It could be worse

[Written in Africa]

I took a trip for my last holiday, and I found out that everyone gets robbed in Addis.

Every single person in my hostel had had something pinched, or someone had blatantly tried to pinch something from them.

I usually got taxis around town, but I needed to Read More

The Word From The Dark Side, December 12th 2015

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A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion.


Mysterious ghost ships containing headless bodies have been appearing along the Japanese coast.

Japanese man arrested for killing girlfriend’s baby with stimulants.

Baby dies after parents throw her out with the trash.  Ah, safety Japan.

A small Japanese city attracts tourists with a big-titted anime character, causes a stir.  Yes, the article has a picture.

Our old friend syphilis is making a comeback in Japan.  Guess which demographic is ‘most at risk’?  If you Read More