Word from the Dark Side – Monkeys a-poxxin, playwrights agitproppin, elites a-plottin and town managers a-droppin.

Mozart’s Requiem, composed 1791, performed by the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina, 2015.
This work was commissioned anonymously. Mozart realized his secret patron was God, that the requiem was for his own death, and that he must repent. Mozart died before it was complete and you can hear him gradually fading through the piece.
You might be skeptical about this story. You might even have evidence. But is it really worth losing your online friends over? Mozart’s Requiem was commissioned by God.

Soros Minion Comes Down with Monkeypox Celebrating Pride Month; You Are to Blame:

And then a whole bunch of Sorrows of Job happened to this 39 year old Swedish immigrant named Kohn living in Brooklyn and working for George Soros in sexual health, which must totally be the fault of the NYC health bureaucrats as opposed to him showing his New York Pride pride by having sex with several guys over the weekend.

Frustrated Collective Catharsis as an Incentive for Social Unrest:

The German screenwriter Bertold Brecht (1898-1956), a Marxist sympathizer, identified certain methods of media production that have since been used widely in media presentations and propaganda.

Brecht’s brilliancy is showcased by the fact that he wrote stage plays that appealed to both proletariat and bourgeois audiences.  Concerning the proletariat viewers, Brecht constructed plays that rejected the naturalistic stage style and portrayed the world at the time in a way that would enable each spectator to adopt a critical awareness of the action they saw on stage.  This critical awareness was intended to provoke viewers to work through these issues in their personal psyche and daily lives.  Concerning the bourgeois viewers, Brecht viewed catharsis as a pabulum for this audience, and designed dramas which left significant emotions unresolved, intending to force upon this rather socially insulated audience an incentive to take social action.

This set me off reading much more about it. Good techniques to recognize and understand.

A North Carolina city hired a Black town manager. Then its entire police force resigned.

Kenly Town Manager Justine Jones. (Town of Kenly)

“They don’t want to be led by anybody Black; that’s Kenly,” Cynthia Kirby, a longtime resident, who is also Black, told the News & Observer late last week. “They’re always harassing Black people. It’s racial.”

Yahoo News omits the trouble Kenly had with a previous town manager who the council voted out after he was charged with sexual battery:

No word on whether they had a town manager between these two. You can go further down the rabbit hole if you like.

What’s going on behind the scenes in the Imperial Capital?

My best guess is that they’ve decided Brandon needs to go. You don’t need to be Nostradamus to see that one — like I said the other day, when Salon.com, aka Karen: The Website, is calling you a “failed president,” your goose is cooked.

But that presents a big problem, because just as Tapioca Joe was Obama’s life insurance policy, so Veep Throat is Brandon’s. Can you even imagine two years of that bint? It’ll be a month, tops, before we’re longing for the steely-eyed competence and viselike intellectual grasp of Joe Biden.

You might have missed something at 0:08.

Society Decline, Part 1 – Mouse Utopia:

Due to modern innovations in genetics, researchers have been able to identify a genetic mutation for autistic behavior (like the Beautiful Ones) in rodents to NLGN3 (paper 1paper 2). Researcher Michael Woodley and his colleagues ran an experiment where sufficient numbers of captive-bred NLGN3 knockout mice were mixed with a population of wild mice. As in the Mouse Utopia experiment, the genetically-damaged mice caused social damage to the entire population. However, if the defective ones were removed, then the colony would begin to recover within as little as a week.

To explain these results, Michael Woodley formulated a general theory of Social Epistasis Amplification. The notion is that genetic mutations of a few can still have deleterious effect on the population of social species as a whole through genetic interactions at the social level (i.e. ‘interorganismal gene-gene interactions’).[2]

Mystery link.

Tiger lilies. Source

They can’t let him back in:

More to the point: How are we supposed to get through the next two and a half years? The regime would prefer to get its way via the path of least resistance. The ideal situation, at least for those of a less punitive cast of mind who would be satisfied seeing Trump gone but not necessarily in jail, would be for Trump to just walk away. But how likely is that? He doesn’t, to say the least, seem primed for a graceful exit in which he passes the baton to Ron DeSantis (or whomever). Even if he did, how many in his base would convince themselves that the fix was somehow in? “They threatened his children,” etc. That kind of thinking leads not to demoralization but to outrage. That might be irrational, but this isn’t a math competition; it’s politics in a hyper-partisan, supercharged time.

Contra some of my recent posts, this article highlights the risk of conflict at the next US presidential election.

Study: The larger a scientific field, the more conformist that field becomes, and the more lethargic its progress

At scale, the scientific enterprise rapidly becomes a kind of intramural spectator sport, with the vast majority of “scientists” reduced to passively observing the dialogue unfolding among higher-ups within their own field, while most of their own work – undertaken for careerist purposes – goes unread and unnoticed.

Source. No fact checking, please.

Kate Manne is both Penetrable and Impregnable:

Academic Robert Manne had two daughters with gentile portly wife Anne, one of them I can’t remember the name of but she was described as a “climate change activist” or something similar many years ago, and likely lives an unremarkable life now, while the other, Kate Manne, went on to great, important things, becoming an associate professor of the Sage School of Philosophy at Cornell University, and her book Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny was published by Oxford University Press, but they turned their nose up at her second tome, Entitled: How Male Privilege Hurts Women, published by Penguin, and she specialises in the little known field of “feminist philosophy”.

Inevitably she has a Substack, everyone does, fittingly called More to Hate, and in “Against Transphobic “Moral Flounce” Behavior” she delves into the matter of “linguistic choices” in the great struggle of “opposing the misogyny of abortion bans”.

Japanese soccer team fined ¥20 million because fans’ cheering violated COVID-19 guidelines

That’s it.

Programming note: I will cut back posting here to Fridays only, alternating finance and other, plus a Dark Side most Sundays.



  1. lemmiwinks · July 31

    Mystery link was thoroughly horrifying, well played sir.

    Programming note: I will cut back posting here to Fridays only, alternating finance and other, plus a Dark Side most Sundays.

    Boo! Shun real life and human interaction for internet weirdos.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. TechieDude · August 1

    “Programming note: I will cut back posting here to Fridays only…”

    Wut…you go get married?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. dickycone · August 2

    About the video of the two vibrants assaulting and battering the white boomer, I hope I’m wrong, but I think the boomer’s goose is cooked. In general in the US, if you draw your weapon you have to shoot someone to have any real chance of not being convicted of a felony. What he’s doing at the end of the video is called “brandishing” and normally comes with hard time in prison. Hopefully in this case an exception will be made since he was in the process of being beaten up when he drew but, especially given his location and who’s likely in charge there, I doubt it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nikolai Vladivostok · August 3

      I think the other guy points a gun at him at 0:08 if that helps.


      • dickycone · August 4

        I’m not sure it will. It’s hard for non-Americans to wrap their heads around how crazy and stupid a lot of our laws are about using firearms in self defense. Throw in a likely Soros prosecutor in whatever big, blue city this is, and there’s a good chance the victim will get the blame here.


  4. dickycone · August 2

    I’m not sure which is more surreal, Filipinx or the one about jogging helmets. You were just back in Australia. Did you actually see anyone out for a run in a helmet? I guess if you did, you can be sure they wisely let the government know their jogging plans before they started their run.


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