The Word From The Dark Side – November 6th, 2015


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A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion.

Every time Delicious Tacos doesn’t post for a couple of weeks I assume he’s dead, but he always seems to bounce back.  Anyway, here’s a classic post to bide us over.

Update: he’s back with a characteristically cheerful post.  And there’s another.

That has put me in the mood.  Join me, dear reader, for a jaunt past the neat lawns and freshly-painted weatherboard bungalows of Memory Lane.  We’ll hold hands until they get sweaty.  You’ll let go and I’ll think it’s because you don’t like me.

Over at Kid Strangelove, the enlightenment of having once been a sexless nerd.  Bonus: The ‘I didn’t rape you text.’

Classic Roissy: The number one dead giveaway that your wife is about to cheat.

Vintage Rollo: War Brides.  This knocked me for six the first time I read it.

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