Civil War II is over (if you want it)

I think everyone missed what happened.

Throughout 2020, there was a general understanding that the US was headed for some sort of constitutional crisis. It has been building for years, especially since 2015, and it was ready to pop.

Half the nation refused to accept the 2016 Presidential election result, believing it was rigged by the Russians or something like that.

The ruling class refused to accept Trump and spent four years undermining him in any way they could.

This culminated in the run-up to the 2020 election, where Big Pharma paused vaccine testing in case it gave Trump an advantage, health authorities demanded lockdowns to destroy the Trump economy, various elite factions aided and defended Antifa/BLM riots to make Trump look bad and Big Tech covered up the Hunter Biden laptop scandal by censoring anyone who mentioned it, including myself.

All year, the world expected things to come to a head, and they did.

On January 6th, 2021, Trump and some of his supporters flirted with the idea of taking action. In the end Trump backed down like he always does and his less restrained supporters did little more than wander around the Capitol unarmed and in fancy dress, waving flags and stealing a couple of lecterns which they abandoned when they found them too heavy to carry far. I think a laptop also got pinched and some windows were broken.

One protester was shot dead by a trigger-happy guard who’d been in trouble before and the rest were locked up for a year or so without trial.

Anyone questioning these events anywhere too prominent gets silenced. Here is safe.

Since then, there’s been much trembling about when things might kick off. Would vaxx mandates be the fuse? Would the Afghanistan pullout cause the US authorities to finally lose all respect? Would inflation be the straw on the camel’s back? Surely, we all agreed, Civil War II was just around the corner.

Perhaps not.

Having thought it over, it’s more likely that January 6th was the big kick-off. As some predicted, it was a bit of a fizzer. How much did you expect from Boomercons? Respectfully, fighting is a young man’s game. If they were any rougher, they’d have done a hip. And look at the geriatric pollies and hysterical girl-pollies shitting their pants as they ran away with bags over their heads. 1970s union hard-case Democrats would have hung around eagerly to crack a few skulls.

The reason things have petered out is that the two sides have hobbled to a stalemate.

As Malcolm Kyeyune points out, Team Blue cannot do any more than they have already done. They threw everything at 2020. Corporations, media, tech platforms, NGOs and government authorities worked in lockstep to achieve the best possible result. And they got it: they were declared winners of the election.

However, they only control Blue areas. They can keep Team Red out of the presidency from now on but they cannot inflict their mask or vaxx mandates (or whatever comes next) on unwilling states and regions. Even if on the books, these edicts will not be enforced.

Team Red may never regain control of the centre again, but they maintain their dominance of the periphery plus some nuisance-level representation in the Imperial Capital via mid-term elections, which Americans tell me are harder to rig.

Neither team accepts the legitimacy of lost presidential elections anymore but neither of them can do anything about it.

Team Blue has gained about as much power as it can. If it took a step further – say, using force against Florida or Texas – the outcome would likely be catastrophic. They have discovered the line and probably won’t cross it.

If Team Red attempts to reassert its values outside its regions of influence, the result will likely be the same.

Thus, stalemate.

No one’s satisfied but no one can make the whole country how they’d like it to be.

As for the rest of the Empire, it makes little difference. What happens in Australia or Japan doesn’t matter.

So there you have it: the constitutional crisis we all feared has come and gone with minimal loss of life. The result is a new America: less free, less democratic, less liberal. It is less purely capitalist, with big business now closely aligned to the regime as demonstrated with their DIY sanctions against Russia without being asked.

The new America is a surveillance state, largely to ensure that Team Red stays in its lane. Common criminals are left unbothered.

The Constitution, long disrespected, now hangs by the Supreme Court’s toilet as they weigh up anything but the law in making their judgements.

There’s still no name for this new America. It needs one because the change that took place is as great as that which followed Civil War I.

Some are using the term Custodial State or Global American Empire (GAE). Certainly it is no longer your grandpa’s Liberal Democracy.

Others say Chimerica.

