Word from the Dark Side – online brawls, Portland falls, Paraguay calls and bishop crawls

La Dolly Vita by the Smashing Pumpkins, 1994.

David Spann Was Murdered by the Sisterhood:

I already got questions. It’s 2am and this guy tells the police that he’s going to look for a perp in the guy’s home? Like, a no-knock warrant but without the warrant? Or the badge? Or a crime? That was never going to end well.

Attacks on ABC presenter Fauziah Ibrahim go too far!

It’s fairly common knowledge that social media can be gross. By gross, I mean vile. By vile, I mean a bottom feeding cesspool where human decency goes to die . . .

I’ve been watching on as keyboard warriors use hate speech to condemn and deride ABC Weekend Breakfast presenter Fauziah Ibrahim, after it was revealed that she had dozens of Twitter users categorised in lists she had labelled “Lobotomised Shitheads” and “Labor Trolls”. 

For many women and people of colour, you don’t need to have made an obvious mistake or even demonstrate a hint of poor judgment to be trolled relentlessly. Just existing and having a voice is enough to bring raging sexism and racism to the virtual surface . . .

The not for profit I co-founded, Media Diversity Australia, is undertaking research with two universities to look at the online safety of diverse journalists, as well as the policies and protections in place for us organisationally and with police and government. The ABC and tech giants Google, Twitter and Facebook have helped fund it.

Portland’s homeless camps are turning into shanty towns:

How bad is the homeless problem in Portland right now? I recently met a young woman who felt it necessary to order a ride-share for a three-block journey in downtown Portland in the middle of the day. She was too afraid to walk because she’d been harassed in the past. That’s right. People are afraid to walk three blocks in downtown Portland in the middle of the day.

In case you missed the drama, there’s a Twitter account called Libs of TicTok which posts lunatic clips from that platform. Washington Post ghoul Taylor Lorenz, 49, deciding good journalisming would be to doxx the owner of the account, I suppose because there’s not much other news to report on at the moment. Anyway:

She found out it wasn’t a foreign actor and released private details anyway, also bothering the owner’s relatives at home.

Brietbart’s whole existence was building up to this headline: World’s First Lesbian Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses, to Install Muslim Prayer Space.

Cassowary, the world’s most dangerous bird. Source

EgyptAir Crash Likely Caused By Pilot Smoking, Experts Say: (HT Hector Drummond)

. . . BEA released a new report that alleges that oxygen had leaked from a pilot’s oxygen mask in the cockpit shortly before the crash, based on black box data that captured the sound of the oxygen hissing . . .

The oxygen mask in question had been replaced just three days before the fateful flight by an EgyptAir maintenance worker, but for an unknown reason it had its release valve set to the “emergency position,” which, according to the Airbus safety manual, could lead to leaks.

Apparently this is supposed to be checked before take off.

Incredibly, at the time of the incident, EgyptAir pilots were allowed to smoke in the cockpit – a rule that has since changed. The onboard smoking, combined with the leaking oxygen, had set the stage for the fire, according to French aviation experts.

BBC scare piece about Europeans escaping to German settlements in Paraguay. Links to short video.

Is it time for Japan to RETVRN to traditional cherry blossom varieties?

The blooms of the ubiquitous somei-yoshino strain, which accounts for more than 90 percent of the cherry trees planted in Japan, last only around a week and tend to emerge simultaneously in a given region because the trees are clones of a single specimen.

And while the tree has become synonymous with blossom season, it is a growing headache for city planners because the strain is prone to disease and tends to grow too large to be well managed in urban settings . . .

“There are all kinds of sakura, not just somei-yoshino. I want to help recreate the old times when people enjoyed a wide variety,” added Tanaka, 63.


You can now buy passport photos of random strangers from a gumball machine.

Children’s Day in South Korea is only for Korean children:

The announcement had said that seven royal tombs and palaces would offer free or partially free admission to the public on Childrens’ [sic] Day on May 5, the presidential inauguration day on May 10 and throughout the annual Palace Culture festival period, from May 10-22.

For Children’s Day, the announcement had said, “free admission for up to two accompanying guardians of children.”

In smaller letters, it  said: “Children up to 12 years old. Foreign children excluded.” ( . . . )

“The Cultural Heritage Administration is of the position Children’s Day is a day for Korean children.” a deputy director at the CHA told The Korea Herald when asked to explain the announcement. “So the fee policy for foreign children remains the same as on regular days.”

Meanwhile in Mexico:

2 men to go on trial for selling dog meat to taco shops

Neighbors called the police after the smell emanating from the house became unbearable

That’s it from me. For more links and commentary, see Niccolo’s selection.

On Tuesday we’ll have a post on how both the West and Russia show contempt for human life. On Friday I will assess the claim that Millennials put the US in prime economic position for the 2020s vs all its rivals. No, really. Wait ’til you see the population pyramids.



  1. luisman · 16 Days Ago

    I always wonder how the words “online safety” changed their meaning to become some feminized protection from criticism. My online saftey concerns are around not being hacked and keeping viruses and trojans out of my computer.

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Maniac · 16 Days Ago

    “People are afraid to walk three blocks in downtown Portland in the middle of the day.”

    You get what you vote for.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Kentucky Gent · 15 Days Ago

      I used to live in Hillsboro, about 10 miles west of Portland. I’d go to the city on weekends, and owned an annual pass to PAM, the Portland Art Museum. Almost bought a condo there. During the Summer of George in 2020, Antifa tried to set fire to the condo building!

      There was a homeless problem back then too, but not as bad. It was a wall of tents about a block long, but it was relatively safe compared to what they have now. What a sad decline for a once-great American city.

      Liked by 1 person

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