The Most Enjoyable Election Comments on Jezebel

You know the funnest thing in the world?  No, it’s not those clubs in Japan where you can watch the ladies above you above shit on a perspex floor.  No, it’s even funner than that.  It’s free.  And you can do it right now, without getting up or putting on your underwear.

  1.  Go to Jezebel.
  2.  Click on an election-related article.
  3.  Read the comments.

Better than chocolate sex.

All sic:


I’m crying because I don’t know how the fuck were going to survive a trump presidency.  And if he wins this isn’t my country, period. It’s every man for themselves. FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING LIBERAL WHITE MEN. FUCK YOU.

Why is she blaming liberal white men?  To answer logically would be to answer wrongly.  The important thing is, those overweight angry women never liked the skinny bearded ones at all.  And who can blame them.  Note to the skinny bearded ones: lift and eat meat.  Then it will all start to make sense.  Oh, and switch to Read More

The Tale of Tiziana Cantone


Image credit: Instagram/tizianacantonereal

In Italy, a respectable young lady named Tiziana Cantone and her boyfriend broke up.  She then had a brilliant idea, one that would knock other Italian thinkers such as Cicero and Galileo off their lofty intellectual perches: she had sex with four men and apparently sent the resulting video to her ex in order to Read More

The Word from the Dark Side – September 26, 2015


Image of unrelated idol group confiscated from Japan Today.

A regular collection of obscure news and outlandish opinion.

What is Japan?  This is Japan.

Some people really want to work for the state.

A court in India decides that, yes, the law against child marriage even applies to Muslims.

A woman is punched in the face while attending an Australian Rules football final. Read More