Word from the Dark Side – dodgy gold, art memory-holed, FTX foretold and pretty uni girls left out in the cold

Active Heart by Noriko Sakae, 1988. It was the theme song to Gunbuster, an animated series which pioneered ‘boob bounce’.

While some are throwing oil over works of art by dead white men, a gallery in Western Australia has found that a simpler path to decolonization is to keep these pieces safely hidden from public view:

It owns priceless pieces of art by the likes of Sidney Nolan, Russell Drysdale, Norman Lindsay, Tom Roberts and even Lucien Freud, as well as one of Australia’s most recognisable masterpieces, Frederick McCubbin’s Down on His Luck.

But if you were hoping to see any of these renowned treasures at the Art Gallery of Western Australia for much of the past two years, you’d have been disappointed.

Most of them haven’t been on display at all . . .

Historical collections curator at the gallery Melissa Harpley said she felt a keen responsibility to look at the gallery’s role in society in the contemporary context of Black Lives Matter, #MeToo and climate change.

The next step will be to claim that the bad juju emanating from villainous works in storage is causing actual harm to whatever the trendy nomenclature for blacks is by then, thus they ought to be ceremonially taken out and burned.

Still among the Sandgropers, I once thought that the best possible way to own physical gold without keeping it in your own custody would be to do so through the Perth Mint. It’s state-owned, high security and had a sterling reputation. They also did gold-backed crypto, which again I thought ought to be as legit as you could get with such things. And they sell commemorative coins etc.

The Perth Mint is the world’s largest producer of newly mined gold. It processes around 10 per cent of annual global gold production, and mints the vast majority of gold mined in Australia.

According to its 2021 annual report, the Perth Mint’s yearly turnover was more than $26 billion. The mint holds around $6 billion on behalf of its clients, who range from central banks and sovereign wealth funds, to individuals, in over 130 countries.

It is the world’s only government owned and guaranteed precious metals enterprise. By extension, all metal deposits are underwritten by WA taxpayers.

However, the poor duffers have gotten themselves into a spot of bother:

The financial crime agency said it had “reasonable grounds to suspect” that the Mint breached one of the criminal provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act, by running an unregistered remittance business.

In layman’s terms, a company or entity is acting as a remitter if it moves money or property on behalf of a client.

That’s a long way from failing to honour clients’ holdings but still, it’s not a great look. Sometimes small issues can be signals of larger problems.

Over to Victoria, the mystery of the boss of the state’s biggest and baddest prison who went missing on a hunting trip at the tail end of the underworld war. He’s far from the first or last to go missing in those highlands:

Turning to the Metropole, remember the attorney who threw a molotov cocktail into an empty police van during the BLM riots? She’s just been sentenced to 15 months jail:

Mattis and Rahman were facing domestic terrorism charges and the possibility of 30 years in jail. The Biden Administration later agreed to a massive reduction of the charges in a plea agreement that would likely result only in a couple years of jail time. What is particularly bizarre is that the plea agreement reduced an earlier plea agreement for a more serious offense. They had agreed to the more serious offense but the Justice Department cut it down further.

The now-disbarred attorney sought no jail time and told the court that “I completely lost my way in the emotion of the night.”

U.S. District Judge Brian Cogan praised Rahman for her commitment to fighting social injustices: “You’re a remarkable person who did a terrible thing on one night.” 

Like the 60s and 70s militants, she’ll end up with a sinecure out of it.

A woman trying to kiss John F Kennedy. Niagara, New York, September 28, 1960. Source

Trans people to get UBI in San Franciso:

Back in May, San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced her five-year plan to end transgender homelessness. Breed had budgeted $6.5 million to end trans homelessness by 2027. We thought that must have been a mistake; surely she had budgeted $6.5 million to end all homelessness, right? Wrong. The piece she linked to in her tweet announcing the five-year plan confirmed that it was targeted toward trans homelessness.

We’d forgotten about that until today when we read that San Francisco has launched a guaranteed income program for low-income transgender people.

Motte-and-baily spotted in real time:


Hot chicks got lower uni grades during online learning:


This paper examines the role of student facial attractiveness on academic outcomes under various forms of instruction, using data from engineering students in Sweden. When education is in-person, attractive students receive higher grades in non-quantitative subjects, in which teachers tend to interact more with students compared to quantitative courses. This finding holds both for males and females. When instruction moved online during the COVID-19 pandemic, the grades of attractive female students deteriorated in non-quantitative subjects. However, the beauty premium persisted for males, suggesting that discrimination is a salient factor in explaining the grade beauty premium for females only.