This is not the first time Chinese thought has had a big impact on American development, but last time around it was much more positive.

How apt that the Chinese and American ruling classes have grown less distinguishable even as their supposed rivalry heats up. The CCP needed American-style capitalism to compete materially while US elites needed Chinese techno-fascism in order to crush dissent.

What, now, could set things off in either country? The situation seems settled. We may remain in this holding pattern for decades until some demographic, technological or economic factor pushes events towards whatever comes next. That’s further ahead than I can see.


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  2. luisman · April 12

    There’s a dispute among German right wingers how much the Boomers influence politics in the next 20 or so years, until they’re 6ft under. Germany is in some way extreme, because social security/pensions/etc. are totally under state control, basically in a Klaus Schwab state of order (you own nothing, and the government pays them enough to not starve, which apparently makes them happy enough). Although political proclivities are often settled already in your parental home, the huge number of boomers who want their pensions now, tend to vote more socialist, than free market.

    Gen X and younger tend to blame the boomers for everything, but they have very little voting power. To their own misfortune, they get lured into left wing politics, the same way us boomers got lured into them with empty promises of a social utopia. I would hope a future generation will learn, that social security, universal healthcare and a UBI are pipe dreams of a world that cannot exist. But I fear that this insight will only manifest itself, after people become really really hungy, so hungry, that noone needs diabetes medicines anymore.


  3. TechieDude · April 12

    I think you are relying on a faulty premise, namely that team blue will ever give up. They never have and Biden’s recent edict on gun parts (“Ghost guns”) shows. They will continue to operate the levers until the machine blows up, absolutely unaware that it’s already overheating.

    We are in the midst of a generational shift – the older, corrupt, grabbling generation dying off with the stupid and gullible taking over. Nothing will hit stasis until this generation learns the lessons their great grandfathers (the silent generation) had to learn through pain and suffering. They literally are that stupid and full of hubris. It’s happened every four generations since before this country was created.

    There are a number of things that’ll detonate this – Inflation is one. Team blue is so good at lying they believe their own bullshit. Real inflation is double digits. The dollar cratering is another. The US has been taking advantage of the reserve currency status to bully other nations and print money. They really went over the top in the last few years, running the printing presses at ludicrous speed. Other countries have had enough and are open to an alternative, as in the Russia/China movement to use yuan/rubles backed in commodities.

    They’ve generated a sense of entitlement in the black and alphabet communities. What do you think is going to happen when the pyramid collapses, when those welfare cards no longer work and team-everybody-else gets sick of sacrificing and getting bullied. All those immigrants will find something to do. By my observation, they already have a thriving black market, cash and barter economy. I’m guessing LaCretia won’t be able to buy into that, or even try.

    Then you have Joey IceCreamCone, who clearly is being prepped to send off on the ice flow like an old eskimo. Biden and his staff are Obama faction, Harris is Clintonista. Biden’s a mess, Harris is arguably worse since she appears incompetent and idiotic stone cold sober and healthy. That power shift is imminent. They’ll do it dirty, like they do everything and then it’ll be game-on.

    The Authors of the Fourth Turning have peak crisis at or around 2025. You can see the dots lining up.

    It’ll get far worse. Count on it.

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    • Frank K · April 13

      I agree. Team Blue does not give up. They are not afraid of dying on a hill, because they know there is always tomorrow. Their seemingly insane support of Groomers is indicative of this. They might lose the midterm election, but will not back down on their support of Groomers. Even if they lose the midterm election battle they will continue fighting: TV shows will portray Groomers in a positive light, as will the MSM news and pundits, not to mention academia. Red States might ban Groomers, but they will be canonized as saints in Blue States.When they feel ready they will strike back, swiftly. They might have a packed Supreme Court on their side. But let there be no doubt: they are coming for the children.


