Word from the Dark Side – Down From Dover, war guilt drove her, beat the broker and faces are over

Down From Dover by Dolly Parton, 1970

Body of Russian model who branded Putin ‘a psychopath’ found in suitcase year after going missing. Read to the end and you’ll see that this story is mostly about Yahoo News.

Did you know??? A bunch of (mostly) socialists blockaded a meeting of the World Economic Forum in Melbourne, 2000. Eventually the riot squad (remember them?) took off their badges and bashed them stupid. The event was called the S11 Protest, after the starting date of September 11th, a moniker which was overwritten a year later.

From above image source:

The ABC interviewed well known Melbourne entertainer Rod Quantock who said that several friends were hit by police batons in an unprovoked attack:

“Nothing would justify the violence that was there. I was on the ground. I couldn’t see who was batoning me. It wouldn’t have made a difference. They didn’t have ID on anyway,” he said. “I was hit all over the body and eventually kneecapped as I tried to stand up. They just came at us. They just attacked us. I saw people with so much blood on their face you couldn’t literally tell if they were men or women.” ( . . . )

Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, said: “The police action was excellent. They gave the protestors a chance at the first day to behave in a civilised way, they charged when it was necessary to restore law and order.” His bidding was done by our esteemed Labour Premier, Steve Bracks . . .

I spoke to a guy in uni who was involved but he was a typical drug-addled hippie who couldn’t talk in a straight line so he just rambled on without making much sense.

Fugitive Nigerian Monkeypox carrier arrested by police in Phnom Penh

Phuket Health Authority said that after receiving the results of the test, the patient refused to receive treatment, turned off his phone and did not contact the hospital.

Weird thread: supposedly nationalist, anti-Korean politician Shinzo Abe was allied with a fiercely anti-Japanese Korean cult. That’s why he’s called a pragmatist.

I thought only whites fell for that sort of weaponised guilt-tripping.

Financial sorcerers:

. . . a report from CXO Advisory Group analyzed 6,582 public market calls made by 68 pundits from 2005-2012 and found that their average accuracy was 47%, slightly worse than chance. Despite this, there is still a high demand for pundits and their predictions. It reminds me of the famous reply given to Ken Arrow after he discovered that his long term weather forecasts were no better than chance:

“The Commanding General is well aware that the forecasts are no good. However, he needs them for planning purposes.”

This graph will help you a lot if you can understand it:

Across the Rhine and into Alps.

But still, that moment when I looked up from my dead tree book and saw the mountains rising out of the Austrian soil was very lovely indeed. Here I was, back in the Alps. The spot where I feel most at home in the world

Shanghai elegant skink. Not to be confused with very similar-looking skinks found outside Asia. Source (many more great photos of Taiwan).

More Japanese youth wearing surgical masks to hide their face

ZIP! also surveyed the reasons why people who aren’t sick or have allergies wear masks. The results, beginning with the most popular answer, are as follows:

– They’re not wearing any makeup and want to hide their face

– To keep their face warm

– To make their face look small

– It comforts them

– To keep their throat from drying while sleeping

Article is from 2012. I think we’ve now reached a point of no return. Face masks will be permanent in some countries.

Cases of people getting unwanted crabs skyrocketing in Japan.

Salmon, too.

That’s it. When I don’t have much for the Dark Side, that’s good. It means I’ve mostly been offline.


  1. Kentucky Headhunter · July 24

    Yahoo news, you say? Hmmmm.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Johnny Caustic · July 24

    That list of reasons to wear masks is so depressing.

    I wonder if we’re headed for a singularity where a substantial percentage of the population will avoid in-person social contact by all means available to them, throughout their lives.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kentucky Gent · July 24

    Noah Smith might be the kind of person Jesus was referrring to when he talked about “blind guides”.

    It’s like Yuri Bezmenov said, once you get people brainwashed you can literally show them the internment camps and they still won’t believe it.


  4. overgrownhobbit · July 26

    Unrolling the Space Wakanda I wondered two things. First, have any of those posting on it lived in a modern African city like the one Mr. Vlad wrote about? Both from outside and inside forces, becoming wealthy enough, with enough human capital to build even a space station and shuttles seems wildly improbable. Even a path forward for a mixed-race population outside Africa ala Brasil seems unlikely with the pace of technology driving things to sterilize us, rather than transcend human limits.

    But also why do so many people trust the population statistics coming from these nations? Mrs. Hoyt pointed out long ago that numbers promoted by tribal, authoritarian states are positively medieval (pace Founding Questions) and there are so many incentives to make stuff up.


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