Boring is beautiful in investing:

Successful investing should be boring. It should be long-term in nature. It requires patience and discipline and the ability to ignore the madness of the crowds.

But you can’t brag about boring to your friends and co-workers. No one writes glowing profiles about normal people who diligently save and invest their hard-earned money, keep fees to a minimum and stay the course.

Red-billed firefinch. Source

Of all those who backed SBF, one who was obviously going to be among them was The Eggman. Here’s his glowing May report of Effective Altruism:

I think SBF’s ideas, as I understand them, are pretty good, and I hope that his efforts to spend money to influence American politics succeed. But to succeed, I think ultimately he’s going to have to persuade people that his agenda really is what he says it is.

Part of that will require fostering a broader familiarity with EA, and to that end, I wanted to write about the space as I understand it and its significance and insights.

We get it, Mr. Egg. EA means thinking up clever Wordlord reasons why you are actually quite justified and noble in doing the evil thing that you were going to do anyway.

Respect to those who sussed out the fried bankman ahead of time. Coingeek, February:

As Bankman-Fried seduces more wannabe traders into gambling on so-called digital currencies with the lure of free BTC, it’s worth remembering that all of these people have an agenda, and it usually involves you losing money to line their pockets.

Think this is overly harsh? SBF is no stranger to accusations of market manipulation. He has been sued for it, and he’s even been accused of running a RICO enterprise. According to one lawsuit, SBF directed some of his cohorts to dump hundreds of BTC on Binance, causing a tsunami of liquidations on both Binance and his own FTX platform. Ironically, this attempt was thwarted by Binance’s own manipulation detection systems.

Is this really the altruistic genius being painted in the media? Or is SBF just another greedy conman in the Crypto Crime Cartel? Make your own mind up, but in any case, remember that this is an industry run by some very shady people, and nothing is ever as it seems. If you trade on leverage on these platforms, you’re up against people with unlimited funds and an insider’s view of the orderbooks. Your chances of beating them are zero.

Japanese minimum wage workers are known for going above and beyond what anyone else would expect:

According to the police report, the man paid for a black coffee at the store in Ota City, but when he went over to the coffee machine to pour the coffee for himself, as is the way when making this type of purchase at a convenience store, the owner found that the customer had pushed the “latte” button instead of the “black coffee” button, effectively pouring himself a more expensive cup of coffee than what he’d paid for.

When confronted by the owner, the customer said he needed to use the restroom, but instead tried to escape in his car, which was parked in the parking lot outside the store. The owner followed the man into the parking lot, where he clung onto the windscreen wipers of the vehicle in an attempt to stop the man from leaving.

The man, however, drove off with the owner still clinging to the windscreen wipers, dragging him down a road for several hundred metres until the owner fell away from the car. The owner hit his head hard during the fall and was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

That’s it from me. Actually I have plenty more links saved but this post is long enough. This week Fisted used one of the links I was going to use here, is all interesting as usual.

Dancers of the Schochiku Dancing Troupe, rehearsing one of their new numbers in the “natsu-no-odori” summer dance scene which they performed at the Kokusai Theater. Tokyo, July 11, 1958. Photo by Mitsunori Chigita. HT

Three women at a beachside ice cream shop. USA, circa mid 1960s. HT


  1. Maniac · November 20

    Time for San Andreas to dial in another house call.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Frank K · November 21

    The California state government is projected to have a $25B deficit next year. I’m sure things are not looking any better for San Francisco. Those trannies shouldn’t count on that free money.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Frank K · November 21

    The Brandon regime did try its version of UBI: the COVID no fault unemployment benefit, which was as high as $1000 a week. It ended a long time ago, and all we got for it was 10%+ real inflation. A lot of people thought the free cheese would never end and they bought expensive cars with loans, cars which are now being repossessed for non payment. Funny how that works out in the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ray · November 22

    JFK’s guards are snickering about him getting groped. Hey shouldn’t the #MeToo predators charge this woman for sexual assault? After all it’s only been 60 years or so. Oh wait, that’s right . . . silly me.

    Historical Collections Curator Melissa Harpy can’t seem to do anything in life that doesn’t involve hating and disenfranchising white males. It’s almost like Ms. Harpy is obsessed that she is not a white male and is unable to contain her resentment and rage at her own inferiority. Yea and truly, Ms. Harpy is in authority everywhere in Bitchdom.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Corporate Clarke · November 22

    Thank Christ you ended with the dancing troupe and the ice cream patrons. Finish with the white pill.


  6. Kentucky Gent · November 23

    “No one writes glowing profiles about normal people who diligently save and invest their hard-earned money, keep fees to a minimum and stay the course.”

    A very few do so:



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