Don’t want to get that again.

Speaking of which, David Cole blames gays for not quickly addressing the AIDS epidemic when it would have made a difference, in the 1980s.  Okay, partly blames some gay activists who claimed it was a hoax.  I’ve been getting in trouble for some of my click-bait headings.

EvolutionistX posits that Emma Watson only has a job because of Patriachy and objectification – i.e. because dirty old men want to fuck her.  This is a bit click-baity on my part, too – EvolutionistX is not so simplistic and crude as I am.  Also: Megalithic burials are so weird.

The global changes than mean America can not be great again.

I liked this: a chat with Vern the Vietnam Vet.

Damn this is interesting.  Slate Star Codex shows that Read More

Quiet Word from the Dark Side, 3/18/16


What happens when Hispanics are racist to blacks?

Do animals go to heaven?  Spiritual beliefs related to animals across time and place.

The four sirens of the sexual apocalypse: reprise with scientific evidence.

Delicious Tacos loses his cat under tragic circumstances.  I try to maintain my psychopathic persona on this site but his story made me really sad.

Human germline engineering: the game changer.

The heckler’s veto: from Trump to Read More

Quiet Word From the Dark Side, 2/26/16


Evolutionistx compares average state IQ to per capita GDP.

Hitler raving gifs.

Living with possibilities – there’s always something else you could be doing.

Delicious Tacos: It’s over between us.  Update: charming love story about a pony.

The indigenous Europeans.

psychological perspective on the feminist obsession with false rape and indifference to real rape.

The speech they didn’t want you to hear.

China blows up empty, unused new building. Read More

Quiet Word from the Dark Side, 2/19/16

belly dancer

1,428-year-old company collapses.

Delicious Tacos turns forty.

This is a children’s video entitled The Unequal Opportunity Race that is being show in some American schools.  It was produced by the African American Policy Forum.

Kayne West is retarded.

Mighty, vengeful, all-knowing God engenders altruism, study finds.  This explains why I’m Read More

Quiet Word From The Dark Side, 2/11/16

Putin’s Aleppo strategy pays off – an interesting look at the behind-the-scenes shenanigans and the murky role of Saudi Arabia and Turkey in prolonging the Syrian civil war.  The linked article largely riffs off a WSJ article hidden behind a paywall.

Steve Sailer posits that the Western world is following this sequence of political eras:

(1) hereditary right

(2) majority rule

(3) minority right

(4) the inalienable right of minorities to become the majority (while maintaining all the privileges of a modern minority)

The science on genes and IQ: an unstoppable train.

The Education Realist discusses something I’d never heard of: teacher slaves.

A modern day banned book.

Heartiste overhears a lady conversation.

A Benghazi-like scandal in the Philippines.

Classic Tacos: Tenga Easy Beat Egg road test.  Update: he just posted some sad news: Write Some More You Lazy Fuck.

Finally, a press conference that doesn’t put me to sleep.

A theory you’ve never heard before about cat ladies.

Oh, just for old time’s sake.  A Japanese man attempts to rob his own restaurant.


Further reading:  The Underclass and You and the previous Word from the Dark Side

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The Link Site to End All Link Sites

Aggregate sites don’t get a lot of attention in their own right.  So, let’s take a moment to recognise the most comprehensive one of all:

Mapping the Dark Enlightenment

This is the site where you will find many, many links of interest to open minded people who are looking for unconventional views that challenge the status quo.  It links everyone: futurists, monarchists and even other aggregators.

That should keep you busy for a while.

The Final Word From The Dark Side, January 31st 2016


Fuck Reddit.

Most of my Dark Side readers were coming from there.  One day nobody was dropping by so I investigated.  Turns out the Reddinquisition had shadowbanned me.  I complained and I got a reply, apparently from a human being who takes life very seriously, pontificating that I wasn’t commenting on other posts.  What cocks, following their own rules.  At least Stalin’s victims got a show trial – Reddit just gives you the bullet without ceremony.

So fuck them guys.  I’ll still post links but there will be fewer wacky Japanese schoolgirl knickers getting nicked by dodgy cop stories and more articles of interest to the discerning reader who is of equal or (more likely) somewhat higher intelligence than myself.

If you really like the dirty J-stories you can find them for yourself here.  People who use Reddit, feel free to post my stuff.  I’m not going to start a new account etc.

Rightio, let’s get started.  Fucking Reddit.

Delicious Tacos writes about everyone’s favourite topic: racial issues!

The Empty Subject Blog is having troubles with his new, bionic dick.

Over at Taki, all hell breaks loose when a Medievalist (those guys again!) goes off the reservation.  Steve Sailer tallies the complaints of the Oscar Grouches and finds them statistically wanting.

West Hunter has another account of an academic burned at the stake for Read More

The Word From The Dark Side, January 22nd, 2016


If you came here from Reddit, read this.

A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion.


Venus flytraps can count.  I wonder if they’re the only plant that can do this.

Man allegedly bites head off live rat, eats it, and posts graphic photos of his culinary feat on Facebook.  He is being investigated by the RSPCA.  Link contains said photos.

Air stewardess goes nuts on flight, gets the sack.

Anthropogenic climate change is the only thing saving us unappreciative apes from a grim fate.

Japanese women surveyed on what does and doesn’t constitute cheating on their boyfriend.  Interesting results.

Japanese cram school under fire for using erotic example sentences in language class.

Singaporean man fined a thousand bucks for spiking a female colleague’s drink with a love potion that contained poisonous ingredients.  Apparently he bought it online.

Nazi parody anime appears in Japan.  It also contains schoolgirls in Read More