Word from the Dark Side – banning Nazi signs, dangerous times, tapping Zoomer spines and crab boiling fines

Displaying swastikas in Victoria, Australia, is now illegal (along with everything else) because the symbols have apparently become dangerous 77 years after we defeated the Nazis. Swastikas were legal throughout the war itself, back when we had real problems to deal with.

The ban might lead to odd situations:

. . . I was working on the Census and my immediate boss was Jewish, he was a good boss. He was a modeller who made models of ships and aircraft. He told me about a problem that he had building a 32nd scale Stuka. Every German plane in WWII had two swastikas painted on the tail fin, one on each side for identification purposes. Painting such details onto a model aircraft requires a level of skill few possess, so instead the model companies include decals which you wet and then put onto the aircraft where it dries and stays in place. But the two swastikas were not included with the kit, in fact they had been cut out of the sheet of decals because in some European countries it’s illegal to buy, sell or display symbols from the Third Reich.

I asked him ‘so how did you get around that?’

He told me that you can buy a sheet of 100 swastika decals of various sizes through the mail. So he bought his 100 swastikas, used two and by now he might have used a few more. But I’m guessing that he hasn’t used them all, so in some Jewish guy’s house there are now a collection of swastikas.

No word on banning the Rising Sun flag, which would be tricky because the navy of Japan, now our ally once again, still uses it.

One should not assume special treatment for Jews in Victoria. Be the wrong sort and you might get arrested at the airport for no reason:

Hmm . . .

Hmm . . .

Healthy young people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly from a mysterious syndrome – as doctors seek answers through a new national register

Hmm . . .

Russia’s foreign ministry has demanded the immediate lifting of Lithuania’s “openly hostile” restrictions on the rail transit of EU-sanctioned goods to Moscow’s exclave of Kaliningrad.

Sandwiched between European Union and NATO members Poland and Lithuania, Kaliningrad receives supplies from Russia via rail and gas pipelines through Lithuania.

The Baltic nation of Lithuania announced last week that it was banning the rail transit of goods that are subject to EU sanctions from mainland Russia to Kaliningrad.

The list includes coal, metals, construction materials and advanced technology.

“If in the near future cargo transit between the Kaliningrad region and the rest of the territory of the Russian Federation through Lithuania is not restored in full, then Russia reserves the right to take actions to protect its national interests,” the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement on Monday.

NOT okay, Boomer!

An infusion of spinal fluid from young mice reversed the memory loss typically seen in aging animals, the team reported this month in the journal Nature.

I could have added that element to Sweet Sixteen:

Man dies of heart attack while burying woman he strangled, police say.

Mystery link. Highly recommended.

Hotel guest who boiled crabs in room’s kettle angry at having to pay for damages

The hotel said that the makeshift cuisine caused an odor that was difficult to remove and made them unable to rent room for days while it was removed. The guest challenged that, saying it was unlikely the room would have been booked every day afterward anyway.

The hotel conceded that point and reduced their demands to 17,000 yen ($130) for the deodorization of the room and 5,000 yen for a new kettle. The guest, however, was still not satisfied with paying any form of restitution, claiming that the air purifier was turned on while cooking and there was no written rule against boiling crabs in the kettle.

That’s it.

Koi. Samuel Howell/Getty Images


  1. jewamongyou · July 2

    If a Western government is going to ban a political symbol, then it should be the hammer and sickle. There is no danger of Nazis taking control of Western governments, but Communists have been making great strides in that direction, and the greatest threat to world peace is not a Nazi regime, but a Communist one: The Chinese Communist Party. I think the reason no Western country has even suggested banning the hammer and sickle is that many Western leaders are Communists themselves.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Kentucky Gent · July 3

      I was in complete agreement right up until I read ” but a Communist one: The Chinese Communist Party.”

      Huh?? I thought you were going to say the Democrat party in USA.

      Then I read “I think the reason no Western country has even suggested banning the hammer and sickle is that many Western leaders are Communists themselves.”

      Ah, OK, I’m with you again.


  2. luisman · July 3

    This week a report was issued by a so called expert group, which was officially tasked by the German government to evaluate the C-word measures (lockdowns, masks, vaxx, school closures, distancing, etc.). The current (new) health ministry tried to block their access to raw data, told them that noone is interested in their work and tried to delay their report. The evaluation report is largely inconclusive due to lack of real study data, which would have required a control group. Even in cases where there is a real persistent control group, like the unvaxxed, the numbers are unfalsifiable, as the hospitals documented the vax-status for 1/3 up to 2/3 of their patients as “unclear”. In the few cases they compared numbers with countries or states that didn’t go crazy (Sweden, South Dakota, Florida), it became obvious that the draconian measures were not efficient and often detrimental to health. The health ministry of course decided that this report is “not helpfull” and continue to prepare for the same measures to continue in the next winter, which will become (with 100% certainty) just as pandemicy as the last one.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Frank K · July 3

      Except this time the hospitals will be full of the jabbed and those with natural immunity will shrug


      • At this point I don’t care about hospital numbers or who’s in them or why.

        Liked by 1 person

      • luisman · July 5

        Germany has a lot of official records about each and every citizen. If you don’t register your new address on time, you’ll pay a fine. Hospitals have tons of paper records in their vaults and are obliged to keep electronic medical records for a minimum of x years, etc.pp. Everyone gets a WHO vax certificate booklet in his 1st years of life. The true error rate should be below 1%. 1/3 or more ‘unclear’ status means, that they don’t want to know, because they want to skew the stats, as they have done from day 1 of this “pandemic”.

        Liked by 1 person

    • dickycone · July 6

      I talked to a friend from Ukraine the other day. She’s finally decided to flee the country and is trying to figure out where to go. To my surprise she’s ruled out Poland, the most popular destination for Ukrainian refugees, and Italy, where she has connections. She specifically said the COVID restrictions are too extreme in both countries, which surprised me. Here in the US, everyone seems to have entirely forgotten COVID at this point. I guess that’s the not the case in Europe.

      Liked by 2 people

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