Word from the Dark Side – Run to Paradise, new meat delights, bad med advice and ruling class rights

Run to Paradise by The Choirboys, 1987.

Beyond Beyond Meat:

Beyond Meat COO arrested for biting man’s nose near Razorback Stadium

( . . . ) The owner of the Subaru then got out and he stated that Ramsey “pulled him in close and started punching his body.” According to the report, Ramsey also “bit the owner’s nose, ripping the flesh on the tip of the nose.”

The victim and the witness also reported hearing Ramsey “threaten to kill” the owner of the Subaru. Occupants of both vehicles got out and helped separate the parties.

Do Argentinians HATE Money?

I’ve had experiences like that all over the world. I recall a fancy club with outdoor swimming pool etc. in Taiwan that took forty minutes to sort our bills, as though no one had ever tried to pay them before and they weren’t sure how to do it.

Things that make you go hmmm:

I’ve previously shown that audience scores are generally more reliable than critic scores on Rotten Tomatoes, for various reasons. What’s going on here?

Let’s have a look at the latest glowing reviews (they’re pouring in every few minutes);

Not very detailed . . .

‘Based on a true story’, hey? What was that story?

The emergence of an all-female military regiment was the result of Dahomey’s male population facing high casualties in the increasingly frequent violence and warfare with neighbouring West African states. This led to Dahomey being one of the leading tribes in the slave trade with the Oyo Empire, which used slaves for commodity exchange in West Africa until the British Empire brought an end to the slave trade in the region. The lack of men likely led the kings of Dahomey to recruit women into the army.[2]

( . . . ) During a battle with French soldiers at Adegon on 6 October during the second war, the bulk of the Amazon corps were wiped out in a matter of hours in hand-to-hand combat after the French engaged them with a bayonet charge.[18] The Dahomey lost 86 regulars and 417 Dahomey Amazons, with nearly all of those deaths being inflicted by bayonets; the French lost 6 soldiers.[19]

Andean condor, largest flying bird in the world. Source

The sperm shortage story the other day attracted more attention that I expected. Here are a couple of appendixes for those particularly interested in this niche topic:

America’s hottest export? Sperm

( . . . ) Her fertility center gave her the password to a protected site – the catalogue. It contained a mix of Australian and American men. “Go and have fun with it,” the andrologist suggested. “Invite your girlfriends around, have some wine and cheese, and choose a donor.” ( . . . )

On the 17-page file provided to clients, he wrote that he became a donor because “he wanted to spread his awesome genes throughout the world,” which, Rasmussen acknowledges, “was such an arrogant thing to say. It made me laugh because it really showed me how young he was. I felt like he was joking when he said that, like he was saying it to be tongue-in-cheek. We hope.”

Roissyesque irrational confidence. Even sperm donors need game these days.

The article says that Danish sperm is also highly sought after.

The highest selling sperm donor is a Danish, 6’1 guy

Zoom in to read the text. If you still can’t see it, basically it’s about how tall, blonde-haired, blue-eyed sperm is the most sought-after. Based Manlett doesn’t tell us the source.

Looking at his other posts, I suppose I should say that this site will not be to to everyone’s taste. Fascinating what you can get away with on WordPress if you don’t draw attention to yourself.

Orange-legged leaf frog. Source

Program to stop bad medicine at risk after government pulls funding

( . . . ) The possible closure comes as debate rages over whether the program, called Choosing Wisely, managed to achieve its goals, or became little more than a forum for medical professionals to snipe at each other.

. . . instead of looking at bad medicine in their own practice, doctors tend to target procedures done by other specialists, a 2019 study found.

Of 48 recommendations made by surgical societies, for example, just nine target surgery.

( . . . ) Zadro’s study also found the vast majority of recommendations did not target income-generating procedures – and when they did, it was procedures that generated money for other specialties.

Anti-British monarchy protesters did an oopsie:

The largest decline of reading scores in 30 years happened during the pandemic, new study finds

Test results revealed a devastating setback in American education — among 9-year-old students, a new study found the largest decrease in reading scores in 30 years and the first decrease of math scores since the test scores began to be tracked.

