Groundhog Day

We’re back into lockdowns here.

Brief recap:

  • There’s no dole. Theoretically everyone gets a free bag of rice and some tins of sardines but mostly it gets pinched before it reaches anyone who needs it. There’s meant to be some money, too – not yet met anyone who’s got any.
  • Lots of hungry people.
  • Theft and drug dealing both up.
  • Uncertainty and inconsistency about the rules. There was supposed to be outdoor dining but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Greasing palms can help in obtaining permits for limited capacity operation.
  • Little to no impact on infection rates.
  • Hardly matters anyway because with a very young population the IFR is probably under 0.1%.
  • Schools are closed but they have been since March 2020. I’m starting to think they might never reopen.

This lockdown doesn’t affect me much this time as the beach remains open, officially or unofficially I’m not sure.

I’m fairly Zen at this point but there are still things that shit me: corruption, bedwetters and dobbers.

City vs Province

The city and provincial governments publish totally different infection data for reasons neither has troubled itself to explain.

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Adventures in communism – running a business

Part one of this series is here.

[Written in Africa]

Someone once conducted an interesting experiment in Peru.  I can’t find the link.  They tried to set up a little roadside stall legally.  In the third world, a good 90% of workers are employed off the books, but this mob decided to give it a go with all the necessary licenses and see what happened.

Their policy was not to pay bribes unless failing to do so would halt the process and thereby end the experiment.  They had a number of full-time staff on the case, going to offices, writing letters, making calls, filling forms and all the rest of it.

Finally, two years later, they had no license.

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Oxfam whores

For reasons some of you may be aware of, I upload posts many months after I have written them.  Hence my topical articles are stale and I have to remind you what they’re all about.

Cast your mind back around eight thousand years, to the heady days of February 2018 when some Oxfam staff got busted rooting Haitian whores.  Remember that?  No?  Well, look it up while the rest of us get on with it.

There are many curious and interlocking layers of hypocrisy involved.  Let us peel back the onion layers until we cry.

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What Xi ought to have said

At the last big Chinese Communist Party shindig Xi Jinping was appointed President for Life and gave a tremendously important speech.  It was just what you’d expect – those naughty Taiwanese better behave themselves, I’ll crack down on corruption, China is awesome, all those other countries are stupid little girly countries who probably don’t even have system of writing yet, etc., etc.

Here’s the speech he should have given: Read More