‘It’s okay when we do it,’ Philippines edition

Source: nykdaily.com

Five years ago, I wrote about how lies can teach you more than the truth. So it is with this article from Yahoo News:

Rodrigo Duterte Is Using One of the World’s Longest COVID-19 Lockdowns to Strengthen His Grip on the Philippines

Yep, that nasty Duterte is using his lockdown to increase his own power while Western elites would never dream of doing that.

The whole article is an interesting mix of truth and facts used in a misleading or hypocritical way.

There are confusing variations in rules from locality to locality, however. The armed police that man checkpoints have also, at times, been encouraged by President Rodrigo Duterte to shoot lockdown violators dead.

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Word from the Dark Side, 6/4/16


An increasingly irregular collection of problematic news and opinion.

Matt Forney gives us three reasons why we shouldn’t date older women.  Caprizchka grudgingly agrees.  My two bob: hot older Japanese woman > hot older non-Japanese woman > non-hot younger woman.  Here ‘greater than’ does not mean ‘larger than’.  Eww.  Of course, young and hot trumps them all.  And, any port in a storm.

Matt Forney also gets assaulted by a fat chick.  Surprised he’s pressing charges as he did make a rude comment – don’t know if it’s illegal in that jurisdiction.  Anyway, good luck.

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