Sort of a review of Elementary Particles:

Without a religious order to focus our aims upward, the lower urges dominate. The purpose of external authority is to suppress the tyrants within. Every man is composed of little caligulas. 

Let’s get rid of Charles III and appoint an Aboriginal elder to rule Australia.

Don’t Take Financial Advice From Kanye West

Young women in Japan want only one child or none at all: survey

Tinder just opened a convenience store in Japan, aimed at adults only

Japan weighs plan for ban on hotel guests without masks: report

The move would come at a time when Japan is expected to further ease its COVID-19 border controls, waiving visa requirements for certain tourists and removing a limit on daily arrivals.

Officials inform town mayor that some nutter has been turning parked bicycles upside-down. Mayor responds, “That was me.”

Teacher arrested for putting bleach in school lunch:

Hanzawa, who has taught at the school since 2020, was quoted by police as saying she got upset because she was transferred to be the homeroom teacher for another class in April, despite wanting to remain with her previous class. The curry she laced was meant to be served for the children in her new class, school officials said.

That’s it from me. More here from Niccolo.



  1. Kentucky Gent · September 24

    “( . . . ) Her fertility center gave her the password to a protected site – the catalogue. It contained a mix of Australian and American men. “Go and have fun with it,” the andrologist suggested.”

    Absolutely inexcusable. This is what public floggings are for.


  2. freemattpodcast · September 25

    As per the sperm deficit story, back in the day “…our mothers used to do it the old fashion way and it didn’t cost as much”.


  3. Andrew · September 25

    Love the song at the start. I don’t always click on these, but I should far more often. You have some great song selections. This one, yeah its a solid rock song, but its the quality of the production that blows me away. Tight, punchy, clear, great dynamics and a huge amount of space in the mix. Mandated modern mixing techniques – throwing everything in the mix including the kitchen sink – and then compressing the death out of it – mean that its simply not possible to create simple mixes that sound as energetic as this one. I’d like to think that the pretty girl at the little mixing desk in the video was responsible, but somehow I think that’s implausible!! A real adult did this mix, and they knew what they were doing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • urbando · September 30

      I clicked on the link as well and enjoyed the rock tune from the 80s (that I haven’t any memory of ever hearing). Agree that the mix is tight. Eight Marshall heads (50 or 100 watt, no matter) stacked on top of each other? Instant hearing loss so bogus. But what the heck, this is video.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. lemmiwinks · September 25

    Younger, drunker, night clubbing me used to love shouting the lyrics and cutting the rug to Run to Paradise (among others.)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Frank K · September 25

    I would expect a high end establishment in Taipei to have a computerized ordering and billing system, after all, even moderate mom and pop eateries have them in the US. I did find the story of the Argie Churrasqueria being inflexible with seating to be quite believable. I’ve even experienced such inflexibility and bad service in Argie eateries outside of Argentina. I guess they really do hate making money.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Himself · September 26

    “Test results revealed a devastating setback in American education…”

    And here we thought the line – “Wow, I’m really gonna miss indoor plumbing…” was a joke.

    Gonna get real. And fast.


    • Frank K · September 28

      It does make one wonder what will happen when the current folks with the knowledge to keep civilization running retire or die? It does seem plausible the we will go suddenly from “things mostly work” to “nothing works and no one knows how to fix it”

      Liked by 1 person

    • urbando · September 30

      Pat, do you really think so? Why am I playing the guitar and drinking whiskey? (shakes head)


  7. Kentucky Gent · October 3

    No Friday Finance? Some concern here. Hope you’re well, NV.


  8. Kentucky Gent · October 5

    “Young women in Japan want only one child or none at all: survey”

    The internet is NOT always for forever:

    “The requested article has expired, and is no longer available. Any related articles, and user comments are shown below.”

    On a related note, young men in Japan want Japanese women.

    They are not alone on this planet.

    Liked by 1 person

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