The War on You revisited

In June 2016, I wrote a post called What’s Next in the War on You where I made predictions about upcoming steps in the Woke juggernaut.

I was pretty far off with most of them. The main thing I missed is that Woke can simply forget about an issue and move on to a completely new one without believers or opponents noticing. Nor is constant change required; the new regime will eventually seek stasis.

Let’s summarize each prediction and see what’s happening now:

1. Western governments will make it harder for men to escape the West

Who would have thunk it: now no one is allowed to leave Australia without permission. Travel restrictions are making it difficult for anyone to travel anywhere except for the super-rich. There’s that problem solved.

2. Force men to work harder to eliminate Galting at home

Instead they are forcing many to stop working for long periods of time and paying some of them welfare while printing money to make up the fiscal shortfall. Doesn’t look like a sustainable policy. Ensuring state-friendly MegaCorp has monopoly control trumps the need for utilizing labour.

3. Push each Woke issue to ever new extremes in order to solve the problem of running out of victim groups

The gay stuff has now been largely forgotten, with white gay men occupying a low position on the Woke totem pole and lesbians almost extinct. Blacks and trans have been deified. This new order seems to be stabilizing.

4. Men being pressured to form relationships with unattractive women

Instead, relationships of any sort are becoming rare among the young. They languish in mental illness and obesity while immigrants are doing the shagging locals won’t do.

5. Woke agenda forming part of foreign policy

True, but this weapon is mostly being used against cultural enemies like Hungary and Russia. Neither foreign ministries nor Woke Inc. are campaigning for the alphabet in Saudi Arabia.


It seems that Woke is reaching an end-point where various branches of the oligarchy – government, big business, media, military etc. – are consolidating their power. The so-called white supremacist threat (anyone who disagrees) is being used as a target to unite all others.

There may be jockeying for rank along the totem pole but it seems that the broad framework is now set, with white women no longer allowed to challenge blacks, nor may lesbians challenge trans.

A new plank holding it all together is Covid, whose vaccine passports will expand to include CCP-style social credit data in order to closely control dissent. I am 70% sure of this.


  1. luisman · 9 Days Ago

    They have now issued vax-passport/card controls in all local shops here, although the smaller shops w/o security guards are unable to enforce it and just have some farcial printout on the front door, because the mayor ordered it. I guess enforcement will peter out after 2-3 months, as everything else does here.

    Lots of people fled Metro Manila months ago, where this was already enforced, and now face the same issue in smaller cities. If anyone would have forced you to take poison before grocery shopping last year (the S-protein or ‘spike’ in the vaccines is a cytotoxin), he would have been considered a criminal. Like in most countries, this is not law, but a bureaucratic ‘order’.

    Maybe Australia is already too far gone on the totalitarian spectrum to recover, and Europe is not far behind, but I currently can’t imagine anything else but a ‘French Revolution’ to correct this. Is Florida the only remaining sane state in this world?

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    • Nikolai Vladivostok · 9 Days Ago

      Mexico, apparently.
      In Manila at the moment you can’t pass a baranguy checkpoint without a card for any reason, but I’m assuming they’ll get lazy soon. It’s funny because the country still doesn’t have enough vaccines for those who want them. People line up from 3am to get one, many turned away. They now seem to be focused on boosters and are punishing the unvaccinated, not seriously trying to vaccinate them.
      This keeps getting worse and worse.

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  3. zorost99 · 9 Days Ago

    It looked to me like you were mostly right, with the mistakes mainly due to the curveball thrown by covid. I don’t think they need to expand the victimhood much more, they’ll stick to the groups they’ve already tapped including the up n’ comers of bestiality and group marriage. They need a loyal base from which to recruit, so groups will begin to cement their positions on the totem pole, with increased jockeying between groups especially if the dreaded white supremacist neon-nazis aren’t around to unite them in opposition.


  4. lemmiwinks · 8 Days Ago

    I would add that COVID will be replaced by household carbon budgets with similar or greater levels of restrictions tied to your digital identity.

    Agree with luisman, TINVOWOOT. Madame Guillotine, we have desperate need of your services again.


  5. Gunner Q · 8 Days Ago

    “It seems that Woke is reaching an end-point where various branches of the oligarchy – government, big business, media, military etc. – are consolidating their power.”
    Every democracy ends with a tyranny. The various faction war with each other until gridlock stops anything from happening. Then a strongman appears to force enough reforms through the system to make it work again. Then he stays in power.

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