Manospheric nostalgia

The greatest moment in Manosphere history was when prolific MGTOW commenter Mark Minter suddenly announced that he was getting married to a female commenter. After years of being the internet’s most strident anti-marriage voice, this attracted some blowback. He responded by pointing out how young his bride was and proclaiming, ‘Top that motherf*ckers.’

Wonder what happened to them. I wish them all the best.

Reading through old manosphere blogs is like dusting off relics from a distant past.

A lot of them are gone or have moved on. Chateau Heartiste got nuked and now reserves his snark for a small Gab following. Roosh realized he wasn’t going to be picking up Poles for a living into his sixties and found a new path. The Rational Male has largely monetized his esoteric hobby.

Remember The Spearhead? Go check out what happened to that domain. Actually I’d better translate: it’s now a site recruiting Japanese women for part-time ‘night work’ as entertainers in hostess clubs and that sort of thing.

Like The Spearhead, Dalrock suddenly ended under mysterious circumstances. So did The New Modern Man. His site has also been sold to an interesting new proprietor. HT to whoever sent me that, I can’t remember.

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