The sad and strange history of Eritrea

Review of I Didn’t Do It for You: How the World Betrayed a Small African Nation by Michela Wrong.

Every place has its story. Every tiny country, every little town has had its bizarre characters, unbelievable coincidences, moments in the spotlight and uncanny sagas that would make for a great novel, or series of novels.

Eritrea is no exception.

If it hadn’t already been taken, a more descriptive title for this book would have been A Series of Unfortunate Events.

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Who is Dr Tedros?

This is Part 2.

Part 1 in this series is here: Trust WHO?

In my previous post, Trust WHO?, I documented the corruption and incompetence of the World Health Organization.  If you find anyone still defending those clowns, please link them to that article.  And if that’s not enough, I’ve found more dirt on them since, including ignoring tip-offs from Taiwan to the WHO in December of human-to-human transmissions of a deadly virus in Wuhan.  Instead, the WHO waited until they were officially informed of this by the Chinese government on 21 January.

You see this present catastrophe the world is in?  This is why.  It is not an act of God.  It is an infection that could have been tightly contained if Chinese authorities and the WHO had acted responsibly and professionally.

However, I admitted in the article to being unable to identify the source of China’s power over the WHO.  After all, they’d stumped up only $6 million in funding, which is only enough for a few modest junkets with lovers for high-ranking staffers.  The United States, despite Obama-era cutbacks, was still the largest contributor with total donations of $281 million.

I’ve now figured out how China exercises such immense control over Tedros and the WHO.  To understand, Read More