The great Victorian hunt for white sperm

We find our story today in the Australian state of Victoria, most famous for its spectacular coastline, cute penguins and tyrannical government.

Victorian woman arrested for rioting over sperm shortage

This is the article that piqued my interest:

Too many women, not enough sperm: The Victorian donor dilemma

Executive summary:

  • There’s a lack of Caucasian sperm available in Victorian sperm banks
  • The pandemic is to blame because donors would not leave the house
  • Women want YT sperm because their infertile husband is white or because they don’t feel confident raising a child of another race without that ethnic experience blah blah you get it
  • Demand has also increased
  • There are some local laws that make it hard to import sperm from elsewhere

The article is vague and raises more questions that it answers. I dove down the rabbit hole and this is what I found.

No white sperm?

Australia is still around 60-70% white if you count Greeks, Italians and so on. I suspect some women seeking donors do not.

Fertile women seeking mates are the world’s most unapologetic eugenicists. They eliminate short genes more enthusiastically than Karl Brandt exterminated the disabled.

There’s no word on a shortage of tall DNA in Victoria but all involved know they’re not allowed to talk about that. Mentioning the white sperm issue is risky enough.

I would make a guess that proportionally more white women than other women are seeking donors, which would partly explain the Caucasian shortage. Australia’s next two biggest ethnic groups, East and South Asians, generally belong to cultures that frown upon single motherhood.

The fathers can now be contacted for comment

There were fewer donations during the lockdown. However, there have been articles about the ‘sperm drought’ wriggling around since 2015.

What happened in that year?

For some time, there had been complaints from donor children that they were unable to find their biological fathers and half-siblings. Under the old rules, donor anonymity was strictly protected.

In 2015, the law was changed. Donors now have to accept that any biological children have the right to know their bio-dad’s identity once they turn eighteen.

This has obviously reduced the number of donors. An eighteen year old is still a kid and may need support. The bio-dad has no legal responsibility so long as conception is artificial, but still. What if they’re having problems? Are you just going to ignore them?

In addition, having offspring randomly rock up 18+ years on (frozen sperm can last a long time) is risky and complicated. By that time, the donors may have married and had their own kids. That’s a lot to deal with and those men who think long-term will consider it.

Also significant is the fact that fact that the 2015 legislation was retrospective. Yup, all those donors promised strict anonymity were suddenly exposed at the stroke of a pen.

Some records were lost and some were deliberately destroyed, but not all.

This legislation has taught a valuable lesson to any potential donors: the government doesn’t care about you and will tear up any agreement the moment it is politically expedient to do so.

Right now you’re off the hook for child support, but what about ten years from now?

From 2015 on, a lot of the sperm has been coming from the US, presumably because local supplies dried up and America’s still the world’s largest reservoir of white DNA. However, foreign donors need to agree to the same rules, thus limiting that supply. There are concerns that overseas donors may be harder for kids to track down once they come of age due to different record-keeping standards etc.

Victoria now also bans payment for sperm aside from covering travel costs etc. The treatment is expensive but the sperm is free. I suppose that’s also true for imported sperm but who knows what happens in reality.

From 2010, single women and lesbian couples were permitted to obtain sperm from donors. This presumably increased the number of women seeking sperm while possibly reducing the number of men willing to donate.

Gays to the rescue

Apparently there was a campaign, by who is unclear, to get gay men to donate sperm following the 2015 drought.

The idea was that they would be less worried about complications caused by the new legislation. Back in 2015, there was still a predominant mindset that gay men would not have their own families. They have only been able to adopt, use surrogacy and marry fairly recently.

The presumption seems to have been that an old gay man would not have his own spouse and kids down the track, and would be delighted to have some grown offspring turn up in his sterile life.

Today, who knows.

The article says that the campaign was successful but provides no numbers.

Who wants all this white sperm?

Several articles give the impression that most of those seeking donors are infertile, hetero couples who just want a kid for whom the father will look plausible. That makes sense. Using a casual encounter to get the job done, while cheaper, is going to cause hurt feelings in that situation.

