Mugshots of rioters

Andy Ngo has been doing yeoman’s work in cataloguing the mugshots and rap sheets of rioters arrested (and mostly released a short time later) in Portland. He’s also been injured several times covering events.

I’ve created a gallery of some mugshots from the last few weeks. Antifa, BLM or right-wing agitators? You be the judge:

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Get a haircut and get a real job

My misspent youth:

I completed a useless degree, followed by a useless graduate diploma, and then I began a useless Masters course.  I even had long hair and a pissweak goatee.

I couldn’t find a supervisor, I realized I had no idea whatsoever what I was doing or planned to achieve or even how to complete the research (it would require third world travel, and I had never been overseas.)

And then I did something I had never, ever done before, nor even imagined I would ever do. Read More

How many paragraphs until they admit it?

From The Age: ‘Beachgoers attacked, robbed, glassed at Chelsea as teenagers run riot’.

Even foreigners would have picked the keyword in that headline, but let me fill you in on other facts: Chelsea beach is renowned for occasionally being a bit rough as it is just south of two high-immigrant suburbs, Springvale and Dandenong.  Just how rough it is at any given times depends on who’s living there – Vietnamese, Afghans etc.

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Don’t give to beggars

I was walking to the gym and saw two young, attractive white girls coming the other way.  This is not an everyday occurrence.  As I neared them they passed a begging mother with a couple of little children, and they gave the kids some chocolate.

The children were delighted and the mother was glowing, saying something to them like, aren’t you lucky?  Those kind foreigners gave you some chocolate!

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Contributory Democracy


The current democratic system (one person, one vote) is unfair.  It assumes that everyone contributes equally to society and that everyone is equally invested in long-term outcomes.

I offer the following framework as an alternative which is neither fascistic nor communist.  I hope that a small, courageous and geopolitically unimportant country (New Zealand?) will trial it for the rest of us.  No need to pay me – just call it Vladocracy in my honour.

People shall be allocated voting power according to Read More

Uselessness Runs in Families

I can see why the Guardian doesn’t open articles like these to comments.  A mother complains about her shiftless adult son who lives at home:

You sounded so bitter when you compared what I have in the bank with what you have. I know you are broke. You pay child support, repay debts, pay something towards your keep.

Poor guy is paying child support, hey.

What you can’t remember is the struggle when you were little to get round the supermarket with enough money in my purse, or to find dinner money for you, when Dad managed to wangle his way round the Child Support Agency.

Oh, his old man was the same?  What a Read More