      • Severian · April 13

        That’s the way I see it. They are religious fanatics. That their religion is Nihilism makes no difference; religious fanatics are always and everywhere the same. They don’t stop; they are stopped, either by a greater power, or by their fanaticism burning itself out by running out of victims. Pretty soon, one of the Blue Checkmarks will get a wild hair to roll the tanks against Florida, all the other Blue Checkmarks will agree that’s a great idea (because they can’t believe they’d ever be in physical danger), and that will be that.

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        • Frank K · April 13

          Agreed, they believe there will never be consequences to their hare brained ideas, which is why they are so keen on declaring war on Russia.


  4. Frank K · April 13

    The custodial state will only hold together until the American economy collapses, which can’t be too far off in the future, despite the claims of the Modern Monetary Theory acolytes that multi-trillion dollar deficits don’t mater (anyone who shops for groceries knows that they do matter). This is why the Dems so desperately want to disarm the citizenry. For now there is a state of detente, but if DC becomes insolvent and cannot pay its bills, it will be impossible for them to keep the armed deplorables in check.


  5. ray · April 13

    Didn’t see serious intent at insurrection on Jan. 6. Trump riled and promised them, so some showed, objecting to the stolen election. The Woke-Fem Junta made Jan. 6 a lesson in terrorism, crushing all dissent while painting themselves (AOC etc.) as fearful victims, at mortal risk from raging toxic-male ‘insurrectionists’.

    Trump betrayed the protesters and tipped quietly outta DC and back to his mansions. Donnie never had the stones to face-down Junta Globohomo. Shit his fem-prog daughter ran the White House!

    Zero chance New Amerika remains in stasis twenty years. The Left does not want reform, nor even total power. The American branch of Bitchdom wants to destroy the U.S., and wipe out all dissent and all dissenters. Only in this way can the Permanently Inadequate feel equal to their betters.


  6. mblanc46 · April 13

    You’re omitting a major factor: Ever-increasing Third World immigration. Team Blue (TB) won’t have to force the governments of TX and FL to do this or that. TB will control those governments in the not too distant future. But they won’t control the entire populations of those states, or the populations of a lot of other rural regions and small towns. Those populations will slowly begin to detach themselves from the TB regime. Of course, the TB regime will send their agents into rural and small town America in order to bring the recalcitrants to heel. Keep in mind that TB is completely pozzed. Those agents will be on the order of what Severian over at Founding Questions calls the 347th Mechanized Hairdresser Brigade. There will be violent conflict, and it’s far from clear that the TB regime will be able to exert it’s authority over all of the former USA.


    • Frank K · April 13

      Immigration is a wild card. On one hand the immigrants will want to join the Free Sh!t Army, and Team Blue is their ally in that matter. But, they are not pozzed like TB. Also, illegals will back up TB, for obvious reasons, but will they defect once they have legal residence and will they vote for TB once the naturalize?


      • mblanc46 · April 14

        Immigrants are definitely a two-edged sword for the Left. As long as they and the other Left factions can be focused on the white devil, they can be kept in line. Once whitey is seen off—becomes a despised minority in the nation that his ancestors built—the Left coalition will very likely come apart. The .Indians and the Chinese will battle each other for the top dog spot. The Hispanics will very likely remain the compliant peons that they’ve always been, so long as the sexual perversions aren’t pushed on them. White women will discover that they aren’t “allies”, after all. And the poor blacks will wish that whitey were back in charge, because the .Indians, the Chinese, and the Hispanics don’t give a fig about slavery and will have little tolerance for black shenanigans.

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  7. lemmiwinks · April 13

    I think, barring minor distractions, that the whole thing is tracking pretty much as intended.


  8. Kentucky Gent · April 14

    While Lennon read a book on Marx
    The quartet practiced in the park
    And we sang dirges in the dark
    The day our freedom died


  9. Some Guy · April 15

    It’ll be hard to see what happens as the country goes broke. My guess is immigration will be largely solved as the infinite gibs train goes off the rails. Rats and a sinking ship and all that. Also, it’ll be really hard to enforce all these various dictates when the cops are getting paid in IOUs. I’m figuring the blue team will wind up like most third world governments, controlling the big cities and just ignoring the countryside.


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