The limits of Woke

Last week I wrote about how Woke has become a new, proselytizing religion that is coming to dominate all areas of Western society.

It is predominantly a white, middle-class religion restricted to the WEIRD countries.

While it may seem universal, Woke has natural limits. It runs into a brick wall in those cases where its underlying contradictions or foundations become too much to bear.

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The new religion
White Christians in Houston, Texas pray for forgiveness from blacks. Source:

Around 2000, futurism was popular. Highly paid grifters would give keynote speeches about what was around the corner: the convergence of gadgets, the rise of online trading, the growing importance of China.

I don’t think anyone foresaw the establishment of a major new religion, much less its rise to dominance among the West’s elite in just seven years.

Now it has arrived.

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