Lockdown survival guide 3: fitness



Lockdown survival guide 1: mental health

Lockdown survival guide 2: investments

Remember kids, don’t spend all day reading bad news, watching your investments plummet, and worrying about how long this thing will last.  We need routine, and the most solid part of any routine is fitness.

If you’re allowed out and about, you can continue to run and walk as usual.  If you’re cooped up at home, you’ll need some other form of cardio workout.

If you have a yard, skipping is fine.

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Adventures in communism – conclusion

[Written in Africa]

As I said at the outset, not every phenomenon described in this series has been ‘communist’ per se.  In many cases it has simply been authoritarian, or irrational, or pig-headed.  Communism takes on different shapes depending on the culture where it takes root, and that is how the system has so far turned out here.

Living in this country has made me Read More