Unmarriageable women


I had a colleague I’ve mentioned before.  It occurred to me the other day that she is unmarriageable, and that there are plenty of others like her.

She once said she didn’t want to have children unless she met a man who would be prepared to do his fair share.  Clearly she had been brainwashed by all those Read More

Marriage 3.0


I do not have to tell my readers that Marriage 1.0 is dead.  That is, the institution whereby a man and a virginal woman enter into a permanent arrangement, the man begets children that are probably his own, provides for them and his wife, and is responsible for them.  The wife’s debts are his own.  If they divorce (exceedingly unlikely), he gets the kids.  If she has babies out of wedlock, they are all hers.  Under Marriage 1.0 a man effectively leases a womb and a help-meet.

Marriage 2.0 also seems to be on the rocks.  Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking – it ought to be on the rocks, but for some reason men still hurl themselves into that blazing inferno.  Under Marriage 2.0, a man and a woman enter into Read More