Word from the Dark Side – science on the wane, an empty plane, masks on the brain and the NHS is insane

Apache by The Shadows, 1960

‘Disruptive’ science has declined — and no one knows why:

It is important to understand the reasons for the drastic changes, Walsh says. The trend might stem in part from changes in the scientific enterprise. For example, there are now many more researchers than in the 1940s, which has created a more competitive environment and raised the stakes to publish research and seek patents. That, in turn, has changed the incentives for how researchers go about their work. Large research teams, for example, have become more common, and Wang and his colleagues have found3 that big teams are more likely to produce incremental than disruptive science.

Empty Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Fancy plane cricket? Source

You know those crazy American videos where people go nuts in fast food joints and jump the counter to start a brawl? They’re starting to appear in Australia, too.

The “Coup” in Germany:

This huge, PR-driven raid is the most dramatic of several recent escalations in anti-democratic behavior coming from the German state, with the enthusiastic complicity of the media. Michael Ballweg, a leading anti-corona demonstrator, has been held in custody since June on unproven charges of fraud and money laundering. Although he should have been released pending trial, a judge just extended his stay because the prosecution argued that Ballweg was planning to commit a crime “in his mind,” and refused to hear any witnesses from the defense. A libertarian anti-lockdown journalist, Oliver Janich, was also imprisoned in the Philippines upon a request from the German government. Both Ballweg and Janich are seen as political prisoners by the German right.

More seriously, Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has been leading a charge for months to pass a “Beweislastumkehr,” shifting the burden of proof from the accuser to the accused in cases where public officials are suspected of political extremism. She has taken up this project again, pointing to the Reichsburger raid as proof it was urgently needed to drive people out of office. It’s clear that AfD politicians will be driven out of office were she to succeed. Politicians on the center-right, like Bavarian Minister-President Markus Soeder, have also suggested that the AfD must be placed under stricter scrutiny as a result of this Reichsburger scham.

Law Enforcement and Psychiatry:

But even if they had wanted to institutionalize Larry, there was no institution to put Larry in, where he would be permanently kept separate from any little girls that he might feel like punching because they looked like someone who was mean to him.  If he hasn’t passed away by now, Larry is still in a group home somewhere, still being taken out on day trips into the general population, where he can slip away from his minder while they’re playing on their pocket Moloch and punch a little girl.

What institutions we do have left in this country are reserved for the Crazies. And they don’t keep them either, as my next tale will explain.

Wells Fargo, once the No. 1 player in mortgages, is stepping back from the housing market:

Wells Fargo is stepping back from the multitrillion-dollar market for U.S. mortgages amid regulatory pressure and the impact of higher interest rates.

Instead of its previous goal of reaching as many Americans as possible, the company will now focus on home loans for existing bank and wealth management customers and borrowers in minority communities, CNBC has learned.

In Canada, white security guards in a hospital forcibly subdued a Black patient suffering respiratory distress in order to force her to wear a mask. One guard moved a camera to avoid their actions being recorded.

A coroner’s report would conclude Warriner died from a brain injury resulting from a lack of oxygen “due to restraint asphyxia following struggle and exertion,” with her underlying lung disease a possible factor. 

“But for her interaction with the Applicants, Ms. Warriner would likely be alive today,” the forensic pathologist testified at the preliminary hearing, according to the Crown. 

The guards lied about their actions when questioned by police.

In a ‘surprise move’ by a judge, they’ve been cleared of all charges.

Ukrainian refugees give up on crisis-hit NHS and travel home to war zone for medical treatment:

“I had hellish pain in my face,” said Maiia. “I couldn’t sleep, and the painkillers didn’t work.

“I went to the NHS chatroom online and I was told to wait for a call the following day, but the call did not happen, so I went to the hospital.

“After waiting four hours the doctor didn’t even look at me and she also told me to take paracetamol. Again, it didn’t help, and I was still in severe pain.”

She decided the only way to get the treatment she believed she required was to make the 24-hour trip back to Ukraine, which includes a flight to Poland and a long and dangerous train journey to Kyiv.

Do you remember that Democratic official who allegedly murdered a journalist who’d published unflattering revelations about him? At the time it was mostly hurled around as culture-war cannonball.

Anyway, the full story is quite interesting:

That’s it.

Veronica Lake, circa 1940. Source

Pacific Southwest Airlines stewardesses in the early 1970s. Source


  1. Kentucky Gent · 20 Days Ago

    “Disruptive’ science has declined — and no one knows why”

    But we have some good hypotheses. I like the one floated in the excerpt – collaborative teams. Forcing geniuses to work with normies does nothing but retard the progress of the genius. He cannot raise team members up to his level, because he can’t fix ‘stupid’.

    But I also like my own hypothesis: DEI likely has had an impact. DEI ignores the IQ data. But the underlying mechanism is the same – you can’t fix ‘stupid’. Hiring someone based on their diversity traits does not turn them into geniuses. And certain diversity traits indicate mental illness, and a strategy of hiring mental patients to revolutionize science & technology has obvious flaws.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kentucky Gent · 20 Days Ago

    And based on the ads I am seeing, I think your advertisers are trolling me: “Exotic bra and panty sets to boost my confidence”???

    And believe me, that one was much kinder to me than the first ad!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Maniac · 20 Days Ago

    Seems like all the fast food perpetrators have something in common…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Corporate Clarke · 19 Days Ago

    The stuff in Germany is truly scary. Everyone screams fas*ism at almost everything these days. Except when there is actual fas*ism.

    Thanks for the stewardesses though.


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