Reading further, however, it becomes clear that hetero couples are now a small minority of those seeking sperm:

This data is from 2018. Further articles indicate that there was a dramatic boom in single women seeking sperm over the pandemic, and also an increase in lesbian couples. Again, they don’t like to state the numbers so adjust the pie chart above by feel.

I reckon that hetero slice must be pretty thin by now.

Why this way?

For most people, having babies is easy. Have sex. Blast raw. Babies follow. They manage this in Niger without difficulty. World’s best practice, you might say.

*Puts hands up in defensive posture*: Most lesbians are able to go both ways. One of them could probably take one for the team in order to achieve the result more cheaply. It usually costs tens of thousands of dollars through a clinic, plus there’s a lot of paperwork and limited sperm available.

For single heteros, it’s even easier. Go down to the nearest pub and ask a nicely dressed white man to blast in you, promising that you will not even ask his name let alone require any support.

You will get what you came for.

Or do what most people do and have a drunken oopsie with a casual.

There are several hazards with this approach, listed here in ascending order of importance according to my own opinion:

5. STDs (not really that common if you only need to try with one bloke).

4. The weirdo problem.

3. Legal issues. If P has entered V, the father has legal rights to the kids. I didn’t list this one higher because it can also go the other way: you can demand stuff from him.

2. Social complications. A lot of women interviewed said they wanted to marry and have more children one day and thought another bloke in the picture would be a hassle. This came up in several interviews across several articles. They thought they should do the baby before the relationship because their clock was ticking. Some already had ‘partners’ who didn’t want kids, or more kids. Not sure how that works out legally.

1. Quality sperm. The donor clinics let you see all the details about the man, and any fellow who’s done online dating knows how to polish his profile like a CV. Meeting in the flesh takes that sheen away. Lots of tall, high-IQ, high-earning white guys are awkward or annoying.

In other words, the blokes on file will look a lot better on paper than blokes down the pub look in the flesh, even though this may be an unfair comparison.

I suspect I have numbers 1 and 2 arse-about due to my own bias. For reasons my readers well understand – rising female education and income, etc. – women in general have much higher standards for mates, and some potential husbands now lose out to disembodied spermies whose ejaculator claims to have a Masters degree.


I’m still baffled. Despite all I’ve said, I find it hard to believe that these single, average-looking women can’t find a suitable man, either for marriage or impregnation.

Sperm is everywhere. Men make enough to fertilize several women every single day. We make so much that it mostly ends up getting wasted in condoms, tissues, pajama bottoms and many other places.

You can barely walk down the street without stepping in puddles of sperm. It’s everywhere. On the average crowded train, if a woman loudly requested a natural injection of sperm, she’d have a selection of volunteers to choose from.

Everywhere you look, there are horny and lonely blokes ready to go. Search online and you’ll find thousands. Literally thousands. Maybe tens of thousands. Men are so lonely that they’ll pay an OnlyFans girl to give them a little attention.

What could possibly go wrong? For a healthy woman desirous of children, to not achieve pregnancy is like jumping out of a plane over the desert, aiming for the ground, and missing.

First they’re in their twenties and have men crawling over hot coals to reach them. Impregnate, marry, whatever the young women want.

Big man. Little man. Black men and white men. Look at those men go!

Then women are in their early thirties, surely aware that the window will not stay open forever, still in a rich dating period but somehow having no success.

From 18-35 they have been diligently using contraception and avoiding meeting a marriageable man. It must take extreme discipline to avoid pregnancy and marriage throughout this period. Do you know how many messages they get on online dating sites? Different world to us. They are turning down hundreds or thousands of men.

Then in their late 30s or older they suddenly decide to get pregnant the hard way.

I’m not attacking. I’m trying to get my head around it.

Do they really hate us that much?

I can understand them hating me that much because I’m a dog, but many other blokes I know would make excellent dads. Why are they getting rejected?

Of course, these are social changes that are happening at the margins. A large number of women are still getting impregnated by their husbands or soon-to-be husbands. The second-largest group – perhaps soon to be largest – does not have any children, either by choice or circumstance.

An increased number now get impregnated by men with whom they have less serious relationships. And, to today’s topic, more are now choosing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on artificial insemination to avoid the possibility of an icky and complicated ongoing relationship with even such casual partners.

Perhaps, for millennia, many women only married because they had to for social or material reasons.

In fact, that sounds perfectly reasonable. The Red Pill – Radfem horseshoe theory.

Now that women have independent access to resources, some would rather receive an anonymous sperm donation from a six-foot banker than marry a loving, 5’9″ electrician who wears Megadeth t-shirts.

Not sure if a continuation of this trend would tear down our society or build an advanced civilization populated by lanky supermen.

Perhaps we’ll see.


I just found the latest report and it contradicts a lot of what’s been in the news. It says only 3% of sperm was imported and that the ratio of single/lesbian/hetero couples receiving donations is about the same as in 2018.

I’m afraid I’ve lost interest in the topic and am not going to pursue it any further.

Selected bibliography and further reading


  1. Bwana Simba · September 23

    Modern white women believe a lot of raging bull shit, chief among them they get to control everything. Everything in the modern west is designed to keep from feeling sad and to help them avoid the consequences of their actions. The Gods of the Copybook Headings (Father Time, Mother Nature, the Word of God, the Archangel of Death, Fate, etc.) do not give a shit though so all the west’s attempts to remove all blame and responsibility from women have been in vain.

    Those women seeking white sperm more than likely have monstrously high standards, most likely have shit social skills and go out of their way to chase off respective mates. They revel in their invincibility in their teens and twenties, then their thirties hit and nobody notices them anymore and they become super desperate. But is most likely too late for them. The modern west is a culture of death and doesn’t deserve to survive in its present form.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Kentucky Gent · September 23

      “The modern west is a culture of death and doesn’t deserve to survive in its present form.”

      Nor can it survive in this form, it seems.


  2. Kentucky Headhunter · September 23

    You had me at, “Modern white women believe a lot of raging bull shit, “.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Frank K · September 23

    “In 2015, the law was changed. Donors now have to accept that any biological children have the right to know their bio-dad’s identity once they turn eighteen.”

    And that, my liege, is why donations collapsed. It had nothing to do with Covid.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kentucky Gent · September 23

    “Lots of tall, high-IQ, high-earning white guys are awkward or annoying.”

    Sometimes we’re both of those things.

    “Also significant is the fact that fact that the 2015 legislation was retrospective. Yup, all those donors promised strict anonymity were suddenly exposed at the stroke of a pen.”

    It’s almost as if they hate us and want us dead.

    Liked by 4 people

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  6. pdxr13 · September 25

    Super-Straight Pure Blood no jabs no tests (PCR nose swab may be dangerous, definately worthless) since 2011 tetanus shot. No flu shots since 1997.
    5-11 and slightly stunted compared to brothers. IQ in the upper management technician range ( not Wile E. Coyote SoooperGenius). Red hair, blue eyes, freckles, German-Scotts-Norwegian-Swede, 12 minute burn in mid-day Los Angeles sun. Auto-didactic, frequently correct contrary to herd.
    Searching for long-lived (send info on Parents, Grandparents), high-IQ, low-addiction, low-criminality, reasonable, virginal (body count under 3), feminine, friendly, non-hormone bc using, capable 17-28 year old mothers for my children. Religious, non-public-school, 5-7″ to 5-10″, athletic, raised by married biological mother and father with more than 2 siblings for extra points.

    Line to the left, Ladies.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Corporate Clarke · September 26

    That was great. Thanks for looking into it. Thought Tacos had written a dystopian Sci Fi for a moment there.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. ray · September 29

    Women want kids they can raise in their own image (see neutering boys for societal approval) without the input or presence of a man, i.e., a dad. A man who just might demand that his boys not be neutered, physically or psychologically. Or that his wife not abort his boys, while the clinic parts them out for cash. Why, the patriarchal oppression of it!

    Women want — and to large extent have achieved in the nations of Bitchdom — total control over all institutions and cultural elements, most certainly including reproduction and family.

    In short, the answer to why the Great Victorian Hunt is feminism. The modern female is told from infancy that she is fabulous and don’t need no man. The sperm hysteria is just another manifestation of the death-cult of privilege called feminism.

    Liked by 1 person

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